Public WiFi safety tips

Public WiFi can be a lifesaver in emergencies. Every so often, you find yourself in a situation when you absolutely need to be online outside your private home network – to share your live location for an appointment, to look up a place on Google Maps, or to send your mum the latest cat meme. Not to mention that working from public WiFi hotspots is a common practice for modern business professionals.

Worldwide, as of 2018, there are 279 million public WiFi hotspots, and this number is projected torise to 542 million by 2021. More and more countries around the world offer public WiFi in the city centre, on public buses and trains. Lithuania leads the way with the fastest available public WiFi in the world, while France is ahead of other countries in the world with thehighest number of public hotspots relative to population size. Across the EU, the WiFi4EU programme aims to provide free WiFi to every town centre in the European Union by 2020, supplying everyone with access to municipal public networks.

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Do you know what you spend your time on when using the phone?

phonePhones have somewhat turned into a technological Swiss knife. We can do everything with them: communicate, take photos, know where we are, buy stuff, play, buy tickets, pay services, watch movies, listen to music, read, work and make phone calls. With such activities, we spend even more time on the phone and we rarely use it consciously or wisely.

Using smartphones carelessly has especially impacted young people and adults, although adults are supposedly more prepared to use technology responsibly. It is not always like this, although the priority has been typically to teach young people to use devices wisely. However, adults are now more aware of the way they use information and communications technologies.

According to the study titled Uso y abuso de las Tecnologías de la Información y la Comunicación por adolescentes. Un representativo de la Ciudad de Madrid, carried out by the Madrid Salud Addictions Institute’s Department of Addiction Prevention alongside the Chair for Social Development of the Camilo José Cela University, only 32% of teenagers use the internet properly.

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How to Easily Hack a Facebook Account in 2023

Today you are going to read something that hardly anyone(due to its simplicity) wants to share. It is about the easier and faster technique that the hackers use in order to capture the control/password of your Facebook account. Remember that this is information: we will teach you whatever hackers do so that you can avoid it from happening to you, but under any concept use the following techniques for even trying to hack someone because it’s not ethical and it is illegal. The main goal of this is that everyone knows the dangers of being hacked and can defend themselves.

The world of the cyberspace and of the computer programs is divided into two big groups. The first one is made up of neophyte users that dedicate themselves to use easy to handle online tools to get relaxed and have some fun on the internet. In this group fall the 99% of the people, individuals without computer knowledge that don’t know how systems work and only focus on the final experience, as it is their mission and purpose.

On the other hand, we have the remaining 1% that conforms the second group, a group of experts characterized by having the necessary knowledge to approach the functioning and development of programs and websites that we use. Software used to steal accounts such as backtrack Linux, even running on windows or also easy techniques as the one we are seeing today.

In its beginnings in the Net if you wanted to access and violate the security of any system you had to belong to the exclusive elite group of a small number of hackers, who were nothing but advanced users with advanced knowledge about the network’s functioning. Their intricate processes and functions were no secret to them and managed to solve satisfactorily passwords illegally accessing to any web.

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USB: 3.2, simplicity, scalability

Today, the USB Implementers Forum (USB-IF) standardization organization announced USB 3.2. Although it remains somewhat difficult to comprehend all of the various USB 3 standards, USB 3.2’s performance characteristics seem quite appealing (20 Gbit/s). That said, I can’t wait for USB 4, which will be a true universal connector!


23 years old and still thriving. Introduced in January 1996 with version 1.0, USB (Universal Serial Bus) is a standard that continues to evolve to meet our ever-increasing throughput needs while, at the same time, remaining extremely easy to use.

USB 3.2 has arrived. While USB 3.1 operates with a single channel and can achieve data rates of up to 10 Gb/s, USB 3.2 will employ two channels.

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The Surface as a Desktop Replacement: How a Tablet Becomes a Stationary Computer

Surface Flexible, mobile, and always with you: a tablet like Microsoft’s Surface (Pro) could replace a desktop computer. We can tell you how.

It has been a possibility for a while, but sometimes we do not use ideas like this until a few years later. Microsoft offers the Surface Dock for its own Surface devices, which is a docking station designed for the Surface Book, the Surface laptop and the newer Surface Pro. For me, the Anschaffung would have been useful…

The outgoing situation

I love siting at my large desktop PC. I use two monitors – one in high-format positioned for Office, Mail or Spotify. The main display is used for “surfing the net” and research for work. This is the best system for me.

The only dumb thing is that the computer makes time fly by. After eight proud years, the once high-end gaming monster that I bought a few years ago with a fast SSD could no longer handle it. Right next to it, I use a Surface Pro 3 – which also is not among the newest technology anymore.

My motivations for using the Surface as a desktop replacement

What now? Buy a new one? I analysed…

The problem: I didn’t really want to fit a new tower into my home office, seeing as I do not really game much (on PC) nowadays and leave less hardware lying about the apartment. Ah, and I would like to save energy too.

