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Android device running slow: How to speed up your slow android phone?

Over time it is normal for problems to arise and translate into a slow Android experience. We explain below what problems you could find and how to solve them.

When using an electronic appliance such as a TV or a dishwasher you might be used to it not being degraded by use, at least not in a few years. With computers this is not the case because of the operating system and it’s the same with smart phones, which are just pocket computers and have the same problems.

Over time, the problems that make Android slow multiply

That’s why if after a while using your phone you feel your Android slows down it may not be just your imagination or maybe it is not slower than before but you still want to improve it. We will tell you what are the main reasons for this, what problems you could find and how to solve them.

slow android phone

A suitable launcher is key

If you have recently changed the launcher and you notice the phone is slower now it is possible that the launcher is the reason. Not all interfaces consume the same amount of resources and not all are as fluid.


Can Microsoft increase its performance with the new Windows 10 Game Mode?

The filtration of the 14997 Build does not stop bringing us surprises in the way of new functions. The day before yesterday we found that Windows 10 will include a new function to filter blue light, and a few hours ago a Twitter user by the name of @h0x0d, know for the veracity of their filtrations, has explored this build of Windows 10 and found a curious novelty: a file by the name of ‘’gamemode.dll’’, that lets us understand that this Game Mode will come in the Creators Update in the coming spring.

What can Microsoft do to improve performance?

Half of the users of Steam use Windows 10, which is why adding a Game Mode may suppose a coming improvement, but; what margin of handling does Microsoft have to improve the performance in a computer when you’re gaming by simply introducing a Game Mode? For this, we will analyze the components on which the performance of a game depend on: Processor, Graphic Card, RAM Memory, and Storage Unit.

Windows 10 Game Mode

Beforehand, we must imagine what Game Mode will do in Windows 10. There are two possible paths. First, we come across a Mode that gives priority to the execution of Games over Programs, how some utilities function already, and actually serve no purpose. The other option is that Microsoft introduces a real improvement at the Operative System level, seeing as it has access to all levels of software, doing something similar to what an Xbox One does, where the console works with an optimized 3 to 1 Operational System.

Windows 10 Game Mode

When it comes to the Processor, it is rare to find a game that forces it to 100% capacity. If you have an i5 or i7 that is less than three years old, it is probable that your processor has never reached 100% load while gaming.This is why closing processes when gaming has low impact on performance.


What is Windows virtual memory and Recommended virtual memory (Paging file)size in Windows 10 for 8gb ram

Virtual memory is a technique used by operating systems to access a greater amount of memory than the physically available, resorting to alternative storage solutions when the installed RAM is exhausted. In this article we will learn how it works and what we must do to configure it optimally.

As many readers know, computers use RAM to store the files and data needed by both the operating system and the software that we are running; its high performance guarantees optimum operation but, sooner or later, it always ends up filling. It is at this moment when Windows needs to resort to virtual memory.


How to spy on someones phone: Software for spying on cell phones

There are many reasons why someone might feel the need to spy on the activities of someone they know, and to have the ability to spy on their mobile phone and access the information stored in it – above all their instant messaging conversations.

In the majority of cases, when someone feels the need to spy on a cellphone it usually belongs to the person they are in a relationship with, especially when they suspect that their significant other is seeing new people, or what is worse, being unfaithful.

Software for spying on cell phones

Spying on other people’s conversations, mail and other aspects of their private life is illegal, and reading or listening in on conversations is a criminal offense and raises issues of morality and confidence. Irregardless, some people can not resist the temptation of knowing this private information and use this type of software to spy on their partner’s mobile phone.


How to completely remove or uninstall an antivirus program in Windows 10

We all know that these days installing a Windows program is very easy and uninstalling it can be even easier. It is just a matter of clicking “Next” a few times and the Windows program will be installed or uninstalled, it’s as easy as that.

However, this procedure is not as easy to carry out when we are trying to uninstall an antivirus; many times the uninstallation procedure will not work well, this is fundamentally due to the complex nature of this type of software and the way in which it interacts with the different modules of the operating system. When this occurs we are forced to resort to third-party software to solve the problem.

