Best Monitor for Macbook Pro (Retina) / Mac Mini / Macbook Air

Tutorial about how to choose a monitor to combine with a Mac computer. There are many models available, with pretty different prices and features. A short review about the main technologies, certifications, reference standards to consider.

The choice of a Monitor to use with a computer is not an easy task: there are many models for each price range, apparently similar but often with functions and features even much different from each other…So what are the best 2016 monitors to match a Mac computer with? And which parameters should I consider to choose them?

Keeping the average Mac user as parameter in mind, we’ve thought to explain the elements to consider in order to combine a monitor with a computer, which can be a Mac Mini, a Mac Pro, but also an additional display for a MacBook Air or a MacBook Pro. There’s really an unlimited number of them, with displays suitable for people who professionally work with photos and videos, and other ones realized for design, yet other ones for gaming and multimedia, or pretty generic and cheap ones, suitable for people who do an office job (writing, emailing, web surfing etc.). We’ll shortly see the main technologies, certifications and the reference standards to consider.

Which connections should a Monitor be equipped to work with a Mac?

All pretty recent Mac computers provide, as standard, a Mini DisplayPort port (Thunderbolt); you can use this one to connect monitors that integrate this port: DVI, HDMI, or the old VGA monitors can be connected with specific adapters. Apple and third party producers provide Mini DisplayPort-DVI, Mini DisplayPort-VGA, Mini DisplayPort/DVI-Dual-Link and Mini DisplayPort-HDMI adapters. The current Mac Pro can handle without any problem up to three displays with 5K resolution and six Thunderbolt displays (we redirect you to this support document by Apple to know details about the types of Ultra HD monitor supported and how to set them up).


Best Laptop under 500 Dollars 2017

Many people enjoy the larger screens, attached keyboards and greater flexibility of laptops instead of mobile devices. If you are one of them, but don’t want to break the bank on your next purchase, these laptops deliver great power and use for less than $500 for a new machine.

I have covered a wide range of laptop price ranges in my reviews, but the under $500 price point seems popular with people who want a useful computer at a budget-friendly price. You aren’t going to find a good machine that will last several years for less unless you buy used, and that can bring a whole bunch of different problems.

So many brands of laptop exist with so many different features that it can be a challenge to choose the right one for you. I’ve listed the 5 best laptops available for under $500. They all have the best and latest technology for the price so you can keep up with your friends who have more expensive models.


Best Laptops for College Students 2017

I have been intrigued by computers since a very young age. At middle school I tried to configure a startup for Windows XP and Ubuntu, but I messed up, I broke the Windows installer and was left without an Operating System. After three days thanks to the mercy of How-To Geek and Super User, I was finally able to fix it. The same was I was scared about breaking the home computer I enjoyed fixing it and continue tweaking it.

I studied at a Computer Technology vocational High School, were I took classes in Computer Reparation in order to obtain a certificate from CompTIA A+ and also some classes in Network Management Systems CCENT from Cisco. Unfortunately for me, our school was unable to participate in those exams and was never able to obtain the certificates. I worked as a Computer Technician for the school’s Department of Technology during my last year. I started my own business from home, fixing computers in order to collect some money to be able to pay the University. The best choice was a portable computer (Laptop), for University it was easier since I already knew more about the specifications, to think that “bigger numbers” means a better computer. I bought myself a new Lenovo 11s Yoga for $800, and it was as good as the recommended computers by the MIT service, and it was half the price. My portable computer worked very well until this year when it started to burn pixels, leaving ghost pictures on my screen. This would happen when leaving an image on the screen for a long time. The warranty I had bought for my Laptop was about to expire so I took it to the Geek Squad beginning of July. They game an estimated time for a fix of about two weeks.


ASUS Designo Curved MX34VQ 34” inch monitor Review


This is one of the most advanced design monitors from ASUS and also one of the most carefully designed monitors that ASUS has put out in a long time. It combines a curved format, whether or not you’re a fan, with an excellent performance panel that combines modern ultra-panoramic resolution with up-to-date functionality and some extra features that make this monitor a very unique unit.


Technical Features

The MX34VQ is a very high range model and therefore will be the best that ASUS has offer in this format. It’s a panoramic widescreen 34″ in ultra panoramic format at a 21:9 ratio. A fashionable format where ASUS adds a very striking feature, although it isn’t very functional, which is the use of a curved panel with a fairly marked 1800mm radius. It forms a slight visual angle of 178 degrees, a little more than we actually have with a conventional flat monitor.


MSI GL62M 7RE-407 Review (GTX 1050Ti | 256GB SSD) – A gamer’s perfect companion

For any passionate gamer this is device is a worthy companion, especially for LAN parties. If you already have a Haswell or Skylake powered desktop chances are that you won’t need an upgrade anytime soon. Laptops are another story, altogether.

