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Biostar unveils its new gaming mouse Racing GM5

Biostar is proud to present its latest model of peripheral for gamers with the most advanced mouse that Biostar has released to date : the Racing GM5, which has been designed and inspired completely in the spirit of high performance car racing. To this end it has been equipped with a cover made with carbon fiber that gives a unique and ultra precise feeling in the user’s hand when you are using it.

Racing GM5

For a while now, Biostar has been releasing a series of peripherals that, while we cannot really say are orientated towards the more seasoned gamers, there’s no denying that they are quite interesting, especially for the price at which they usually sell, which makes them a really interesting alternative for those users who are entering into the shifting sands of the gaming world and don’t have too much money to invest in their peripherals. Or for users who are sporadic gamers and are not willing to spend the small fortune that higher end devices usually cost, however much they promise that with them you will become the king of frags at midnight.


Do you want Swarovski crystals on your monitor? AOC is your company

AOC Monitor

The company AOC has just introduced two new computer monitors named Q27810PQ and Q2781PS, belonging to its Style Line equipped with AH-IPS panels and with 2K screen resolution. The main difference between the two is that the model Q2781PS will have crystals from the well-known manufacturer of Swarovski jewellery embedded in its back along with authentic leather, as well as the base and the contour of the external frame painted to appear as rose gold.


MSI GE72VR-7RF Apache 17.3-inch Gaming Laptop Review

With its Apache Pro GE72VR, MSI is introducing another new gaming notebook outfitted with the newest hardware to its lineup. Inside we find a current generation Intel Core i7 processor, an Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060, 16 GBs of RAM and a lot of storage space. This configuration is sure to guarantee high FPS and a smooth gaming experience. The gaming happens on a 17,3” Full-HD display and the SteelSeries keyboard with its programmable backlighting which is typical for MSI.

Price-wise, the MSI Apace Pro GE72VR plays in the under-1500$-league.




This MSI gaming notebook sports a large 17,3” display with Anti-Glare coating and True-Color-Technology. The Wide-View-Panel also allows for very good viewing angles. It offers a 1920 x 1080 pixel (Full HD) resolution and an average brightness of 244cm/m2.


Tesoro Zone Balance Review: A Comfortable and Affordable Gaming Chair Newcomer?

Tesoro, who have established themselves as a manufacturer of gaming-peripherals wants to break the Gaming-Chair market. Their debut offering carries the name Zone Balance, is designed like racing car seats and tries to appeal to the gaming crowd with its seat comfort and low price of 220$. We test this new piece of gaming furniture in our lab and tell you if Tesoro has put out a real bargain.

It is now two years ago that racing car styled office chairs have marketed towards gamers have become a trend. A trend which carries on till this day. The market surveys confirmed that these chairs outfitted with integrated arm and body support are ideal not only for your posture while gaming, but also make a great and comfortable chair for everyday office use.


Best Monitor for Photo Editing and Photography Comparison (February 2017)

If you want to capture images with the highest possible quality then each and every one of the elements, which become part of the photographer’s digital lab, has to be in top notch form or at least, of the highest quality we could afford. The monitor is one of the devices that we should examine most closely.

When we buy a computer to use it to edit pictures, we should always be looking for the best processor with RAM overflow and all kinds of ports. With some luck, if it comes with a free monitor, we often thank the seller for the unbelievable fortune that we have just come upon. It may also come with lots of inches…

Well, I dare to say that we were wrong. We should not settle for any monitor! It’s no use to have the best camera in the world if your monitor can’t rise to the occasion. Monitor is equally as important as the optical camera. I always say, it’s better to spend less on a camera while investing more on the best lens and monitor we could afford.


How to safely enjoy USB-C connection

USB-C is made to offer a large range of data connectivity, and also provides the same power supply capability as the proprietary power adapters used now. This makes it so that with just one charger and just one cable we can charge at high speed any kind of devices.

The USB-C adapters of certain capacity can work at different voltages, but they always offer compatibility with devices with charge modes of less capacity and intensity. In other words, if we were to buy a laptop with an USB-C charger, we will find voltages between 20 and 5 volts. This is standard and is precisely made to promote the universal use of just one charger for all devices.

USB-C connection

A MacBook Pro 2016 charger with 20, 9 and 5V modes.

It has four voltage standards: 5, 9, 12 and 20v. The intensity will vary according to the needs of each device and the charger will adjust the intensity to it as well. The maximum power transfer will also vary according to the voltage and the charger.


Best Laptops for College Students 2017

I have been intrigued by computers since a very young age. At middle school I tried to configure a startup for Windows XP and Ubuntu, but I messed up, I broke the Windows installer and was left without an Operating System. After three days thanks to the mercy of How-To Geek and Super User, I was finally able to fix it. The same was I was scared about breaking the home computer I enjoyed fixing it and continue tweaking it.

