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Memory leak: what it is and how to solve it

Memory leaks cause a large quantity of the problems which we suffer when using our computer. They cause delays in loading programs, poor multi-tasking and a generally slow performance. If we have all of this happening with our computer and focus on the RAM, we will see that we are …

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What an SSD controller is for and the job it does

When we read the specifications of a solid state storage unit, just as important as knowing the type of NAND memory that it uses inside to store our data, is to know what SSD controller the manufacturer has decided to install in it. But do we know what the controller …

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A guide: Everything you need to know about RAM

RAM is a vital component in any type of computer unit or system in a broad sense, and we can say without fear of error that its use depends to a large degree on the specific operating system that we use, as well as the applications that we use that …

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How to ANONYMOUSLY Watch and Download Instagram Stories?

Instagram is one of the most popular social networks worldwide. Instagram stories are for some people the most important part of Instagram. On the other hand, it’s a bit annoying that you can’t see those stories after 24 hours after posting, right? But, now there is a possibility to download …

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How to convert a PDF to Word?

On more than one occasion you’ve needed to turn a PDF document into a Word file, into DOC or DOCX format, so you can modify it. However, not really being an expert in IT or technology in general, you’ve never really understood how to do it. Being well aware that …

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How to install Android on your PC

You own a new generation Android smartphone and you’re a lover of the green robot’s operating system. After searching far and wide on the internet, you came across this article hoping to find a solution to your “problem”. Tell me everything, what can I help you with? What did you …

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