PlayStation VR: Ultimate Tips and Tricks

PlayStation VR just hit the market this week and has become many people’s introduction to the world of virtual reality. The following list of tips and tricks is supposed to improve your PlayStation VR experience. If any of the terminology sounds unfamiliar to you, we recommend you check out our virtual reality glossary. If you want to know how to set up PlayStation VR just have a look at this article.

Optimizing the Tracking

Playstation VR uses a camera in combination with LEDs on your headset and the PlayStation Move controller (Dual Shock 4 controllers can also be recognized). This method is of course less than subtle and these bright lights reflecting of off shiny surfaces can become a little irritating. That’s why we recommend darkening your room for PS VR. If you don’t need to have the Social Screen displayed on your TV you can just turn it off.


Google Daydream View vs. Samsung Gear VR, which is Better?

With its Daydream View VR-kit Google has put out a serious competitor in the race against Samsung’s Galaxy VR. In this article, we will pit the Google’s new Daydream VR against the current version of the Samsung Gear VR. Who come out in the pole position?

Comfort and Handling

Google Daydream View vs. Samsung Gear VR

Right away, the Google Daydream View feels much more comfortable and lighter on your head than the Samsung Gear VR. The fabric used on Googles headset also gives it a higher quality feel compared to the Samsung. Mounting your smartphone is also an easier process with the Daydream because you only need to loosen a bit of rubber and slide your phone in. With the Gear VR however, you’ll always need to plug it into the USB connector on the phone and push it in till it clips in firmly.


Best Thermal paste for CPU 2017: Which to buy?

Thermal paste is a very important compound; it improves the conduction of heat from the CPU to the heat sink, so that none of the heat generated by the computer remains trapped within it. Thermal paste that’s dry or otherwise insufficient won’t adequately conduct thermal energy, meaning that the CPU’s temperature will be higher than it should. In general, thermal paste is very cheap and is available at a broad range of prices and quality. Here, we’ll talk about the best brands of thermal paste on the market. This document will be updated each time a new type of thermal paste comes on the market.

Types of thermal paste

With ceramic components: This type of thermal paste is usually made of quartz sand (silicon oxide) and/or zinc oxide in additional to other components and is usually white. One example of this kind of paste is the Arctic Silver Ceramique 2, which is made mainly of quartz sand.

Best Thermal paste for CPU

With metallic components: These are made of aluminum and/or silver, yield better results than ceramic pastes, are more expensive, and usually are silver or dark grey. An example is the famous Arctic Silver 5, which is made almost exclusively of silver, aluminum oxide, zinc oxide, and ceramic particles.


The ultra thin Razer Blade 14 has been upgraded with Kaby Lake processors and 4K display

The Razer Blade 14 is one of the thinnest gaming laptops on the market and yet it is capable of hosting high performance components to play anywhere.

Now updated with the new Intel Kaby Lake processors with the Intel Core i7-7700HQ as one of the most powerful options that will accompany its NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 graphics card and the 16 GB of DDR4 memory it contains.

In addition to the new processors, the Razer Blade 14 receives a new panel for its 14″ touch screen with a resolution of 3,840 x 2,160 pixels, ie UltraHD or 4K. The FullHD IPS screen option is still available for those who prefer this panel or want to save a few dollars.

Razer Blade 

This new model, with FullHD screen, starts at about 1,899 Dollars with a 256GB SSD. The cheapest model with 4K screen includes a SSD of 512 GB and is priced at 2,399 Dollars.

Does the Power Supply Unit ( PSU) influence PC performance?

When choosing the computer’s components, we look at how performance will be affected, comparing the processor, graphics card, or even RAM. However, is it possible that other components such as the power supply can affect the computer’s performance? Let’s analyze it.

We have commented on various occasions that the power supply unit (PSU) is a very important component of the computer, since it is responsible for providing power to the other parts. In the event that it fails, some other component may break, which is why it is important to always choose a high quality power supply.

Power Supply

Power supply: don’t overdo the wattage

A tendency when building a PC by pieces is to choose a power supply with too high a wattage, such as any power supply of more than 600 watts. In my analysis of the Xiaomi Smart Socket I was able to check how much my PC was consuming at rest and in high performance mode, and the results surprised me, because I realized that I had bought a power supply with too high a wattage, and I could have taken advantage of that money to improve other components.


BenQ ZOWIE XL2735 Review – The Gaming Monitor With the Ears

BenQ should be a household term for most of you, seeing how they are one of the early companies that entered the display and beamer market. With its ZOWIE line BenQ is now presenting its new lineup target specifically towards gamers which we’ll discuss in more detail in the following article. Our review model is the flagship ZOWIE XL2735 display which, so BenQ, was specifically developed with E-Sports in mind.


