–AMD has announced the launch of three new chips or it’s FM2+ platform, two APUs and a processor without integrated graphics.

In the field of APUs we have the A6-7470K with 2 Streamroller cores working at 3,7 Ghz base and 4 Ghz turbo and 4 MB of L2 cache. These CPU cores go along with 4 GPU cores at a speed of 800 Mhz. In total the A6-7470K has a TDP of 65W and includes a new dissipator.

— At the highest range we have the new A10-7860K that increases the amount of CPU cores up to 4, with a speed of 3, 6 GHZ and 4 Ghz of turbo. The graphics are better as well with 8 GPU Cores at 757 Mhz, all while maintaining a TDP of 65W, even though the dissipator that is included has bigger dimensions and can dissipate up to 95W.


–If we want a non integrated graphics processor, the AMD Athlon X4 845 is the first chip in this family with “Excavator”cores, 4 in total working at a base rate of 3,5 GHZ and 3,8 turbo GHZ with a cache of 2 MB. Just like the 7860K, it has a TDP of 65W and includes a 95W dissipator.

The two APUs support PCIe X16 3.0, while the Athlon can only support PCIe 3.0 x8. These 3 chips will arrive with an unblocked multiplier.

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