Configure properly switching to Tablet Mode in Windows 10

It is understood that Microsoft has to train the user in the different use modes and Continuum is an important change and all information is welcome. The problem is when we know how to use it and we are tired of messages, confirmations, etc.

With this little trick that we will show you which is the most efficient way to manage the automatic switch to tablet mode or traditional PC mode. It is a simple process and will allow us to get the best of our two-in-one computer.

We all know that from the notifications panel we can switch Windows 10 tablet mode, but we also have an automatic switch system which, for example, activate traditional laptop mode when we connect the screen to the dock with keyboard or to an external screen or to our desktop dock where we have our keyboard, mouse, etc.

Tablet Mode

To change this automatic switch setting we just have to modify some simple parameters in the configuration of Windows 10. We can access directly by pressing the right mouse button in the notification panel, on the button “tablet mode”. We can also do it from configuration, system, tablet mode.

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How to Hack Whatsapp Account 2017 on Android or iPhone – Protect yourself

Once you’ve read a few (kind of) tutorials about how to hack WhatsApp, are you afraid that someone could easily snoop into your account and spy on all your conversations?  Well, taking care about your privacy is a good thing, but you don’t have to get too paranoid. Spying on WhatsApp chats is not something impossible, since, in theory, all the informatics systems can be “violated”, but fortunately the situation isn’t really that desperate.

Thanks to the last developments in terms of encryption, WhatsApp conversations have become much harder to intercept than before, and it’s almost impossible to “catch” them without having any access to the victim’s phone. This means that with just a bit of prudence, by correctly setting your own smartphone, and avoiding connections to public wifi networks, you can reasonably rest easy. Would you like to know more? Good, so keep on reading. I’m going to show you the main techniques used by cybercriminals to hack WhatsApp account, and the best way to defend yourself.

Warning: spying others’ conversations is a crime, punishable by law. This tutorial has been written for illustration purposes only, therefore I’m not responsible at all about any use you will make of the information contained in it.

WhatsApp protection systems

To find out what are the main techniques used by criminals to hack WhatsApp, we must first understand how the app works, and which are the protection systems adopted by it.

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Enable MAC randomizer in Windows 10

This trick requires some hardware, but it is certainly interesting. It enables us to make our hardware address to be different in each wireless connection and therefore to be more difficult to trace using typical tracking wireless networks applications. Our hardware always looks different and therefore we will be more hidden in public and private networks.

The method is easy to activate. We just have to go to the network settings of Windows 10, select Wi-Fi and “advanced options“.


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Control what autoruns/autoboots on your PC with Autoruns

With this simple application we will be able to know what autoruns with our operating system and change what we see convenient to improve the performance of our machine.

Portableapps has become my main focus to provide the best free applications without having to load the registration of my computer with each installation. Within portableapps we can find many excellent applications and utilities.

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How to set default programs, file type and Library Save locations in Windows 10

When you want to use a file (either text, music, video, PDF or a website), Windows 10 searches the list of applications, files, protocols and partnerships by default to launch the right program. This list can be customized, adapting it to your favorite software.

1: Choose the default applications

When you play a video or try to read a text, Windows 10 chooses a default application depending on file type. These are the default programs, and by default Windows gives preference to its own applications. If you open a website it will do it with Microsoft Edge, and if you try to read a PDF document it will do it with PDF Viewer.

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How to securely and irreversibly erase hard drive completely

To delete data from a hard drive properly, a rewriting process of all sectors is performed recursively. That is, the hard disk is completely rewritten repeatedly in a write loop, which makes the recovery of residual data to be an almost impossible task.

Erase a hard drive completely

To delete data from a mechanical hard drive, the most appropriate tool, in our opinion, is DBAN (Darik’s Boot And Nuke). You can boot it from a bootable CD, or upload it to a pendrive with Unebootin or Yumi. You can start up from it and just have to wait to be able to choose the drive or drives that you want to safely erase. If you don’t want to complicate things, the standard method without any configuration already provides high quality erasing levels.

Erase a hard drive completely

Simply select the drives that you want to delete and run the action. The standard method used is DOD Short. This method, designed years ago by the Department of Defense of the United States, uses a triple writing in each sector of the disk. First a character, its complementary character and then a definite a random character. Subsequently a check is made. It has been used for years and though some experts describe it as obsolete, it certainly is a fairly reliable method for the type of information that a home user would leave on its hard drive.

Erase a hard drive completely

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How to Configure Privacy in Windows 10

Since the release of Windows 10, there have been plenty of detractors ranting in their reviews on the collection and use of personal information that Microsoft makes with their new OS version. Some are furious and use the term ‘big brother’ and how they have gotten away with spying users. Privacy in Windows 10 is in question but in our opinion, these claims are exaggerated. Does Microsoft spy on users or is the user not properly using the settings?

The news of massive spying programs from agencies such as NSA and the alleged omission by act or the large technology companies seemingly looking the other way have triggered concerns about user privacy issues.

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Checking the privacy settings after upgrading to Windows 10 Threshold 2

A portion of users are reporting that the upgrade to Windows 10 Threshold 2 resets the privacy settings by default, it reinstalls previously removed native applications, as well as file associations.

Windows 10 Threshold 2 is the first major update to the new Microsoft operating system since its launch in late July and it’s highly recommended for users because it includes improvements in all aspects. In overall performance, user interface, Cortana assistant, Edge browser, in updating its device drivers, in compatibility with applications, and also in business management and security features, as a nod to facilitate implementation and deployment of Windows 10 in companies of all sizes.

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How to upgrade to Windows 10 Threshold 2

Microsoft is now rolling out via Windows Update the new Windows 10 Threshold version 2, the first major upgrade of their OS since its launch. As with all updates, it will be progressive but if you’re impatient and you want it right now (or if you want a clean ISO image for a clean install) we will remind you again how to do it.

It is the same method that we recommend for users that had trouble upgrading to Windows 10 via Windows Update and it’s also the one used to download the ISO. You can use it to update both Windows 10 installations as well as the migration from Windows 7 and Windows 8.1, if you still haven’t done so. This way:

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How to add and change language in Windows 10

Since Windows 7, you can have multiple languages ​​installed on your PC, provided you have the appropriate version, and change not only the keyboard layout, but even all the interface.

This simple trick will allow you to quickly switch from one language to another. It is important when you’re working, for example, with clients who speak other languages ​​and you have to send them information or documents and you want to use the appropriate correctors at all times (which affect Microsoft programs, as others may require custom settings, such as the dictionaries of certain browsers).

add language

It is also useful when you have keyboards from foreign layouts and you want to use them with different distributions at software level at specific times. You can add new languages ​​to the system settings.

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