I studied at a Computer Technology vocational High School, were I took classes in Computer Reparation in order to obtain a certificate from CompTIA A+ and also some classes in Network Management Systems CCENT from Cisco. Unfortunately for me, our school was unable to participate in those exams and was never able to obtain the certificates. I worked as a Computer Technician for the school’s Department of Technology during my last year. I started my own business from home, fixing computers in order to collect some money to be able to pay the University. The best choice was a portable computer (Laptop), for University it was easier since I already knew more about the specifications, to think that “bigger numbers” means a better computer. I bought myself a new Lenovo 11s Yoga for $800, and it was as good as the recommended computers by the MIT service, and it was half the price. My portable computer worked very well until this year when it started to burn pixels, leaving ghost pictures on my screen. This would happen when leaving an image on the screen for a long time. The warranty I had bought for my Laptop was about to expire so I took it to the Geek Squad beginning of July. They game an estimated time for a fix of about two weeks.


Best VPN for Gaming 2017

What is the best VPN for gamer? Online players are among the most demanding in terms of Internet connection, you must therefore use a VPN provider that offers an impeccable VPN service, optimized for online games.

The advantages of Using a VPN for Gamer.

Improving the Ping connection speed is a subject of concern for many VPN users, in particular for games, streaming and other intensive activities in bandwidth. There are several factors that affect the speed of the connection. Among some internet providers, you can encounter problems with points of congestion which may considerably lengthen the ping. In some cases, the use of VPN, not using these saturated networks allow you to improve considerably the time of latency. In other cases, the impact is virtually zero. Finally, it can happen that the ping is worse, especially if you select a distant server. The logical thing to do is to choose a VPN server as close as possible to your own location or the game server’s geolocation to which you are connected.

Changing your geolocation of the great advantages of the VPN is the modification of the IP address and therefore the IP geolocation. By using this tool, you can for example access American games servers or Asian ones who usually, refuse European players. With a VPN, you are free to bypass all geographical restrictions in a very simple way. A VPN service will give you access to blocked servers in your region and of course the ability to endlessly switch to connect to another server in another region very easily. You take the IP geolocation of the server by which passes your connection.

Playing anonymously VPN makes you anonymous when you are online. With each visit on the server your identity is concealed and this assures you that the server will not know where you are connected since it is no longer your actual IP address which is visible by Servers and other players. Your actual IP address is hidden, without the possibility of tracing your geographical position. Most of the major VPN providers have at their disposal thousands and even tens of thousands of different IP addresses that you can use and change at will.

Preventing DDoS attacks using a VPN server equipped with an anti-DDoS, you can freely play online video games without fearing this type of attacks which are recurrent and which make the Internet connection unusable and unplayable. Install a VPN to secure your connection as well as your data. Thus, all exchanges between your machine and your server will be secure.

What VPN protocol to choose?

When you use a VPN to play online games or for any other activity, all data that you send and receive on the Internet are secured by the VPN tunnel. To create this VPN tunnel connecting the machine of the surfer to the server that hosts the VPN service, the connection calls out to VPN protocols.


Roccat Leadr Wireless Gaming Mouse: The Rival to the Razer Mamba and Logitech G900 in Our Hands-On-Test

With its new Leadr, Roccat is launching its attack on the wireless sector. To aid it in that cause, it has been armed with the brand new Owl-Eye sensor that sports a whopping 12.000 DPI resolution as well as a lift-off sensor. The Hamburg based company is entering the 2,4 GHz game pretty late and thus has to compete with products like the Razer Mamba and the Logitech G900. But they have some aces up their sleeve in the form of Shark-Fins and X-Celerator-throttles. The Roccat Leadr in its first hands-on review. By Benjamin Kratsch.

Design wise, the Roccat Leadr borrows from the Tyon and brings with it all of the Tyons strengths: Good ergonomics, decent size, and a whole load of features. It offers an impressive 14 buttons, among which is the iconic shark fin, the “Hamburger, the X-Celerator thumb switch, and the thumb button named “Easyshift-Plus”. Roccat are staying true to their “more is more” philosophy with this one and keep including lots of buttons and controls on their mice whereas Logitech, for example, stripped down their G900 to only six buttons.

Roccat Leadr Wireless Gaming Mouse

We were not able to have too many sessions with the Leadr but we found that Battlefield 4 fans will almost certainly be excited about the return of the X-Celerator as an alternative method for flying planes and helicopters. This feature is also available for controlling gun on tanks in Battlefield 1 while driving. It can also be used for switching between ducking and crawling without having to play finger-twister on your keyboard. If you want to make reloading feel more tactile and want to be less reliant on your keyboard you can also assign that task to the X-Celerator switch. You have to be careful though because if you simply let the switch snap back to the middle position it is likely the also trigger whichever command you assigned to the other direction.