Best Gaming Mouse 2018 Full Buying Guide

PC gaming now represents a large percentage of the gaming industry’s market share and has inspired many companies to manufacture accessories and peripheral devices for this segment of the market. The plethora of products being offered however are not all of equal quality. Low-price gaming mouse have a “gamer” look to them, but do not offer the build-quality, pointer precision and customization many gamers are looking for.

Gaming Mouse

After all, the mouse is the main control device for PC gamers. If Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo invest so much time and money in developing their game system controllers, it is because the controller is the essential element in determining the quality of the user’s experience. As far as PCs are concerned, there are some manufacturers which dedicate the same amount of time, energy and ingenuity to developing the ideal gaming mouse, one which will allow a gamer to break records.

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You can hide your browsing data from your ISP. Here’s how.

With the recent anti-privacy bill replacing the Obama-era FCC rules, your ISP has been given absolute powers to track your online footprint and sell the information mined to the highest bidder.

For starters, Internet Service providers can monitor your online activity and sell that information to marketers or other third-party firms in the marketing business. These firms then scrutinize your data, evaluate it and use the findings to gain perceptions about your daily life.

For example, when you surf the web searching for “top ranked phones in 2018,” your ISP would regard top-ranked phones as your interest and direct ads related to that query. Nevertheless, the creepy feeling of having targeted ads follow you on the Internet is just one side of the problem. Once your ISP has this personal information on you, you have no control on how else it will use it apart from selling it to marketers.

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Best Business Laptop 2018 Buying Guide

In the current technological era, the quest for the “perfect professional PC” involves selecting a device with many different features: maximum mobility; light and thin; built using premium materials; full-day battery life; good CPU performance; high resolution screen; fully wireless connectivity to the internet and other devices; easy integration into IT departments and with the required security for a corporate environment.

Clearly, the type of machine that can fulfill all of the above in this era of mobile devices is the laptop. Although choosing the ideal model for a company or for professional use is not straightforward. You must take into account multiple aspects starting with the device case format. It can be a more traditional solution or one of the new hybrid models like convertibles or 2-in-1.

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Best SSD 2018 (SATA, mSATA, M.2)

In the world of hardware, if you want to improve your computer performance, everything goes through choosing a good solid state drive, characterized by a high speed data transfer (up to 10x more than mechanical drives) and minimum information accessing times. [toc]

What is an SSD?

SSD stands for Solid State Drive. These are devices that use memories such as flash drives or USB drives, but of a higher quality. They can come in different formats, from typical portable hard drives to small cards that plug into special ports (mSATA or PCIe).

The difference between a hard drive and an SSD is the time it takes to access information and data transfer. On hard drives, the discs are turning all the time and only read information when the head passes through the point where the information is. With SSD memories, it directly accesses the information at any time it wants. The transfer speed of the hard drive depends on the speed of the disc, but is something that can’t be increased lightly, especially in the case of hard drives destined for home users.

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Turn your TV into a Smart TV: step by step

Turn your TV into a Smart TVYou just bought a new TV or are simply happy with the one you bought a while ago, but the thing is that you want to squeeze more joy out of it. Maybe you already know what a Smart TV is. Besides providing a better quality in terms of image and sound, a Smart TV let us browse the web, share what we like on social media and get access to exclusive content.

The truth is that most TVs currently have smart features, but there are still some basic models without them, not to mention the really old models. We will tell you what to do to make your TV a smart one.

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Memory leak: what it is and how to solve it

Memory leaks cause a large quantity of the problems which we suffer when using our computer. They cause delays in loading programs, poor multi-tasking and a generally slow performance. If we have all of this happening with our computer and focus on the RAM, we will see that we are suffering a memory leak. What is a memory leak?

The term memory leak is used to describe a large range of communication errors between the programs and the operating system, which are the result of the programing of various programs, which has not been well-studied. These errors reduce the quantity of dynamic memory available.

