Comparison: The Best VPN Service 2018

Despite being highly technical, the concept of VPNs has become a familiar one to French web surfers ever since Hadopi came online. Nowadays, these three letters are synonymous with freedom, anonymity, and security. With more than 180 providers worldwide, there is no shortage of offerings in this highly competitive market. However, this plethora of providers makes choosing the right service complicated for the consumer. This is especially true since not all VPNs offer the same level of security, performance, and preservation of their clients’ anonymity. Certain providers offer specialized services for specific usages, and some users, for whom cost is not an issue, might even purchase services from several different providers, depending on their needs.

For this 20th of February 2017 update, we have added several VPN services to our test list, and we have conducted a new performance (bandwidth) test for all the listed services. Every update will see new services being added to our comparison and we will perform a new bandwidth test every time we update our list.

By the way, what is a VPN?

VPN is the acronym for “Virtual Private Network”. This technology allows for the creation of a virtual network between two computers linked through the internet – creating in effect a sort of secure, encrypted tunnel for digital communications.

Best VPN

Typically, this allows a computer user to connect to a server via the internet without anyone else being able to intercept the user’s traffic. A VPN could be used for example by a traveling business person to securely connect to his or her company’s server. A VPN can also be used to create a private connection between a user’s computer and a server which will act as a gateway to the internet in such a way as to make it much more difficult for websites, spyware and government agencies to trace the user’s point of origin; the user’s activity is still visible and can still be recorded but the point of origin is the VPN’s address and no longer the user’s own – making it much more difficult for the user to be tracked.

Our selection of the best VPNs: 1st semester, 2017

This table is a summary of our selection, for more detailed security and functionality results for all of the tested servers, please see the table on the last page which contains the detailed results for all of the VPNs that we tested.

VPN performance test: bandwidth

The performance of VPNs is rather hard to analyze: the performance values vary in function of the time of day, the country from which one connects, the country in which the VPN is located, ISP peering traffic, etc. It is therefore hard to precisely evaluate VPNs and the only true test it to connect to a specific VPN from your own internet connection to test the VPN’s performance for your personal needs.


Best Cheap Laptop under 300 dollars 2017 (For gaming and Office)

A few years ago, it was almost impossible to buy a laptop for 300 dollars with superior performance. Often, at this price point, they came with a time lag due to the smaller memory size and poor processor, which affected the user experience. As a result, purchasing a PC costing around $300 was not recommended.

With the development of technology, the laptops have become cheaper and cheaper, the 300-dollar laptops also have relatively good performance, they are generally equipped with Intel Pentium N3530, Intel Celeron 3205U and other processors, coupled with 4GB of memory, they are enough for us to do some light work.

With the evolution of technology, the laptops have become cheaper and cheaper. Even the 300-dollar laptops have made performance improvements. Coupled with 4GB of memory, they are equipped with Intel Pentium N3530, Intel Celeron 3205U, and other processors, which make them good enough for performing light work.

For playing games, editing videos, and other heavy computing needs however, it is still unrealistic to select a laptop under 300 dollars. They are often equipped with an integrated graphics capability with display performance that comes short of meeting the gaming requirements. We recommend you to increase your budget to around 500 dollars. Of course, if you just enjoy playing some older games, there are still some models at this price point that will meet your requirements.

Next, we’ll share several laptops, which are divided into two categories. First, for office use, we recommend very popular laptops around $300. Their configuration and performance-cost ratio are the best. However, due to lower requirements for graphics, we will select the laptops based on Intel platform to ensure better overall performance. For the gaming category, we will recommend laptops that are equipped with APU platform as the integrated graphics that APU platform uses has better gaming performance than that of the Intel processor. At the same time, we refer you to the users’ reviews on Amazon as it can help you make the right selection.

Best Laptop under 300: For Office

Dell Inspiron 15 3000

The newest member of Dell’s 15.6-inch, budget-class, laptop 3000-series family is the Dell Inspiron 15 3000. This notebook, made for home or office, has a chassis that is almost square, and made from a matte black plastic. Instead of using the older Haswell processors which were found in the previous 3542 and AMD CPUs in the 3541, they have installed the most recent Intel Broadwell processors.

