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Best Laptop 2017 Buying Guide

Laptops are in high demand because of the great advantages that they offer such as the possibility to transport them almost anywhere. However, choosing the right one can become very complicated.

For this reason, and because we are sure that more than one of our readers will be thinking about buying a laptop for themselves or for someone else, we wanted to write this special article. In it, as always, we will give a series of tips to help you make the right choice and we will offer a few recommendations for some products which we consider to be good buys based on their price to quality ratio.


Is it safe to use free VPN service

VPN connections give us an additional layer of security using encryption to all traffic coming out of our device until it reaches the server. Thus any downstream user can gain access to our data by MITM attacks and no company can register our activity on the network. Many users choose to use free servers, however, they can be much more expensive than we think.

Free VPN

Servers cost money

Servers are not free. A server costs money on hardware, electricity and maintenance. If a company offers a free VPN access it must be getting investment on the other hand and we run the risk that this money comes from the sale of private customer information.


How to check if your laptop supports 5 GHz and 802.11ac

While they’re already talking about the new specifications for 802.11ad and 802.11ax that will allow to transmit data , via WiFi, with a throughput in the order of gigabit per second (see WiGig, data transmission up to 8 Gbps with 802.11ad and WiFi 802.11ax will let you reach up to 10 Gbps), it’s the 802.11ac standard, today, to let you get the highest speeds by using a wireless connection.

Approved in January 2014, 802.11ac exclusively supports frequencies at 5 GHz. By connecting to a WiFi network at 5 GHz, actually, it’s possible to reach much higher speeds in data transmission phase than the traditional 2,4 GHz.


So, how to check if your laptop supports 5 GHz? And how to see which IEEE 802.11 standard versions can be used?

5 GHz: 802.11ac and 802.11n. Which benefits?

Most of the wireless routers available on the market today are dual band: that means that they let you set up two independent wireless networks that work on completely different frequency spectrums. The two WiFi networks, at 2,4 and 5 GHz, can be enabled at the same time and each of them will use its specific ID (SSID).


How to Turn your PC into a Synology NAS with XPenology

This process is simple, but keep in mind that hardware support or compatibility is limited and therefore we can find problems supporting our hardware, mainly aspects like the network card, processor, memory, etc.

Basically we should look for an x86 processor with support for 64-Bit (it does not have to be Intel), at least 1GB of RAM, Realtek or very basic Intel network card and, very important, a PC with a classic boot system, like Bios or Legacy and a storage controller type SATA AHCI or, at least, compatible.
Synology NAS

We therefore need a basic system, with ethernet, a flash drive with at least 25MB capacity (if you find one of less than 1GB it will be quite the achievement) and a main storage unit to which we can then add more units, either internal or external. As I said before I can not assure you success but i can show you the PC I used for this experiment.

Synology NAS

My computer has seen better times, it has been through several crazy projects, and it now looks like this. It is completely passive and using 2.5 ” units saved me having to use more power cables. I just need to feed the Brix and an Ethernet cable.

This is a veteran Gigabyte Brix N2807, which we discussed in this article, with an Intel Celeron N2807 dual-core processor, where I installed 4GB of RAM and a 32GB SSD that I’ll use to run the system. A basic system I found for less than 90 dollars during Black Friday in a well known store.


Best Motherboard Buying Guide: Where to start

Which motherboard to choose, sometimes, can be a real pain, since the motherboard is the intermediary of all components of the computer, and is the one that guarantees its functionality.

The type of socket the PCI express ports, HDMI outputs, VGA, USB 3.0 ports, the motherboard is a fundamental and key component of every computer, sometimes, trying to save some money on this aspect can cause incompatibility problems in the present and future, so we advise you to be very careful so that you won’t have any regrets when choosing a motherboard for your PC.

What should you consider when choosing a motherboard? We’ll explain:

1. The processor and our motherboard

As we already mentioned in this article, you can’t use a socket 1155 processor with a motherboard compatible with 1150 processors. So, the socket of the motherboard should match the processor’s.


How to change your PC’s power supply

You try to turn on the computer and nothing happens. You scratch your head, check that all of the cables are connected and that the power button on the power strip is lit, but nothing. It’s highly likely that the power supply is dead. We will show you how to replace it.


  • 30 minutes


  • Screwdrivers and pliers.
  • New power supply
  • A clip
  • Multimeter
  • Flanges and/or plasticized wire

1: The computer doesn’t turn on. What’s wrong?

