Emulators and ROMs for Playing Best Console Games on Computers

Console Games

Many old-school gamers tend to think that the time where games took our breath away has sunk into oblivion. Such an opinion is quite understandable. If we take a closer look at modern games, we’ll see how alike they are. The latest games are merely improved copies of their predecessors. Modern projects are more sophisticated in terms of graphics, sound, and visual effect, of course. But unfortunately, we cannot help noticing their lack of novelty and that hardcoreness old-school games were famous for. Therefore, currently, so many players choose to download emulators and ROMs to stay those authentic, unique, and thus unforgettable game classic of all time. So, what shall we do satisfy our nostalgic thirst for primordial gaming?

Your Emulator, Sir!

Finding an emulator is not a problem. Search for similar programs in the Internet and you will be provided with thousands of results to your query. There are plenty of reliable, functional, and easy-to-use emulators, such as as Null, Damon PS2 Pro, DeSmuMe, MAME, and many others. Most of the emulators can be downloaded for free. But, if you are planning on getting a super cool program that costs a fortunate, you are free to do so. Still, we would recommend familiarizing yourself with the free trial version prior to purchasing the product.

Console Games

Getting an Emulator and ROMs

So, if you are done with choosing an emulator, visit a trustworthy site offering it and click on the “Download Now” button to get one step closer to your dream.

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Edward Snowden on Why Privacy is the Most Important Right

Online privacy has become one of the most popular buzzwords today. It is frequently brought up on the major cybersecurity blogs, social media platforms, and authority websites including Secure Thoughts which is one of the top cybersecurity websites of 2018 that aims to educate the people in the most comprehensive manner possible. However, most experts will agree that the significance of online privacy was essentially highlighted by Edward Snowden who you may know from the iconic movie Snowden which is based on his real life.

Who is Edward Snowden?

Edward Snowden

Image Source

Edward Snowden is a U.S. citizen and a former CIA employee who is considered one of the most prominent whistle-blowers in the history of human rights and online privacy. He shot to fame when he found out that the NSA was conducting an invasive surveillance on the US citizens on a mass scale and decided it was his patriotic duty to inform the people about the same even though he knew it meant destroying his career and inviting stringent legal action. Still, unfazed and unafraid, he leaked critical information about the US intelligence’s phone and Internet surveillance in the interest of the public and left the country to settle in Russia as he knew his actions would make the government go after him.

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Blue Shadow: how the new cloud gaming service works

Blue ShadowIs your old PC too weak for the newest games or complex 3D rendering processes? Instead of buying a high-end computer, you can soon rent a virtual one. This is what Blue Shadow is doing, and this is how it works.

Those who are not yet familiar with cloud computing and cloud gaming might be curious about this. Renting a virtual computer and installing demanding software or playing the newest games in maximum detail on it? How does that work? This is what service providers such as Blade are making possible. Its offer, called Shadow, is coming to Germany this week. The idea behind it is that you pay monthly for a fully-equipped PC with Windows 10 and stream all contents directly onto your old computer or even your smartphone.

How cloud computing works with Blade Shadow

In Amsterdam, as well as other places, the French company Blade operates a computer centre, in which there is extremely powerful hardware. If you opt for Shadow, you get the performance of a computer that has an Intel Core i7 processor, Nvidia GeForce 1080 GTX, 12GB DDR4 RAM and 256GB hard drive. Such a PC would cost around 1000 euros for sure, but with Shadow it only costs about 30 euros a month.

Blue ShadowThe difference is that the computer is not in your home, but you stream the system content from said computer centre to your living room. A 15 Mbps broadband connection is required to use the virtual Windows 10 machine on your old computer (Windows, Mac), smartphone or tablet (Android, soon on Apple also). You use your mouse, keyboard and gamepad – any input is received basically instantly so that there are no unpleasant breaks during gameplay. If the internet connection is problematic, the picture quality will worsen but it will not come to a halt. That’s what they have promised.

