Acer Aspire E 15 E5-573-57DV User Review (Intel Core i5-5200U, 4GB Ram, 500GB Hard Disk)

Pros – The Acer Aspire E 15 E5-573-57DV offers the best value for money. I got it at a throw away price of only $339 dollars at a sale. To start with, the system boasts of an Intel Core i5 5200 dual core processor clocked at 2.20 GHz. That’s quite a lot for the price point. Another spec that is worth a mention is the keyboard design. It features full-size keys, spaced out well so that you can type faster, accurately and comfortably. There are a lot of other specs such as the 10/100/1000 Ethernet, 802.11ac Wi-Fi featuring MU-MIMO technology, Bluetooth 4.0 and the ability to add a second hard-drive that make it worth every penny.

Cons: Now for the Cons. The one thing we’ve noted about Acer is that upgrading is probably the last thought when designing laptops. If you want to upgrade the hard drive and the RAM, you will have to take the system apart. The OS wasn’t upgraded. You are not given a back-up media, but you can always create it. From my experience with the system, you should create the backup media as soon as you boot it.

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Acer Aspire V17 Nitro Black Edition VN7-791G-76Z8 User Review

Acer as a brand of laptops and computers might not be a star performer, comparing it to the bigwigs – Apple, HP, Dell and Samsung. It is better known for its budget systems. But, Acer’s Aspire V Nitro lineup was a real surprise. It delivers more than expected in terms of quality, looks, performance and price.

Should I say Acer’s finally taking the competition head on?

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How to adjust the behavior of the virtual desktop in Windows 10

One of the most interesting innovations to increase productivity in the new Windows 10 is found in their system of virtual desktops and window management.

The new virtual desktop is not new to many users already using this type of interface in Linux, MacOS (in a way) or in Windows itself too, since there were various third-party applications to achieve the same thing.

virtual desktop

Now the support is the standard and you can customize it in quantity, I have come to open more than 20 virtual desktops only as a test and for management purposes. If you press the key combination “Win + TAB” you will enter remote desktop management, and you can add all the virtual desktops you want and drag windows between them. To navigate between different desktops you can do the same.

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Keyboard shortcuts for window management and multiple desktops in Windows 10

Windows 10 also introduces improvements in window management, and it is also expected to introduce virtual desktops or multiple desktops. Here are some key combinations that can help you accelerate some functions.

Windows 10 has an anchoring window system through desktop extremes but you can structure your windows more quickly through key combinations:

  • Windows key + Right: anchors the window to the right.
  • Windows key + Left: anchors the window to the left.
  • Windows key + Up: Maximizes the window.
  • Windows key + Down: Minimizes the window.

You can combine the arrow keys to adjust the windows to the corners of the desktop. That is, if you press Windows Key + Right and then Up (holding the Windows key), you can adjust the window to the upper right corner (The desktop is divided into four quadrants by default). If you keep holding the Windows key you can use the arrow keys to scroll the window where you want.

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Windows 10: How to Customize the New Quick Access

It is a customizable system where you can link folders directly without having to walk around with Quick Access. It is as simple as dragging the folder you want to the new “Quick Access” area in the browser. It does not work with direct access, only with folders.

Quick Access

These can be synced folders and it even supports trash bin. The system also works as direct access if you click with the right button the File Browser icon in the taskbar, and of course it also works on any file dialog that you have in any Windows application, either universal or desktop.

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The new AMD A8-7670K APU is here

On May, AMD slightly renewed its high-end APUs launching the new A10-7870K chip with an operating speed faster than their previous flagship, the A10-7850K. Now there comes a new chip, but on this occasion it’s aimed to improve the A8-7650K with higher operating speeds, both in CPU and the GPU.

AMD A8-7670K

AMD A8-7670K is a 10-core chip, with 4-cores in the CPU and 6-cores the GPU. The improvements are found in the speed at which they work, if on the 7650K we had the CPU running at 3.3 GHz and 3.8 GHz with turbo, the new model increases the speed to 3.6 GHz and 3.9 GHz, respectively.

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MSI GP72 Leopard Pro-002 17.3-Inch Gaming Laptop Review


One of the latest series to be renewed by Intel are the quad-core processors for laptop computers. The truth is that the need for energy conservation, which is one of the fundamental improvements in the Broadwell cores, was not that important in these series. Still, here are the relays already, which come with similar consumption and performance to that of the previous models, but with some improvements, mainly at the graphics level.

MSI GP72 Leopard Pro-002

The MSI model that we’re presenting today is a cheap gaming laptop variant but that can easily become the replacement of your desktop PC with an overall balanced performance and dedicated graphics card capable of offering us some quality gaming. Let’s go to the details.

MSI GP72 Leopard Pro-002 specs

MSI’s GP72 2Qe forms a new cheap 17” laptop series. It has a design similar to that of PE70, the “offimatic” model, but with a more aggressive type, more gaming. It is a simple laptop, without boasting but with a powerful hardware that makes it a good computer.

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The GTX 980 and GTX 980 Ti price’s go down

We already anticipated a possible drop in the prices by Nvidia after the release of the Radeon R9 fury and Fury X and it seems that it is finally beginning with the GTX 980 and the GTX 980Ti.

The price drops haven’t been particularly big and for now they are only noticeable on the known Newegg retailer, but we imagine it won’t be too long to spread to other countries.

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