The potential solution: I use my popular Surface Pro 3 as a replacement for the desktop computer. The tablet which was released some years ago still runs wonderfully and solidly equipped with Intel Core i7-4650U, 8GB RMA and 256GB SSD.

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The best 12 iPhone XS and XS Max tricks

iPhone XS The new iPhone XS and XS Max that Apple launched a month ago at the Apple Event are a commercial hit. Their powerful processors, their big bezel-less displays, the design inherited from the iPhone X and the new camera features have prompted many users to replace their phones with the most powerful iPhone right now.

For those with older iPhone models, these two new iPhones are full of novelties, new options, gestures and features that we will break down in order to make the most out of these smartphones.

iPhone XS and XS Max tricks

Setting up Face ID

The new iPhone XS and XS Max have a new security and unlocking system called Face ID. Apple has replaced Touch ID with a new technology that uses thousands of dots to scan our face and identify us flawlessly.

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What We Can Do with Action Cameras Where Smartphones are Not Good Enough?

cameras Action or sports cameras were highly popular a few years ago and that will hardly happen again. The sales of these cameras have been stabilized slowly but surely, making them a specialized device that does not intend to compete against other cameras or phones. Actually, they are the best option for what they were created.

Dozens of manufacturers came out when the action camera market grew, but the growth was due to the team behind GoPro and the evolution set by their HERO cameras. Virtually every year we see a new lineup besting the previous one at everything while manufacturers try to keep offering support for the same accessories.

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Nvidia RTX at a glance: Should I upgrade my graphics card?

Nvidia RTXThe new Nvidia RTX graphics cards mark a quantum leap. We explain what they are capable of and whether you should upgrade your graphics card.

It’s not every day that new graphics cards are announced. The last generation already arrived a good two years ago, which means that video games have never seen technology such as real-time raytracing. These are exciting times for all graphics nerds. That’s why we would like to take a closer look at the Nvidia RTX and find out what the new generation is capable of.

Nvidia RTX

The reflections of the light rays can be seen in a raytracing demo.

What can the new RTX cards do?

To answer this question, we will first look at the pros and cons of the new Nvidia graphics cards. The new technology in the RTX cards is called real-time raytracing. It has never been used in the video gaming field due to the required computing power simply being too high. With the new Nvidia RTX cards, raytracing can now also be used for video games.

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HDR formats: even more confusion in 2018

Just like with Blu-ray VS HD-DVD, we are currently witnessing a battle between “HDR” image formats, specifically the HDR formats that use dynamic metadata. On the one hand, there is Dolby Vision – a proprietary format; on the other hand, there is the more open HDR10+ format.

If you are familiar with current developments in television technology, you will be aware of the fact that modern TVs have transitioned to 4K and HDR (High Dynamic Range) technology.

We will be focusing on HDR in this article. While 4K technology increases a display’s definition, its effect is not as readily apparent as that produced by HDR – a technology responsible for increasing the contrast of displayed images. The problem is that there are currently several different formats capable of producing this HDR effect.

HDR formatsThe majority of products on the market these days are compatible with the HDR10 format, an imaging technology that produces a dynamic contrast range by combining darker, more intelligible scenes with high-luminosity scenes. However, there are two different offshoots of this image format (HDR10+, an improved version of the HDR10 technology, and Dolby Vision) and it is easy to become confused by the many different announcements being made by this industry’s various stakeholders.

Who does what?

At CES 2018, Panasonic made up its mind regarding which format it will be supporting (or almost did…we will come back to this point later). While Apple, Netflix, LG, Sony, and Oppo all support the Dolby Vision format, Panasonic has decided to take a chance on HDR10+. Its future OLED TVs – the FZ800 and the FZ950 — will be compatible with the open HDR10+ image format developed by Samsung and Fox (in conjunction with Warner Bros) which has also been approved by the BluRay Disc Association.

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RAM: 7 things you need to know about memory

Our big RAM guide gives seven tips about memory and answers questions such as “how much is enough?”, “which modules are suitable?” and more.


Some advertising slogans remain in our memory. “It’s more worthwhile now than ever before”, as it was often broadcasted in an advert about a natural medicine with a lot of alcohol. The slogan, however, is not only perfect for said medicine but also for the memory of a Windows computer.

Memory has always been essential to the speed of the system, but today it is even more important than ever before, with ever-increasing amounts of data and file sizes. Regardless of how fast a processor is or how quickly a hard drive works, too little or unsuitable memory is a bottleneck in the system, which cannot be eliminated by other components and simply acts as a brake. It is therefore crucial that you not only get the right amount of memory for your computer, but also choose the suitable modules and optimal configuration. The best way to do this is revealed in this article.

Tip #1: Take an inventory of your memory

Firstly, you need to determine how much memory has been built into your computer. Usually, PC motherboards have four RAM slots, of which one, two or all four slots have memory buffers, depending on the computer. There are two ways to find out which of these circumstances apply to you: You can either open the case of your computer and look for it or you can install the tool CPU-Z and let it do the work for you.

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