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Acer Spin 11 Chromebook Review

Designed primarily for use in the world of education, the Acer Spin 11 was conceived to be durable and reliable so that it would be able to withstand daily use by careless students. After having spent hours testing this Chromebook, here is my opinion about it. Design Practical and durable …

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Best Wifi Range Extender 2018 Buying Guide

Even if you have quite a powerful wireless router, can the internet signal not quite reach all the rooms or parts of your home? Did you get a new On-demand TV box and can’t connect it to the internet because it’s too far away from the modem and doesn’t have …

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A guide: Everything you need to know about RAM

RAM is a vital component in any type of computer unit or system in a broad sense, and we can say without fear of error that its use depends to a large degree on the specific operating system that we use, as well as the applications that we use that …

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MSI Vigor GK80 gaming keyboard Review

You must admit that MSI pulled off an impressive feat of engineering by fitting so many keys on its new mechanical Vigor GK80 keyboard. Glancing at its aluminum-profiled base, you are sure to notice its 16 cleverly-situated additional function keys. This is not including the four dedicated multimedia keys located …

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Update Firefox immediately: discover a serious vulnerability

How to update Firefox to protect yourself from a dangerous vulnerability that will soon be exploited by malware developers. Mozilla was quick to release Firefox 58.0.1, a browser update that solves a serious vulnerability. The security gap was discovered by Johann Hofmann, an engineer from Mozilla, who found that code …

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