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Enable MAC randomizer in Windows 10

This trick requires some hardware, but it is certainly interesting. It enables us to make our hardware address to be different in each wireless connection and therefore to be more difficult to trace using typical tracking wireless networks applications. Our hardware always looks different and therefore we will be more …

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Control what autoruns/autoboots on your PC with Autoruns

With this simple application we will be able to know what autoruns with our operating system and change what we see convenient to improve the performance of our machine. Portableapps has become my main focus to provide the best free applications without having to load the registration of my computer …

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How to securely and irreversibly erase hard drive completely

To delete data from a hard drive properly, a rewriting process of all sectors is performed recursively. That is, the hard disk is completely rewritten repeatedly in a write loop, which makes the recovery of residual data to be an almost impossible task. To delete data from a mechanical hard …

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How to Configure Privacy in Windows 10

Since the release of Windows 10, there have been plenty of detractors ranting in their reviews on the collection and use of personal information that Microsoft makes with their new OS version. Some are furious and use the term ‘big brother’ and how they have gotten away with spying users. …

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How to upgrade to Windows 10 Threshold 2

Microsoft is now rolling out via Windows Update the new Windows 10 Threshold version 2, the first major upgrade of their OS since its launch. As with all updates, it will be progressive but if you’re impatient and you want it right now (or if you want a clean ISO …

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How to add and change language in Windows 10

Since Windows 7, you can have multiple languages ​​installed on your PC, provided you have the appropriate version, and change not only the keyboard layout, but even all the interface. This simple trick will allow you to quickly switch from one language to another. It is important when you’re working, …

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