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Guide: AMD´S RYZEN Processors Questions and Answers

AMD´S RYZEN processors have been with us for a while now and thanks to the tests and analyses that we have been able to do, their possibilities, the value that they offer and practically all their technical issues are very clear to us. We know many of you have hesitations …

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How to move data from one PC to another

Moving data from one PC to another is a function that you will have to perform when, for example, you are going to replace your personal computer with a new one, or if you just want to partially transfer documents, photographs, videos, music or any kind of file. A very …

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VR Glossary

What’s the difference between Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality? What does HMD mean, and what the heck is an omnidirectional treadmill? What does latency and screen refresh rate have to do with it? In our Virtual Reality glossary, we’ll explain the most important terms from the world of VR. The …

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