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How and why to install a VPN?

Very popular among people interested in surfing and downloading anonymously, VPNs are a good solution for securing computers, smartphones, and other connected devices. In the following paragraphs, you will find a basic overview of what VPNs are, as well as how to install and configure them. What is a VPN? …

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How to limit your NVIDIA GPU’s maximum FPS

Capping our GPU’s maximum FPS might seem silly, but it provides some advantages in certain scenarios. For example, we can reduce our GPU’s noise and consumption when we play games that are not demanding. This is a way to get rid of the GPU’s noise, which is important when using …

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How to change a WIFI Name and Password? [Full Guide]

Keeping an eye on our networks is key to see if they work and to guarantee our security. One essential task to perform is changing the Wi-Fi network’s name and password. A router (or access point) plays a major role in our computer setup. However, we fail to pay close …

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You can hide your browsing data from your ISP. Here’s how.

With the recent anti-privacy bill replacing the Obama-era FCC rules, your ISP has been given absolute powers to track your online footprint and sell the information mined to the highest bidder. For starters, Internet Service providers can monitor your online activity and sell that information to marketers or other third-party …

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