In my experience, the components that fail the most in a computer – with normal use – are the hard drive, the power supply, the motherboard and the graphics card, in that order. The ones that fail the least are the optical drives, RAM and the processor. So, if your computer seems to turn on and even produces some sort of beeping sound, you will need to check the error code in the motherboard’s manual. At first, it doesn’t seem to be a power issue. However, if nothing happens when you press the power button it’s likely that there is something wrong with the power supply.


How to save an entire website to browse it offline

Surely more than once you thought about a way to download a full website to navigate through it without being connected to the Internet. Surely something very useful when you expect to be offline for some time, like when you go on a trip somewhere without signal, or when you go through a path with an unreliable data coverage or unstable WiFi connection and you would like to browse a particular site as if you were online.

It is true that modern browsers can download the different pages of the same site in HTML format for viewing offline, but it limits the power to navigate to other options, menus or content, since the links are lost and keep on pointing to the online version. This way you only download the page on which you clicked Save as Webpage.


Guide: AMD Radeon RX 460 vs RX 470 vs RX 480 Specs and Benchmark Comparison, which model should I choose?

The new AMD RX and NVIDIA GTX 1000 are now available for purchase, a new generation of graphics cards with which their manufacturers have followed a very clear and distinct strategy.

On one hand, AMD has presented three new products: the RX 480, the RX 470 and the RX 460, while NVIDIA has presented a total of five: the 3GB GTX 1060, the 6GB GTX 1060, the GTX 1080 and the GTX TITAN X Pascal.

As we can see, the folks at Sunnyvale have made a more controlled launch, betting on upper middle and lower middle range products, but are working on Vega, their new high end graphics card, planned to be launched in 2017.

This strategy is easily understood for one simple reason, which is that they are trying to capitalize on the investment they made on the Fury and Fury X, equipped with HBM memory cards and that are capable of great performance.


How to get rid of Malware and Spyware

If you notice an abnormal slowdown of your PC, or your system acts in a strange way when you surf the web, opening endless pop-ups on every click, even on Google, perhaps your computer is affected by Malware or Spyware.

These, at times, especially malware, are harmless and simply redirect you to advertising pages (Adware), but it could happen that you actually run into software capable of stealing your sensitive information and dramatically slow down your PC.

Well, if you have even the doubt of being infected, maybe it is time to do something about it.

ComboFix is a free tool available for Windows that can fully analyze your PC in search of such infections, eliminating them and returning the system to normal.

Compatible OSs are: Windows XP / Vista / 7 32 and 64 bit.

If your OS is not supported, we recommend ADW cleaner, which we will cover later.

We would like to inform you that this is program is as powerful as it dangerous and could cause damage and instability if not used properly. QWERTYmag assumes no liability for misuse and for any damage caused to your computer.

Combofix is available to download on the official page and requires no installation. It is actually a program that once downloaded will allow you to run it without further littering the system.

When the download is done, be sure to disable all antivirus and firewall protections that you have active and close all programs. Failure to close the antivirus could cause instability in the program and consequently cause crashes or incorrect reports.

NOTE: For greater efficiency is recommended to run it in Windows Safe Mode.

After starting the software it will create a system restore point in case something goes wrong and will verify that you have disabled any antivirus software, launching a warning message if you had forgotten something. If everything is ok will start its run in search of threats.

After about fifty stages the program will cancel the Malware and, when the operation is over, restart your computer generating a report on the work done, and deleted files.

When you then turn the PC back on, wait for the report generation to finish and reactivate all your security systems.

Well, now re-open your browser and you will notice that all the problems have vanished as if by magic.

Guide: Set the correct colour range of connected monitors via HDMI and DVI

Maybe you have already noticed, but very often when you connect a new monitor to the video card colours are not used to the full, making the overall enjoyment of contents not as good as it should be. All this is caused by Windows and drivers that, when they detect a new monitor, set an inappropriate colour profile. With the correct colour profile in fact the blacks will be much “blacker” and, in general, colours will feel truer and much more “alive”. Now let’s see how to fix this problem.

If you have NVIDIA

If you use DVI or HDMI to connect your monitor, this small fix that will automatically set the right level of RGB (0-255). Method:

  1. Download the software from this LINK
  2. Unzip the contents into a folder to store later
  3. Right-click on the extracted file and click “Run as Administrator.”
  4. Click on the newly appeared window , “Set Full Range (0-255)
  5. Restart your PC to enjoy the improvement.

If indeed you notice an improvement in the situation, remember that it will require a new adjustment of brightness and contrast.