You can hide your browsing data from your ISP. Here’s how.

With the recent anti-privacy bill replacing the Obama-era FCC rules, your ISP has been given absolute powers to track your online footprint and sell the information mined to the highest bidder.

For starters, Internet Service providers can monitor your online activity and sell that information to marketers or other third-party firms in the marketing business. These firms then scrutinize your data, evaluate it and use the findings to gain perceptions about your daily life.

For example, when you surf the web searching for “top ranked phones in 2018,” your ISP would regard top-ranked phones as your interest and direct ads related to that query. Nevertheless, the creepy feeling of having targeted ads follow you on the Internet is just one side of the problem. Once your ISP has this personal information on you, you have no control on how else it will use it apart from selling it to marketers.

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Memory leak: what it is and how to solve it

Memory leaks cause a large quantity of the problems which we suffer when using our computer. They cause delays in loading programs, poor multi-tasking and a generally slow performance. If we have all of this happening with our computer and focus on the RAM, we will see that we are suffering a memory leak. What is a memory leak?

The term memory leak is used to describe a large range of communication errors between the programs and the operating system, which are the result of the programing of various programs, which has not been well-studied. These errors reduce the quantity of dynamic memory available.

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What a memory leak is

When we execute an application, it makes a request for resources which is known as a system call. In the case of the RAM, this call reserves a block of memory for the application to utilize while it is running. When you finish working with the application and close it, these blocks of memory are supposed to be freed up in order to be used by other programs.


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What an SSD controller is for and the job it does

When we read the specifications of a solid state storage unit, just as important as knowing the type of NAND memory that it uses inside to store our data, is to know what SSD controller the manufacturer has decided to install in it. But do we know what the controller is and how it is used in the function of the SSD?

Apart from the fact that the price of NAND memory is right now in the clouds, there is no doubt that solid state storage units are the greatest revolution that has been seen in decades within the area of consumer-market computer products and related to data storage on a personal level.

And we can affirm this in such a categorical manner not only because the latency in accessing the data that we store on these units is practically non-existent, but also because of the irrefutable improvements in speed that we have achieved because of them. This improvement in speed has allowed us to pass from the 100 or 200 MB/s that a mechanical hard drive could offer us (in the best of cases), to the 550 MB/s or 3 GB/s that SSD units are able to offer (depending on whether they use SATA or PCIe buses).


The SSD controller is in charge of organizing all of the data in the NAND memory cells

Given the high rate of transfer of files that a good SSD unit can reach, it’s important that its manufacturer incorporates a good SSD controller which takes charge of controlling where those files go and placing them in the memory directories that are free, carrying out an exhaustive control of the files. This function is basic in order to always know at every moment how much free space remains in our storage unit.

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Guide: How Much VRAM Do I Need for Gaming? Is 2GB or 4GB VRAM Enough?

graphics card We will analyze how much memory a graphics card needs in order to play current and future titles with no problems. 4, 6, or 8 GB?

We will analyze how much memory a graphics card needs for both current and future games.

Buying a graphics card can be complicated, and the manufacturers often are partly to blame for using a nomenclature that can easily confuse those who are not initiated.

Which is most powerful, and NVIDIA 980 or 1050? You who read Omicrono frequently surely know that the first one is more powerful, but someone who doesn’t know anything about it will see that one has a number bigger than the other, and will come to the wrong conclusion. Believe me, it has happened more than once.

Memory, a way to attract illiterate buyers

graphics card With memory, something similar happens; it’s a number, so our brains have learned that bigger is better. So we go to the store looking for cards that have the largest amount of memory possible, making bad decisions that will cost us more money in the future.

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A guide: Everything you need to know about RAM

RAMRAM is a vital component in any type of computer unit or system in a broad sense, and we can say without fear of error that its use depends to a large degree on the specific operating system that we use, as well as the applications that we use that system to run.

In spite of its importance, the truth is that RAM is a great unknown to many users, even for some who are above the basic level, who have not understood certain key aspects of the characteristics and functionality of this component.

This lack of understanding keeps giving rise to a lot of nonsense which we see from day to day, like for example recommendations to prioritize a higher quantity of memory over other types of components or even the recommendation to go for those with the highest clock frequency possible, period.

Because of this it tends to be very common to find unbalanced devices, which might have, for example, 16 GB of RAM but a low-level combination of CPU and GPU, and be used to copy games. This huge quantity of RAM acts like a decoy or hook in search of unwary buyers who are carried away by the great computer fiction that “it’s better because it has more memory.”

