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How to Set Google as Default Search Engine in Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge is definitely a great browser, fast and effective, but perhaps we do not like much the default search engine so it’s always good to know how to modify it.

This trick does not affect Cortana, that as no option to change your search engine, so it applies only to searches performed through your own browser’s series of Windows 10. The change is simple but must be done properly.

The first thing is to open Edge. Once opens what we need to do is navigate to our favorite search engine. I choose Google but it can be any.

Microsoft Edge

Once it is open the page, we can go to Edge Setting section. It is located in the “three dots” icon in the superior corner to the right. We enter to the configuration and once there we go to “View advance Settings”.


How to Import favorites to Microsoft Edge

This trick is very simple and more than one is going to have a happy the day. The new browser Edge introduced in Windows 10 is a good method to gain speed of load, support hardware, reducing consumption of resources and even some users detect greater autonomy in their tablets and notebooks.

But a browser without your favorites links is like a garden without flowers, so the first thing we must do is to import the bookmarks from another alternative browser. like Firefox, Chrome. Then these favorites should be integrated in the synchronization that makes Microsoft with its cloud, that if you use an online account such as user profile.


13 hidden features in Chrome that make chrome easier to use

Google Chrome is one of the most used web browsers, due to its speed, ease of use and simple and practical interface, which has convinced thousands of users, who use it in versions for computers, smartphones and tablets.

Besides the useful and popular Chrome extensions, the browser has a lot of hidden features that allow you to further expand its potential. We can tell them to you, but only if you keep the secret.

Opening the Task Manager

Just like Windows and Mac have their own task managers that allow you to end troublesome applications or processes, Chrome includes a useful task manager that helps you close tabs and features that cause problems in browser operation. To open it you can press SHIFT + Esc or go to the settings menu, then click on “More tools” and then “Task Manager”.

Task Manager

Paste addresses or words and access or search them up directly

Time is money, everybody knows it, so Google incorporated one of the most useful functions in this regard: to paste a web address and directly access it or search the word directly by just copying the desired text (or web address) and click on the right mouse button, without having to do a combination of paste + press the enter key. Now those are some saved seconds.


Synchronize the folders others share with you in your Onedrive

This is one of the most desired and expected features in Onedrive and it’s finally available. We’ll show you how easy it is to add a shared folder to your file directory. Once there you can find it in the list of folder synchronizations in Windows 7, Windows 10, or in the more traditional navigation interface of Windows 8.1.

We have focused on Windows 10, but this should work on any operating system in which you can install an Onedrive synchronization client, as the modifications are made at the account level.


How to Enable the “God Mode” in Windows 10?

To activate the “god mode” of Windows 10 we have to make like previous editions of Windows. We must create a new folder whose name is:


God ModeGod Mode

Simple. This will create a folder, it is best done in desktop, with the characteristic of the control panel icon. Inside you will find all of the administrative tools, utilities and controls that Windows have. They are well structured in categories and we can do searches within the folder.


How to automatic backup Data to external hard drive in Windows 10

Not even the most expensive computer’s in history, with the best components, the most secure system installed or the best maintained by its users can get rid of suffer a sudden failure. It is something that no one can predict safely on any computer.

Fortunately, although we cannot arrange a unexpected crash or failure in a computer, (viruses, failures of components, power outages) can be prevented making a automatic files backup so the loss is less than expected. (Read More: Best Antivirus for Windows 10)

Automatic backups on Windows

It doesn’t matter the operating system that your computer has. For years, developers offer native tools for saving data from a computer to an external hard drive and is very easy.


Activating the function "Hey Cortana" in Windows 10

Cortana is the virtual assistant of Microsoft it came from the Halo games franchise to their new system Windows 10, After passing by Windows Phone 8.1. this system allowed us to meet relative information to our interest, program functions, notifications, reunions, start applications, make searches and a long etc. etc. inclusive it can sing us songs or even make us some jokes to.

Integrated in Windows 10, this assistant it communicates whit other applications, like for example the new browser Edge, and it is the center of web searches and locale searches of the operative system. to interact whit Cortana, you need to press the search button with the circular icon that is located in the bottom-left corner of the launch bar to write or dictate our inquiry.

Hello Cortana

However, there’s a way simpler and practical to make Cortana respond to our questions or orders, and there is no other simpler way than saying “Hello Cortana” and then add the query. If you have tried to do so possibly you have found that Cortana have enough of you, but before you put the blame in her face, know so applied Assistant will respond to our greeting should enable it manually.


Classic Shell for Windows 10, the best alternative Start menu

Classic Shell makers have released a new version of this free application that lets you change the Start menu of Windows 10, likening it to Windows 7.

The removal of the start menu in Windows 8 was the focus of all criticism to the Modern user interface UI, more thought out for use with touchscreen than the desktop work with keyboard and mouse we’re all accustomed to. Microsoft listened to manufacturers and users and returned with Windows 8.1, as well as implementing other interface improvements.


How to activate Windows 10 from the ISO during a clean installation

If you have tried to activate Windows 10 from the clean ISO installation with your previous Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 license, you’ll have noticed that you’re not able to activate it. Don’t worry, it’s normal according to Microsoft.

Contrary of what we thought, a valid Windows 7 or Window 8.1 license won’t be able to activate Windows 10 because this uses its own key, hence the activation error.

Solution (legal)

A Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 license allows you to use Windows 10, although it doesn’t allow clean installation at the moment, and so the only solution so far is to upgrade your Windows.


How to create a Windows 10 bootable USB disk for a clean installation

Windows 10 is a reality now, and since today, all users will be able to download the new Windows O.S and start making use of it. Although, a lot of people is not too fond of installing an O.S over their current one and rather do a clean installation that guarantees the perfect functioning of everything. In fact, if you’re using Windows 7, this is your best option to install Windows 10, and for that, Microsoft made the ISO’s available on the cloud so that you can download it and create your own bootable disk.

Downloading the Windows 10 ISO Image

The easiest way to do this is to go to the Windows Media Creation Tool download, select the 32 or 64 bit version, download the file and then execute it.