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How to access UEFI Settings on Windows 10

Since its creation, over 40 years ago, The BIOS has been the tool through which we can manage our computer’s hardware. And the thing is that if we would like to choose which device to initialize during the booting process, configure RAM or graphic card frequency, adjust fan speed, among other things, the only way we have to do all of those is to access the BIOS and change the settings.

Barely 6 years ago and thanks to an important agreement held by the main technology companies, it was decided to replace the BIOS for a new system called UEFI. A new standard that was introduced commercially soon after and that offers various benefits in comparison to the BIOS.


How to safely enjoy USB-C connection

USB-C is made to offer a large range of data connectivity, and also provides the same power supply capability as the proprietary power adapters used now. This makes it so that with just one charger and just one cable we can charge at high speed any kind of devices.

The USB-C adapters of certain capacity can work at different voltages, but they always offer compatibility with devices with charge modes of less capacity and intensity. In other words, if we were to buy a laptop with an USB-C charger, we will find voltages between 20 and 5 volts. This is standard and is precisely made to promote the universal use of just one charger for all devices.

USB-C connection

A MacBook Pro 2016 charger with 20, 9 and 5V modes.

It has four voltage standards: 5, 9, 12 and 20v. The intensity will vary according to the needs of each device and the charger will adjust the intensity to it as well. The maximum power transfer will also vary according to the voltage and the charger.


How to search for a visited site in history and favorites using keywords in Google Chrome

If we’re going to talk about web browsers, it is worth mentioning that Google Chrome is the most used browser by users worldwide. And that is because in addition to all the features, functions, settings and configuration options, you can get more performance from Google’s browser making use of the large number of extensions available in the Chrome web store. Web browsers are linked directly to Internet browsing and searches on different search engines, which are the ones that allow users to perform searches on any topic or a particular website.

However, modern browsers do not index the entire web page when making suggestions to the user based on pages visited or marked as favorites in the past. Because of this, although on many occasions you obtain results based on the index of the title of the page or its URL, when you can’t remember the URL or the website’s name you have to look in the browsing history for the previously visited site that you couldn’t remember.

Without a doubt, a very heavy task that can be very time consuming and that will be much easier thanks to WorldBrain, a Google Chrome extension that indexes all web pages visited or marked as favorites to allow you to search for them in the browser’s own address bar.


How to know if the RAM of a laptop can be expanded?

Surely on more than one occasion you have said or heard someone say a computer is running slow, especially on older computers, as more and more powerful applications are being developed and therefore more resources are needed. RAM is one of the key components in computer performance, although other components such as the processor itself or the hard drive are also important in this regard.

Sometimes we decide to change computer the minute we start noticing it becomes slow and that there is no way to optimize its performance through software, however, you should first think about the possibility of making some changes in the hardware to extend the life of our PC or laptop much more.


Undoubtedly, changing from HDD to SSD can help you a lot, but in many cases users think first about increasing the RAM of their computer. However, several doubts may arise here, how much RAM do I have installed right now, what type, how much RAM does my computer support, how to know if I have room to install more RAM and how do i install it.


How to enable or turn on system restore in Windows 10

To protect our computer against viruses or a defective software this is best weapon. In just a few steps it allows us to restore the computer to a previous state and everything goes back to normal. This time we are going to show you how to enable system restore in Windows 10. It’s a quick process, without any further effort.

It’s a feature that few users value when having to deal with any threat. Obviously, we have to say that its use expose the computer to certain risk of losing information. This will depend on the frequency in which the restore points are created and the frequency in which we decide to use them. The more distant to the present day it’s more probable to happen. We also have to mention that enabling it will impact in the available storage capacity, although that’s something we can configure during the enabling process and once functioning.

How to enable system restore in Windows 10

In first place, we have to look for the configuration menu of this function. Since Windows 10 is organized differently than other versions of Redmond operative systems, let’s turn to Cortana. Writing “restore point” it should appear as first option “Create a restore point”. By selecting it, it will open a window in the tab that has what we are looking for. For those who want to look for it, it’s found in the System Properties window under the system protection tab, as you can see in the next image:


How to solve Android Phone USB connection not showing when connected via USB cable?