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Explore Why the USB-C Port for MacBook Pro Enjoys Huge Popularity

It seems that Apple has been deliberating quite a lot before introducing the USB-C Hub for its MacBook Pro. Apple had, in fact, put a lot of thought into this paradigm shift for their MacBooks. What’s rare is that they have chosen to separate themselves from the proprietary technology standards, which is unusual but not unheard of in Apple’s history.

USB-C Port

However, stepping away from Lightning technology and MagSafe is certainly a wonderful thing for the users as more and more developers would be able to come up with technologies that would be compatible with various Apple products without the need to use exclusively Apple-specific gear.

The USB-C hub for MacBook Pro actually enhances the MacBook’s overall design. Apple is one tech company that has given major importance to design. Apple has not only focused on creating products with top technical specifications but it has also fascinated customers by coming up with aesthetically pleasing products. The implementation of the USB-C hub in MacBook is actually a continuation of Apple’s tradition of placing top priority to its minimalist design attitude, ahead of all other considerations.

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Do you have cable in your house but your WiFi connection isn’t good? Mesh routers will change your life

routers With the arrival of optical fiber we have experienced an incredibly great increase in navigation speed, and now we can navigate the internet, download and share files in the blink of an eye. But this connection speed isn’t always the real connection speed that we experience. And since we live in a technological age that is more and more mobile, when we move away from the location of our WiFi router we see that we lose signal strength, and with it, speed. Therefore we need a method to extend the coverage of our internet connection.

The solutions that existed until now

Any large or multi-story house has this coverage problem: one single WiFi router, even a powerful one, is not sufficient to reach all points of the house with high-quality coverage. So the most classic solutions to increase the range of coverage until now was to use repeaters or PLC, each of which had its advantages but also its inconveniences.

WiFi repeaters, for example, require a configuration which sometimes is not simple for everyone, and also, when moving around the house with a laptop or mobile phone, the device has to keep changing the SSDi, or point of access. This means breaks or less smoothness in the connection. And the PLC, on its side, limits us to a concrete number of devices and depends on the quality of the electrical installation, which means that if we live in an old building it doesn’t tend to work correctly.

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How to ANONYMOUSLY Watch and Download Instagram Stories?

Instagram is one of the most popular social networks worldwide. Instagram stories are for some people the most important part of Instagram. On the other hand, it’s a bit annoying that you can’t see those stories after 24 hours after posting, right?

But, now there is a possibility to download Instagram stories to your mobile phone or any other device or just watch them without the publisher’s knowledge.

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How to convert a PDF to Word?

On more than one occasion you’ve needed to turn a PDF document into a Word file, into DOC or DOCX format, so you can modify it. However, not really being an expert in IT or technology in general, you’ve never really understood how to do it. Being well aware that you can’t keep putting this off you’ve decided to do some research and find out what tools to use and how to convert your files from one format to another. Searching on the Web you’ve found my tutorial dedicated to how to convert PDF to Word and now you would like to know if I’m actually able to help.

I’ll quickly reassure you … the answer is yes! If you allow me a few minutes of your precious time I can in fact illustrate, step by step, how to do it and that you don’t have to download and install anything on your computer, your smartphone or on your tablet (at least it’s not necessary though I’ll still tell you about some useful resources). You just need to use the right Web services and it’s done. Which ones do you use? Well, read the next lines and you’ll find out straight away. In general, they’re very simple resources to use, even for those who, like you, don’t really consider themselves a “geek”. Not only that, they’re all free (at least in their basic form) and perfectly compatible with any web browser.

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How to install Android on your PC

You own a new generation Android smartphone and you’re a lover of the green robot’s operating system. After searching far and wide on the internet, you came across this article hoping to find a solution to your “problem”. Tell me everything, what can I help you with? What did you say? You’d like to find a tool that allows you to install Android on your PC and use all the smartphone apps and games with a mouse and keyboard? No problem, I can help you. Everything you need to know is included in this guide. I’ll explain in detail what you need to do to install Android on PC.

Before you get it into your head that this is a complicated process, I want to clarify that installing Android on your PC is actually an extremely simple procedure and available for everyone. All you have to do is download one of the most popular free emulation software packages on your PC. Using a virtual machine, you can easily use Android on your PC. The emulation software is nothing more than a program that allows you to reproduce the operation of the Android operating system, so you can download and use all the apps available on the OS created by Google. Don’t worry, it’s all much easier than you imagine. You don’t need computer skills at all and it’s no longer necessary to create partitions of the Windows operating system, as was the case some time ago. Thanks to emulation software, installing Android on your PC is practically child’s play.

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