Dell Inspiron 15 3000 Series

The Dell Inspiron 15 3000, at this time, is providing a couple of choices of lower-to-mid range Broadwell CPUs. They are offering the mid-tier Intel Core i3-5015U, or the entry-level Intel Celeron 3205U. The Celeron is only adequate for simple office, basic web use, and multimedia tasks. On the other hand the Intel Core i3-5015U gives much better performance, giving you the ability to do video editing and photo-manipulation without hesitation. Additionally, the Intel HD 5500 integrated graphics in the i3, is a lot faster compared to the basic Intel HD. This will allow you to play the most recent games on low settings.


Best Antivirus for Windows

Regarding antiviruses, there are a plethora of logical options. We all use the internet differently and inn order to help you choose, we’ll determine which security suite suits which user profile.

After closely analyzing most of 2017’s suites, one thing is for certain: these solutions have a rather limited impact on performances, and their efficiency is superior to the basic defense tools built into Windows 10.

We have noticed a trend: suites include more features, including PC optimization, and take into account the diversity of devices in the household. But, besides BitDefender, all the publishers must do better integrating their mobile solutions and offering the possibility of controlling everything from a single interface.


Best Cheap Gaming Laptop under 500 Dollars 2017

In the past articles, we recommended several laptops around 300 dollars, which could meet the basic needs of the office, but their performances do not meet the demands of many games. Today, we recommend several gaming laptops around 500 dollars. They will meet most of all the mid-range and low-end games needs because many mid-range games can only be played at medium resolutions settings. Hence, it can be said that the laptops costing around $500 are good fits for the users who don’t pursue high-end gaming experience, but enjoy playing older games.

The integrated graphics that APU platform uses have better gaming performance than that of Intel processor. The gaming laptops around $500 usually adopt APU platform in order to get better graphics performance. At first, I didn’t think there were laptops with discrete graphics at around $500. Fortunately though, we found Acer F5-573G-56CG , which is equipped with i5-6200U CPU and GTX940MX graphics. At slightly higher price of at around $550, this is what we recommend as a better choice.


Special: RAM Memory, five myths you should not believe

RAM memory is one of the most important basic components of almost every technological device, including PCs, smartphones, smart watches, and so forth, but it is also one of the components that has the most false myths attached to it.

RAM memory is one of the most important basic components of any technological device that can be found in PCs, smartphones and smart watches, among others, but is also one of the components surrounded by many myths.

Several of these myths still persist and they can be truly troublesome, so we wanted to dedicate this component one of our special segments.


Best VPN for Gaming 2017

What is the best VPN for gamer? Online players are among the most demanding in terms of Internet connection, you must therefore use a VPN provider that offers an impeccable VPN service, optimized for online games.

The advantages of Using a VPN for Gamer.

Improving the Ping connection speed is a subject of concern for many VPN users, in particular for games, streaming and other intensive activities in bandwidth. There are several factors that affect the speed of the connection. Among some internet providers, you can encounter problems with points of congestion which may considerably lengthen the ping. In some cases, the use of VPN, not using these saturated networks allow you to improve considerably the time of latency. In other cases, the impact is virtually zero. Finally, it can happen that the ping is worse, especially if you select a distant server. The logical thing to do is to choose a VPN server as close as possible to your own location or the game server’s geolocation to which you are connected.

Changing your geolocation of the great advantages of the VPN is the modification of the IP address and therefore the IP geolocation. By using this tool, you can for example access American games servers or Asian ones who usually, refuse European players. With a VPN, you are free to bypass all geographical restrictions in a very simple way. A VPN service will give you access to blocked servers in your region and of course the ability to endlessly switch to connect to another server in another region very easily. You take the IP geolocation of the server by which passes your connection.

Playing anonymously VPN makes you anonymous when you are online. With each visit on the server your identity is concealed and this assures you that the server will not know where you are connected since it is no longer your actual IP address which is visible by Servers and other players. Your actual IP address is hidden, without the possibility of tracing your geographical position. Most of the major VPN providers have at their disposal thousands and even tens of thousands of different IP addresses that you can use and change at will.

Preventing DDoS attacks using a VPN server equipped with an anti-DDoS, you can freely play online video games without fearing this type of attacks which are recurrent and which make the Internet connection unusable and unplayable. Install a VPN to secure your connection as well as your data. Thus, all exchanges between your machine and your server will be secure.

What VPN protocol to choose?

When you use a VPN to play online games or for any other activity, all data that you send and receive on the Internet are secured by the VPN tunnel. To create this VPN tunnel connecting the machine of the surfer to the server that hosts the VPN service, the connection calls out to VPN protocols.