ESET AV Remover

In these types of cases, one of the best tools for uninstalling antivirus software is ESET AV Remover, which, on top of providing the possibility of removing many types of antivirus software, lends a helping hand in the removal of other types of programs when the conventional method of uninstalling does not work as it is supposed to, that is to say those programs who’s uninstallation can be considered as “problematic”.


Best Laptop 2017 Buying Guide

Laptops are in high demand because of the great advantages that they offer such as the possibility to transport them almost anywhere. However, choosing the right one can become very complicated.

For this reason, and because we are sure that more than one of our readers will be thinking about buying a laptop for themselves or for someone else, we wanted to write this special article. In it, as always, we will give a series of tips to help you make the right choice and we will offer a few recommendations for some products which we consider to be good buys based on their price to quality ratio.


Is it safe to use free VPN service

VPN connections give us an additional layer of security using encryption to all traffic coming out of our device until it reaches the server. Thus any downstream user can gain access to our data by MITM attacks and no company can register our activity on the network. Many users choose to use free servers, however, they can be much more expensive than we think.

Free VPN

Servers cost money

Servers are not free. A server costs money on hardware, electricity and maintenance. If a company offers a free VPN access it must be getting investment on the other hand and we run the risk that this money comes from the sale of private customer information.


How to check if your laptop supports 5 GHz and 802.11ac

While they’re already talking about the new specifications for 802.11ad and 802.11ax that will allow to transmit data , via WiFi, with a throughput in the order of gigabit per second (see WiGig, data transmission up to 8 Gbps with 802.11ad and WiFi 802.11ax will let you reach up to 10 Gbps), it’s the 802.11ac standard, today, to let you get the highest speeds by using a wireless connection.

Approved in January 2014, 802.11ac exclusively supports frequencies at 5 GHz. By connecting to a WiFi network at 5 GHz, actually, it’s possible to reach much higher speeds in data transmission phase than the traditional 2,4 GHz.


So, how to check if your laptop supports 5 GHz? And how to see which IEEE 802.11 standard versions can be used?

5 GHz: 802.11ac and 802.11n. Which benefits?

Most of the wireless routers available on the market today are dual band: that means that they let you set up two independent wireless networks that work on completely different frequency spectrums. The two WiFi networks, at 2,4 and 5 GHz, can be enabled at the same time and each of them will use its specific ID (SSID).


How to Turn your PC into a Synology NAS with XPenology

This process is simple, but keep in mind that hardware support or compatibility is limited and therefore we can find problems supporting our hardware, mainly aspects like the network card, processor, memory, etc.

Basically we should look for an x86 processor with support for 64-Bit (it does not have to be Intel), at least 1GB of RAM, Realtek or very basic Intel network card and, very important, a PC with a classic boot system, like Bios or Legacy and a storage controller type SATA AHCI or, at least, compatible.
Synology NAS

We therefore need a basic system, with ethernet, a flash drive with at least 25MB capacity (if you find one of less than 1GB it will be quite the achievement) and a main storage unit to which we can then add more units, either internal or external. As I said before I can not assure you success but i can show you the PC I used for this experiment.

Synology NAS

My computer has seen better times, it has been through several crazy projects, and it now looks like this. It is completely passive and using 2.5 ” units saved me having to use more power cables. I just need to feed the Brix and an Ethernet cable.

This is a veteran Gigabyte Brix N2807, which we discussed in this article, with an Intel Celeron N2807 dual-core processor, where I installed 4GB of RAM and a 32GB SSD that I’ll use to run the system. A basic system I found for less than 90 dollars during Black Friday in a well known store.


Best Motherboard Buying Guide: Where to start

Which motherboard to choose, sometimes, can be a real pain, since the motherboard is the intermediary of all components of the computer, and is the one that guarantees its functionality.

The type of socket the PCI express ports, HDMI outputs, VGA, USB 3.0 ports, the motherboard is a fundamental and key component of every computer, sometimes, trying to save some money on this aspect can cause incompatibility problems in the present and future, so we advise you to be very careful so that you won’t have any regrets when choosing a motherboard for your PC.

What should you consider when choosing a motherboard? We’ll explain:

1. The processor and our motherboard

As we already mentioned in this article, you can’t use a socket 1155 processor with a motherboard compatible with 1150 processors. So, the socket of the motherboard should match the processor’s.