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How to test a PC’s RAM for Problems
Everything you need to know about RAM

What a memory leak is

When we execute an application, it makes a request for resources which is known as a system call. In the case of the RAM, this call reserves a block of memory for the application to utilize while it is running. When you finish working with the application and close it, these blocks of memory are supposed to be freed up in order to be used by other programs.


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RAM Test: How to test a PC’s RAM for Problems

RAMRAM, or random access memory is an essential component in any computer unit. It is used primarily to load instructions from the CPU along with the cache memory which the processor itself incorporates, as well as to manage system data and applications while they are being performed by the computer.

The fundamental difference between the RAM and the storage unit (hard drive or SSD) lies in the temporary storage of instructions and data. Once the task is finished or the computer is turned off, it is eliminated, as opposed to long-term storage of data on the storage unit.

RAM is much faster than the storage unit and at the same time much smaller. When it is used up, systems like Windows use a “virtual memory,” which is slower because it uses the actual storage unit. That is why it is necessary to have a sufficient capacity according to the level of the device, as we saw in one of our guides in which we also reviewed the type of memory, its clock speed, latency and other aspects of this important component.

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DDR4 vs. DDR3: Is It Worth The Upgrade?

DDR4 vs. DDR3Eight years after the launching of DDR3 memory, JEDEC, the association responsible for the standardizing of engineering and technologies that are based on semiconductors, publicized the final specifications of the new standard DDR4 and its variant for mobile units, LPDDR4.

DDR4 is an evolution of DDR3 that offers better performance, higher density, greater reliability and other new architectural features. And all with a lower energy consumption than the DDR3. Among the inconveniences (along with the current price and limited support), it is worth pointing out the lack of compatibility with the previous standards in memory because of the difference in pins, which makes it obligatory to change the motherboard.

Is it worth it to upgrade at this time, keeping in mind the investment? We will try to respond to that question in this introduction, in which we will examine the main differences and the current offers.

DDR4 vs. DDR3

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What an SSD controller is for and the job it does

When we read the specifications of a solid state storage unit, just as important as knowing the type of NAND memory that it uses inside to store our data, is to know what SSD controller the manufacturer has decided to install in it. But do we know what the controller is and how it is used in the function of the SSD?

Apart from the fact that the price of NAND memory is right now in the clouds, there is no doubt that solid state storage units are the greatest revolution that has been seen in decades within the area of consumer-market computer products and related to data storage on a personal level.

And we can affirm this in such a categorical manner not only because the latency in accessing the data that we store on these units is practically non-existent, but also because of the irrefutable improvements in speed that we have achieved because of them. This improvement in speed has allowed us to pass from the 100 or 200 MB/s that a mechanical hard drive could offer us (in the best of cases), to the 550 MB/s or 3 GB/s that SSD units are able to offer (depending on whether they use SATA or PCIe buses).


The SSD controller is in charge of organizing all of the data in the NAND memory cells

Given the high rate of transfer of files that a good SSD unit can reach, it’s important that its manufacturer incorporates a good SSD controller which takes charge of controlling where those files go and placing them in the memory directories that are free, carrying out an exhaustive control of the files. This function is basic in order to always know at every moment how much free space remains in our storage unit.

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Guide: How Much VRAM Do I Need for Gaming? Is 2GB or 4GB VRAM Enough?

graphics card We will analyze how much memory a graphics card needs in order to play current and future titles with no problems. 4, 6, or 8 GB?

We will analyze how much memory a graphics card needs for both current and future games.

Buying a graphics card can be complicated, and the manufacturers often are partly to blame for using a nomenclature that can easily confuse those who are not initiated.

Which is most powerful, and NVIDIA 980 or 1050? You who read Omicrono frequently surely know that the first one is more powerful, but someone who doesn’t know anything about it will see that one has a number bigger than the other, and will come to the wrong conclusion. Believe me, it has happened more than once.

Memory, a way to attract illiterate buyers

graphics card With memory, something similar happens; it’s a number, so our brains have learned that bigger is better. So we go to the store looking for cards that have the largest amount of memory possible, making bad decisions that will cost us more money in the future.

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