How to test your internet service connection speed

You have hired a high-speed internet service that offers so many megas or a mobile data connection that promises the fastest 4g service in the market. Does the real speed connection of our internet service comes close to what you actually picked? With honorable exceptions, probably not. The internet provider is careful not to mention … Read more

How to run Windows 10 from a USB flash drive

This actually could also be applied too to Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 but it’s certainly more interesting and more challenging to do it with Windows 10. The process requires a USB flash drive with at least 8GB, though I wouldn’t mount it if we are going to use it for real in less than 16GB, as this must always be done in USB 3.0 USB flash drive with acceptable speeds.

The first thing you need is an already functional Windows 10, as the “bcdboot” command that we will use in one of the last steps required needs to be Windows 10 version of to generate the dunk images for the Windows 10 boot. You can virtualize it or use any of the piece methods that we have tried here in this section. You must also have an ISO installation of Windows 10. You can find it in the Windows 10 Insider program.

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Windows 10 smartphones will also run Android and iOS applications

Windows 10 smartphones will be able to run Android and iOS applications; this was announced by Terry Myerson, vice president of development of Microsoft operating systems.

Meanwhile we continue to review the first day of the BUILD 2015 conference with the other big announcements, with the rumors of application support for other competing platforms in Windows 10 Mobile.

These recurring rumors were quite the talk for years, even when it was known that Android and iOS razed over the mobile market and barely left Windows Phone with a share of 4 percent, which is ridiculous for Microsoft.

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Control the number of Chrome tabs to limit the use of RAM

Any modern Operating System works well with 1 or 2 gigabytes of RAM. The problem is when the most common tool used in a computer – generally being the browser – takes control and saturates our system, especially in hogging all the RAM. Modern browsers use “sandbox” systems to isolate processes and to protect themselves and our systems, leading to a lot of RAM consumption.


This trick is specially recommended for computers with 1 to 4 gigs of RAM, where we want to keep an eye on our browsers RAM consumption. This way we will saturate it less and we won’t have to manually take care of it every time.

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Free Antivirus at the office, is it enough?

Whether or not the use of a free antivirus on enterprise level has been one of the debates that has spread the most over the years, the fact is that even today it continues to give much to talk about, as we know that the economic crisis that has hit half a world led to a reduction in costs in many companies, even affecting important fields such as security.


Is it worth using a free antivirus?

If we approach it from the perspective of a company, we can directly say that no, and we will explain this in a simple and reasoned way.

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Best budget gaming pc build 2015

In this guide we will walk you through different options and configurations suitable for all budgets so that you can get your hands on the computer of your dreams; Retro Gaming, Home PC, Pro Player performance and even the coveted 400 dollars Low Cost PC.

budget gaming pc build

The nextgen consoles have been on the market for a year now and they have given us joy and also disappointments. Some of this disappointments have occurred, possibly, due to the high expectations many users had deposited on Sony and Microsoft’s PCs, hoping they would stand up to Gaming PC in terms of power. The resolution gate, the failed attempts to reach the 1080p at 60 fps have been just the tip of the iceberg in exempted arguments by the players of the compatible. And it’s that the PC door hides a lot of advantages, each time more attractive, but not always within reach of everybody’s budgets. The initial investment is higher than buying a home console. This is why we bring you this guide, which tries to show you the different options and profiles with the most competitive prices to this moment. For all of those who want more than just a console, better graphics, better frame rate, bug solutions, mods community, offers and games you don’t have to pay 74.95 dollars for. In short, for all of those readers, users and bloggers that want to become part of the every time bigger PC Master Race.

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Best Gaming PC build under 500 dollars 2015

We all want to play our favorites games on the PC, but for the price of most solutions offered by manufacturers we can hardly afford it. The alternative of mounting components to arm your own PC should never be neglected, and here we have listed some settings for less than $500 that may be of your interest.

Probably like us, you feel pretty excited when you think on the crusade that Valve and its allies are undertaking to create a new videogame ecosystem based on PCs. This is nothing to be ashamed of, Steam Machines are so impressive that we all want to have one at home, but not everyone feels satisfied with what most manufacturers can offer.

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MSI GE62 APACHE-002 Gaming Laptop Review (i7 + Geforce GTX 965M + 8GB ram)


I don’t know if this is due to the incorporation of the new graphics chips from Nvidia, but I get the feeling that the prices of the most interesting units from Nvidia, the classic series within its laptops line for gamers, have extended their range significantly. One of the most striking models is the new GE line. These models of 15.6 and 17 inch screens have always been a reference among users that seek a gaming laptop with interesting features at more attractive prices than other classic brands in this market niche.

The MSI GE62 APACHE-002 is one of the first laptops we’ve seen with a graphics chip such as the Geforce GTX 965M from Nvidia. It comes with quality features and some unconventional elements, which is another thing that we have always liked about MSI laptops. At first glance, this laptop has few weaknesses but, unlike the previous versions of this series, we can’t find it below the 1500 Euros range and that, today, it’s a price high enough so our level of demand and quality must also be consistent with that price range.


Technical Specs

While Intel still has to present the Broadwell varieties for laptops, we must continue conforming with Haswell quad-core processors in more powerful gaming laptops. These processors provide four real cores with eight processing threads, thanks to Intel Hyperthreading technology. Actually, Broadwell processors will not mean great performance improvements over these models but, undoubtedly, it will make for better integrated graphics and more controlled consumption.

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Best Gaming PC build 2015 under 1000 dollars

This setup is gaming-oriented, but it will of course allow you to handle word processing, photo-editing and web-surfing. The powerful video card associated with a fast CPU ensures good performances even with the most demanding recent games. This configuration represents the minimum required to enjoy today’s 3D games. The PC hosts a 22-inch LCD screen and the sound channel is of high quality to make the most of modern games.

We often receive mail asking what the best stores are to buy online. We’re not going to pretend that we know all of them, but we recommend, and for the number of references they offer, their prices, their seriousness and the overall quality of their service (customer support, product packaging, speed…).

Motherboard: MSI B85-G43

The MSI B85-G43 motherboard supports Intel processors of the 4th generation (Haswell) on a LGA 1150 socket and offers the latest technologies: PCI-Express 3.1 16x video cards, SATA 6Gb/s HDD, DDR3 RAM and USB 3.0. This card doesn’t support overclocking. If you plan on overclocking your video card, you should opt for a motherboard offering a Z87 chipset.

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