It’s possible that while trying to connect your Smartphone to the PC via the USB port this one won’t recognize it, but let’s calm down, and don’t despair, the Free Android (El Androide Libre) is here to the rescue.

In this post we’ll leave you a few possible solutions so you can connect your android to your PC without any problems. Or at least we’ll try.

Not detecting the USB connection? Let’s start with the basics

Many times we turn something small into a big deal unnecessarily. It happens to all of us that when something fails we immediately go to the complicated answers, without realizing that the solution is right in front of us.


How to add a 2nd hard drive (SSD) to a Laptop?

Changing your laptop’s hard drive or installing an additional one is a very simple task. Here we show you how to do it and what you should keep in mind.

1: Check your computer’s specs

Before buying anything, the first thing we have to do is check our computer’s specs. This is very important since, even if you’re going to replace your existing unit, you must check the compatibility of the models that you plan to install.

For that you must check the technical specifications of your laptop online, and closely examine the storage specs. This way you will know which units it supports, although it’s not always easy to find our model, even looking at several websites. This isn’t infallible, and there will be occasions where you will have to look for another solution.


Guide: What is the minimum processor recommended for each graphic card?

One of the matters that worries most of the users when configuring a new PC is the known topic of the bottleneck originated by the CP, something understandable since each graphic card may have determined requirements and may need a processor of lower or higher capacity.

Beforehand, I would like to clarify in a vast and transparent way what the bottleneck originated by the CPU is, since it is a big enough topic and I believe that not everyone has completely understood it, not even after reading this publication, that I believe you should read.

This bottleneck implies that one or more of the components offers a lower performance to the one provided by other system elements, and as they are supposed to work together with these, they are slowing or limiting their true potential. This is the simplest definition I can provide.


Which is better: the iPhone or a top-of-the-range Android smartphone? Don’t look at the specifications

Let’s clear the field of misunderstandings right away: while it is possible, of course, to compare the features of the iOS and Android operating systems, thinking you can compare the technical specifications of the iPhone with those of Android smartphones is a mistake – and also pretty sketchy -. Let’s see why.

Which is better: an iPhone or an Android smartphone?

When you try to compare one of the latest iPhone models with a top-range Android smartphone, you’ll be often shocked to hear that Apple phones only integrate 2 GB of RAM, whereas with one of the most convincing Android devices have at least 4 or even 6 GB of RAM.  (Read More: How much RAM does Android smartphone need?)

Only the iPhone 7 Plus has recently introduced 3 GB of RAM (DRAM LPDDR4).

iPhone vs Android smartphone

Still, an iPhone can guarantee high performance, absolutely comparable with those of “rival” smartphones in the Android universe..

So much so that – with the passage of time – different forks of Android were created, i.e. versions derived from the original Google code. Just think about Amazon’s FireOS, RemixOS and to all the various Android “custom ROMs” (i.e. CyanogenMod) installed on mobile devices.

Android must, therefore. have to deal with thousands of possible hardware configurations, completely different from each other.


What is a Smart Wi-fi router and Best Smart Wifi Router Recommendation

A router is the most important element of our home internet connection, aside to the coverage that internet providers offer in our area. Buying a router other than those offered by internet providers can provide a wide range of new features to benefit and optimize our connection. That’s when Smart Wi Fi routers come into play full of monitoring and customization options, and here we will explain you what they are and why you should buy one.

Smart Wi fi Routers: designed for the Smart Home

The term Smart Wi Fi refers to certain extra features provided by new routers which will vary depending on the manufacturer. In Linksys case, its Smart Wi Fi System allows you to check on your phone who is connected to your Wi Fi network and to manage the whole network even away from home, among many other features. Further examples are the routers offered by Spanish internet providers, such as Livebox from Orange since its second version with the Mi Livebox app or HGU with the Movistar Base app.