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Control the number of Chrome tabs to limit the use of RAM

Any modern Operating System works well with 1 or 2 gigabytes of RAM. The problem is when the most common tool used in a computer – generally being the browser – takes control and saturates our system, especially in hogging all the RAM. Modern browsers use “sandbox” systems to isolate …

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How to correctly apply thermal paste

Thermal paste (also called thermal silicone or thermal putty) is a substance that improves the conduction of heat between the surfaces of two or more objects that may be irregular or not be in direct contact. Thermal paste is used to join (paste, in a way) the processor with the …

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How to activate the silence button in Google Chrome

If you’re a regular user of Google Chrome, you’ve surely noticed that when a website has audio, the speaker icon appears on the tab. Although it is a practical function by default, today we show you a trick to transform the icon into a button that will allow us to …

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