The features sure make an impression right away. 144 Hz “Dynamic Accuracy Technology”, S-Switch, Black eQualizer, Low Blue Light, USB-hub as well as height and angle adjustability. Also included are so called focus-blinds which can be folded out so you can focus on your games better. This makes the XL2735 kind of look like it has ears.


USB 3.0 vs. USB 3.1 vs. USB Type C: Here’s what’s behind the terminology

The USB port has been around us for 20 years now. It has been introduced in 1996 and has since become something we don’t want to miss. No matter if smartphone, external drives, printers, scanners, or even external displays. Almost every devices connects to a PC or notebook via USB nowadays. Since the introduction of USB 3.0, 3.1 and USB Type C however, there has been some confusion about the USB connector. That’s why we have compiled this overview for you.

USB Type C

So what is it that has changed and has caused all this confusion? The answer is a couple of things. USB 3.0 and 3.1 brought with them some changes and expansions of the USB standard. Especially USB C is still causing some chaos because didn’t mean a change of the USB standard but rather a new port. Let’s start with the current standards.

USB 3.0/3.1

USB 3.0 devices became available to the market in 2011. The main advantages that this standard brought were a higher power throughput of 4,5 watts as well as higher data transfer speeds. The latter is why USB 3 was coined “USB SuperSpeed”,


Best PC Power Supply 2017: How to Choose a Power Supply for your PC

It’s very common to spend hundreds of euros (thousands in many cases) on the components needed to assemble a computer, but usually choosing a power supply is left for the end, which means not a lot of attention is given to the component that’s supposed to give electrical power in a stable way and without peaks, and that could also cause permanent damage to the computer.

For that reason, you should pay special attention to which power supply you choose, and be aware that it’s a very important component.

power supply

The power supply you choose must have enough power and quality to provide stable energy to all of the components.


Can Windows 10 Cloud stand up to Chrome OS?

Mobility, work in the cloud, mobile devices, telecommuting; all of them, among many others, are concepts that have become increasingly common elements in our daily lives, whether it’s while moving in our home or professional environment.

As time passes, regular users of technology, whether in desktop environments or those focused on mobile devices, have been looking for ways to work with all their products in a more centralized way. Evidently the Cloud has been taken as base, thanks to different services using Internet, dealing with lighter devices and applications that allow greater mobility and having all of them, at both software and hardware levels, as unified as possible.

Because of this in the middle of last year 2015 Microsoft, as you all know, made available to users the latest version of its popular operating system, Windows 10. From the beginning, the company has tried with this launch to create a “Windows 10 environment” that allows its clients to work with all their data on all types of devices based on the same system and from anywhere, facilitating their access through PCs, platforms and, again, through the Cloud. However, so far, it has not satisfied the expectations that were initially set on this project.

However there is another environment that is growing exponentially, although somewhat slower on the old continent, Chrome OS, an alternative open source operating system from Google that in the future aims to become a direct competitor of Windows. If something characterizes this proposal is precisely its lightness, good performance and being multi platform; that is to say, it covers a large part of the needs of the current users. In addition, now that manufacturers are launching interesting products specially designed for this free platform and it has already begun its compatibility with Android apps, it is expected that its breakthrough in the near future will be much greater.

Will we see a Windows 10 Cloud vs. Chrome OS confrontation?

For some time now the people at Redmond have been trying to make PC manufacturers ignore Chrome OS, something that although they have achieved until now, it’s beginning to change, so it is expected that Microsoft will have to try something new to not be left behind in some environments. This is the thought behind the arrival of Windows 10 Cloud, a new variant of the popular operating system, namely a simplified version of the original Windows focused on the cloud and designed to run all kinds of applications from the company’s official store on all types of devices, in addition to a lower cost for users and even possibly free for PC manufacturers.


Is Windows 10 Game Mode needed for “hardcore” gamers?

Windows 10 Game Mode

As we have talked about several times in recent weeks, in the month of April Microsoft plans to release to all users who now use Windows 10, the expected by many Creators Update, which, as it has been speculated for some time, will come full of new features.

A good part of these have been already revealed thanks to the users participating in the Insider program of the firm and have already been commented, although one of the latest to arrive at the mentioned program is precisely one of the more interesting new features to a good part of the community. Microsoft has been aware that its latest version of Windows is already preferred by most PC gamers around the world, and they wanted to go a step further.