Best Gaming Mouse 2017 (Full Buying Guide)

For most people, a mouse is just a mouse, but if you are looking for a perfect mouse, you know it is much more than that.

As I have already written in my guide about mechanical keyboards, there is no single product on which everyone will agree: everyone has their own preferences and, today more than ever, there are mouse for all tastes and budgets.

The most important factors when choosing a mouse are:

  • Grip, shape and size
  • Number and placement of buttons
  • Weight
  • Sensor (type, resolution, etc.)
  • Type of connection and response times
  • Quality of components
  • Extra features
  • Mousepad
  • Price (you cannot find a good mouse for less than 30 dollars)


The choice of the kind of grip is absolutely a personal one. There are 3 possible kinds of grip, and they all come with pros and cons. A good part of mouse are suitable for all grips, some are adjustable, while others are meant for only one grip. Put your hand on your mouse and choose wisely the grip that suits you the best.


Best Gaming Laptop under 600

Serious gamers may laugh at the idea that they could get a competent gaming laptop under $600. It’s true that these budget-friendly computers may not be able to play the latest games on the highest setting, but they can’t deliver enough power for more casual gamers. If you enjoy older games or don’t care about the highest definition graphics, many laptops under $600 can be found.

This page covers some of these amazing machines that won’t break the bank but will still deliver enough power to have plenty of fun. For under $600 you will get a midr-ange GPU like the GTX 940M, Radeon R7 M360 and processors like the intel i5, AMD A8 and A10 quad-core.


Acer Aspire V 17 Nitro Black VN7-793G-709A/758J and VN7 593G Gaming Laptop Reviews

Acer Aspire V-Nitro 2017

While Acer’s Aspire V-Nitro series isn’t new on the market, it is very popular with consumers which lead Acer to update the range each year. We’ve already reviewed the 2015 line, and now, two years later, we think it’s time to do it again. Optically, not too much has changed, under the hood however, we find Intel’s 7th generation processors, DDR4 RAM and a GeFore GTX10-series GPU.

Acer Aspire V-Nitro 2017

Naturally, I got both models here – the base features among both are mostly identical. The 17” model (VN7-7936-767M) just has some more bells and whistles than the 15” one (VN7-593G-73HP). Let’s take a look at the specs first:

  • VN7-593G Display: 39.6 cm (15.6 “) Acer ComfyView ™ Full-HD IPS Display with LED backlight (matt)
    VN7-793G Display: 43.9 cm (17.3 “) Acer ComfyView ™ Full-HD IPS Display with LED backlight (matt)
  • Resolution: 1,920 x 1,080 (Full HD), 16: 9
  • Processor: Intel® Core ™ i7-7700HQ processor (4 cores x 2.80 GHz, up to 3.8 GHz Intel Turbo Boost, 6 MB 3rd Level Cache)
  • Graphics: NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1060 with 6GB GDDR5 VRAM
  • Memory: 8 GB DDR4
  • Storage: 1,000 GB hard drive
  • Network: Gigabit LAN, wireless LAN 802.11ac / a / b / g / n, 2.4 GHz & 5 GHz, 2 × 2 MU-MIMO
  • Connections: HDMI, 1x USB 3.1 (Type-C Gen. 2, Thunderbolt 3), 2x USB 3.0, 2x USB 2.0, 1x audio, 1x SD card
  • Input devices: backlit keypad with numeric keypad, multi-gesture touchpad with integrated fingerprint reader
  • Sound: 4 stereo speakers, Optimized Dolby® Audio Premium® Sound Enhancement
  • Battery: Li-Polymer battery (4 cells / 4450 mAh), up to 6 hours battery life
  • Dimensions / Weight: 391 x 266 x 24.9 / 22.5 mm (W x D x H) / 2.6 kg
  • Operating System: Microsoft® Windows® 10 Home (64-bit)
  • Special features (only VN7-793G): integrated Tobii Eye Tracking Camera, for viewing in selected games

When it comes to specs, Acer hasn’t been a slouch – with the exception of one aspect: Memory. Both devices only come with an old-fashioned hard drive.  If you want an SSD you will have to add your own. For this, an M.2 PCIe 3.0×4 slot is available so that even a Samsung SSD 960 PRO can fully be taken advantage of. (I’m in UK, in US market, both two models feature SSD)