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Turn any USB port into a Type C port

Every day we receive at the laboratory more charging device interfaces and / or communication USB type C ports. Some days ago we already made a guide to clarify some news regarding the USB interface. But today, looking for some adapters for this format, I have found clear evidence that …

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Use SyncDocs to have a Portable Google Drive

Synchronization in the cloud is as important when we use from our computer as when we use it in pendrive. It’s a perfect method to make sure that our documents are always updated and safeguarded in an accessible way from anywhere. Some pendrive come from factory with this feature but …

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How to permanently disable Flash in Chrome for Safe

The first thing you need to do, if this is the case, is to uninstall Adobe Flash if you have it installed. Browsers like Chrome already have their own preloaded plugins to implement flash, so that many of us can avoid having to install additional programs. In case you did …

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How to start the File Explorer in "This PC"

Windows 10 introduced some new features in the file browser, such as the new shortcuts to folders and recent files. By default, Windows 10 brings us to this option when we open the File explorer. If you’d like to change this option, you just have to go to the “View” …

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How to deactivate the“Wi-Fi Sense” in Windows 10

One of the most controversial features of Windows 10 is the “Wi-Fi Sense” that sharing Wifi key. Or rather private wireless access, including new contacts and social networks. By default, Wi-Fi Sense is activated, but the measure is not as critical as it will depend in our use in the …

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How to Import favorites to Microsoft Edge

This trick is very simple and more than one is going to have a happy the day. The new browser Edge introduced in Windows 10 is a good method to gain speed of load, support hardware, reducing consumption of resources and even some users detect greater autonomy in their tablets …

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