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How to start the File Explorer in "This PC"

Windows 10 introduced some new features in the file browser, such as the new shortcuts to folders and recent files. By default, Windows 10 brings us to this option when we open the File explorer.

File Explorer

If you’d like to change this option, you just have to go to the “View” tab in the File Browser, go to “options” and its corresponding panel, then in the first option that you see, change the dropdown menu that says “Quick Access” to “This PC.”

File Explorer

That way you will always get the File Browser opened in “This PC”.

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Nvidia GeForce GTX 980M vs 970M vs 965M vs 960M vs 860M Specs and Benchmark Comparison

Powered by the next-gen Nividia Maxwell archictecture, compared to their predecessors, GeForce’s GTX 980M and GTX 970M take graphic cards to a new level with their unmatched power efficiency, high performance and advanced features. But the GTX 960M, based on the same architecture with its predecessors, fails to impress in the technical specs department.

There are two versions of the GTX 860M. One is based on the Maxwell architecture while the other packs a Kepler version. The latter featured a MXM interface along with 80% more shader units. But its low performance made it less usable. Comparing the GTX 960M and the Maxwell version of the GTX 860M, you will spot numerous similarities in specs. Both GPU models use a GM107 chip; you can place 640 Unified Shaders. They also have 2048 – 4069 MB GDDR5 video memory available for use connected via a 128-bit memory interface.


How to install a new hard drive of SSD on desktop PC and laptop, step by step

Maybe at some point you will note that our computer is filled with data too often (and you have to resort to using external hard drives or USB flash drives to extract files and information) or that you can’t install more applications, games or working with large files due to lack of space.

Then this is perhaps the best time to consider buying a new internal hard drive. These components allow you to extend the storage space of the computer, in many cases, without having to change anything in the current computer. We help you do this, step by step.

What are internal hard drives and where are they located

A new internal hard drive can be installed in several ways: to use as a primary drive and directly install the operating system (and thus you have all the new free space along in a single partition), or as a secondary drive, to complement the one that you already use as the system hard drive (where the operating system is installed) and using the new space to store data (movies, programs, photos, etc).


Best Graphics card under 200 dollars for 1080p Gaming

Although many users still use lower resolutions, we can say that playing in 1080p has become the new standard or, to put it in other way, the main goal of most of the PC gaming community.

One of the main reasons lies in the good quality-value relation that implies mounting a computer that allows you to enjoy these resolutions with acceptable performance, in addition to the large drop in prices that high quality monitors have experienced, coming in large sizes and Full HD resolutions.


Best SSD for Gaming 2016

CPU speeds keep increasing, and new devices operate at a rate greater than that which they can fetch data from computer hard drives. This leads to informational bottlenecks when the dataflow is not sufficient enough to keep up with processing speed. The solution is an SSD. As long as you choose a solid-state drive for your machine, which one you choose will not make much of a change in performance. The real boost comes when you change your standard hard disk to any SSD.

Will an SSD make games run better?

Whether your games will run more smoothly depends on a large variety of factors, and these depend on what precisely you mean by “better.” A solid state drive will not help with low frame rate. Instead, you need a more powerful GPU. What an SSD does for game performance is the same thing it does for a running any types of programs or applications on your computer. These drives reduce the time it takes for any program to load. SSD’s transfer data at speeds over 400 MB per second compared to the 170 MB per second of standard hard drives.


How to deactivate the“Wi-Fi Sense” in Windows 10

One of the most controversial features of Windows 10 is the “Wi-Fi Sense” that sharing Wifi key. Or rather private wireless access, including new contacts and social networks.

By default, Wi-Fi Sense is activated, but the measure is not as critical as it will depend in our use in the social networks when we are connected to bring that data to be published openly. For those who do not want to have this feature turned on, you have to perform a few simple steps.


How to Set Google as Default Search Engine in Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge is definitely a great browser, fast and effective, but perhaps we do not like much the default search engine so it’s always good to know how to modify it.

This trick does not affect Cortana, that as no option to change your search engine, so it applies only to searches performed through your own browser’s series of Windows 10. The change is simple but must be done properly.

The first thing is to open Edge. Once opens what we need to do is navigate to our favorite search engine. I choose Google but it can be any.

Microsoft Edge

Once it is open the page, we can go to Edge Setting section. It is located in the “three dots” icon in the superior corner to the right. We enter to the configuration and once there we go to “View advance Settings”.


How to Import favorites to Microsoft Edge

This trick is very simple and more than one is going to have a happy the day. The new browser Edge introduced in Windows 10 is a good method to gain speed of load, support hardware, reducing consumption of resources and even some users detect greater autonomy in their tablets and notebooks.

But a browser without your favorites links is like a garden without flowers, so the first thing we must do is to import the bookmarks from another alternative browser. like Firefox, Chrome. Then these favorites should be integrated in the synchronization that makes Microsoft with its cloud, that if you use an online account such as user profile.


13 hidden features in Chrome that make chrome easier to use

Google Chrome is one of the most used web browsers, due to its speed, ease of use and simple and practical interface, which has convinced thousands of users, who use it in versions for computers, smartphones and tablets.

Besides the useful and popular Chrome extensions, the browser has a lot of hidden features that allow you to further expand its potential. We can tell them to you, but only if you keep the secret.

Opening the Task Manager

Just like Windows and Mac have their own task managers that allow you to end troublesome applications or processes, Chrome includes a useful task manager that helps you close tabs and features that cause problems in browser operation. To open it you can press SHIFT + Esc or go to the settings menu, then click on “More tools” and then “Task Manager”.

Task Manager

Paste addresses or words and access or search them up directly

Time is money, everybody knows it, so Google incorporated one of the most useful functions in this regard: to paste a web address and directly access it or search the word directly by just copying the desired text (or web address) and click on the right mouse button, without having to do a combination of paste + press the enter key. Now those are some saved seconds.


Desactivate the use of Flash in Microsoft Edge

Microsoft also knows that Adobe Flash’s days are numbered and within a few configuration options that offers Edge we can find how to shelve this multimedia technology from Adobe at once for all.

To get rid of Flash we just have to go to the Edge configuration panel, and see advanced in the configuration option “Use Adobe Flash Player” move the dial to shut down.

Microsoft Edge

So we force any online service compatible with html5 to give us this type of engine. More efficient and, by now, more secure.