The Intel 7th gen Kaby Lake and Nvidia Pascal shines really in the mobile computing market. Budget laptops are performing better with power efficient processors in them. MSI GL62M has hit the sweet spot by choosing all the right specs to provide the best gaming performance at the lowest price.

MSI GL62M 7RE-407

Hardware Specs

For CPU, we have an i5-7300HQ which is a 4-cores/4-threads processor 6M of L3 cache. This is a standard laptop CPU that can handle most workloads without any hiccups with 2.8GHz of clock speed which can turbo up to 3.5GHz. Complementing this is 8GB of DDR4 memory at 2400MHz. If you are seeking to upgrade the RAM, it is not going to be easy, swapping the memory stick could take some time and effort and is not designed specifically for easy access.


Best Monitor for Photo Editing and Photography Comparison (April 2017)

If you want to capture images with the highest possible quality then each and every one of the elements, which become part of the photographer’s digital lab, has to be in top notch form or at least, of the highest quality we could afford. The monitor is one of the devices that we should examine most closely.

When we buy a computer to use it to edit pictures, we should always be looking for the best processor with RAM overflow and all kinds of ports. With some luck, if it comes with a free monitor, we often thank the seller for the unbelievable fortune that we have just come upon. It may also come with lots of inches…

Well, I dare to say that we were wrong. We should not settle for any monitor! It’s no use to have the best camera in the world if your monitor can’t rise to the occasion. Monitor is equally as important as the optical camera. I always say, it’s better to spend less on a camera while investing more on the best lens and monitor we could afford.


Best Gaming Laptops under 1000 Dollars

A gaming laptop tends to have high-end processors, graphics cards, cooling systems, and displays which often result in its high price, but with the development of hardware, the current mid-range and high-end graphics are good enough for us to play some mid-range games smoothly. If you do not pursue the ultimate gaming experience, these mid-range graphics cards can even allow you to play some demanding games smoothly at lower resolutions. $1000 is a watershed of the gaming laptop, most of which, with midrange graphics, are distributed around this price. What follows is a recommendation of several popular gaming laptops within the $1,000 range and with a high performance-cost ratio.


Best Cheap Gaming Laptop 2017 (Price under 800 Dollars)

While in the last posts we reviewed some top of the class gaming laptops, now we will consider some affordable options for the ones who are thinking about a laptop with modest portable gaming experience, however you don’t expect the highest frame rate, or the extreme graphic settings.

We decided to lower the price range from 1000 dollars down to 800 dollars, and find the best gaming laptop solution in this price range. Didn’t come as a shock finding that we have found there are tons of options in this price group, some even surprisingly good for the money you’ll spare.

In our manner, by dong a massive research and analysis, and limiting the playing range even more, we have managed to make a list of top five gaming laptops in the range of 800 dollars on the market momentarily. Although not looking as pretty as high end laptop, the performance of these laptops is surprisingly good, so they can freely be named “mid-high end”.


ASUS ROG PG348Q vs. Acer Predator X34, The Best Gaming Monitor comparison

Ultra-wide displays are gaining more and more popularity, with a resolution of 3440 by 1440 they fall mid-way 1440p and 4K resolution in terms of pixel count and typical pixel density. The 21:9 aspect ratio is gaining acceptance as game developers and content creators alike are accepting. Movies already are released at this aspect ratio and most of the 16:9 monitors get black bars on top and bottom while playing them.

The two monitors that we are going to look at here, are almost identical in all respects. The differences are very subtle and both of them are very impressive displays that any member of the PC Master Race will highly appreciate. Both of them have same panels, 3800R curvature, 10-bit colour depth, an insane contrast ratio, and the whole 9 yards.


Acer Predator 17 G9-793-78CM Gaming Laptop Review

With the Acer Predator 17 G9-793-78CM gaming laptop, you’ll achieve drool worthy frame rates in every game available. Thanks to its fast Nvidia GeFore GTX 1070 with 8 GB of dedicated VRAM, even the most recent titles run smoothly at high graphics settings. When using an external 4K display, the Nvidia chipset still delivers very good frame rates. The body design has been carried over from Acer’s previous models with some minor adjustments. This laptop features a 17,3” full-HD display, an Intel Core i7, lots of RAM, and lots of hard drive space.

Acer Predator 17 G9-793-78CM



This gaming notebook comes with a 17,3” full-HD display. The matt surface keeps reflections at a minimum. IPS technology ensures wide viewing angles, and the panel offers good overall brightness at 288 cd/m2. The webcam is mounted at the center of the display bezel.


Inside, a 6700HQ series Intel Core i7 processor makes the system tick. It is a quad-core processor that operates at a base clock speed of 3,6 GHz. In turbo-boost mode, the clock speed will automatically be raised to up to 3,5 GHz. It also supports Hyper-Threading which allows it to handle 8 calculations at the same time. Acer also offers this machine with a 7th generation Intel Core i7 CPU.

Acer Predator 17 G9-793-78CM Acer Predator 17 G9-793-78CM