Focus: cloud gaming

Blade Shadow is primarily aimed at gamers who cannot afford or do not want a powerful computer. They get a system with can display games in 4K resolution (60Hz) or rather 1080p (144Hz). The pre-installed Windows 10 can be configured individually; you can also, for example, install Steam with your own games library.

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Geforce RTX 2080 Ti, 2080 & 2070: Prices, Release, Raytracing Games and more

Nvidia has introduced the gaming graphics cards Geforce RTX 2080 Ti, 2080 and 2070. They offer real-time raytracing from 639 euros. Nvidia provide a list of all raytracing games.


The Geforce RTX series offers a new cooler in the Founders Edition with the RTX instead of GTX lettering. Pictured: Geforce RTX 2080 Ti.

We summarise the most important information about the release and prices of the new Nvidia graphics cards Geforce GTX 2080 Ti, 2080 and 2070. The co-founder of Nvidia, Jen-Hsun Huang, introduced the GPUs of the Turing generation on Monday evening in Cologne, Germany, just one day before Gamescom 2018. The gaming graphics cards are coming on 20th September 2018 and have been available for pre-order since the unveiling of the cards.

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Sony Playstation 5 (PS5): Release Date, Specs, and News – Everything we know about and expect from the new generation

Sony PS5PS5 (PlayStation 5) is the name of what we know to be Sony’s next console. It is a next-gen system that will replace the current PS4 and PS4 Pro and that should stick to the now usual console name.

This means that we do not expect Sony to change the console’s name. Although this has not been officially confirmed, we can still be somewhat sure that the next console will be named PS5.

Given that the PS4 is selling like hot cakes despite being over 4 years old and that the PS4 Pro was launched quite recently, it is not unusual for Sony not to be in a rush to talk about the PS5. We know that the console is being developed, and we have a lot of predictions and leaks that gave us a glimpse of some its most important details.

We know that a lot of our readers have their eyes on the PS5, so we wanted to come up with this special article to tell you everything we know about Sony’s new console. Bear in mind that we will combine analyst predictions with leaks. We will also complement the information with our own intuition, so the outcome will be highly likely but not definitive.

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Update Firefox immediately: discover a serious vulnerability

How to update Firefox to protect yourself from a dangerous vulnerability that will soon be exploited by malware developers.

Mozilla was quick to release Firefox 58.0.1, a browser update that solves a serious vulnerability.

The security gap was discovered by Johann Hofmann, an engineer from Mozilla, who found that code inserted in a normal web page can be used to perform dangerous operations on the user’s PC and, potentially, take full control of it remotely.


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Intel Core i3-8130U: here are the specifications of the new notebook CPU

Intel Core i3-8130UAfter the first details emerged a few weeks ago, we now have the definitive technical specifications of the new Core i3-8130U, a low-power processor designed for notebooks and compact mid-range laptops.

According to information leaked on laptopmedia.com, the features of the Core i3-8310U are not very far from its predecessor Core i7-7310U; the new Intel chip maintains the dual-core approach with Hyper-Threading support (4 logical threads), integrated HD 620 graphics and an LL cache that passes from 3 to 4MB.

Intel Core i3-8130UThe chip’s maximum TDP remains 15W as with the Kaby Lake 7000 series, however with the Kaby Lake-R architecture Intel manages to push this chip at a turbo frequency of 3.4 GHz (i3-7310U stops at 2.7 GHz).

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New Huawei Mate 10 lineup: specifications and prices

Huawei Mate 10The Chinese giant has officially unveiled its new Huawei Mate 10 series, a high-end smartphone lineup made up by two variants that have a very neat design, although the bezel-less design is limited to the Pro model.

The first difference between the new Huawei Mate 10 and Huawei Mate 10 Pro is found on the front. We have a 16:9 display on the standard model and an 18:9 one on the Pro model, just as rumors had it.

The former has slightly bigger bezels because the fingerprint reader is located on the lower bezel. In contrast, the Huawei Mate 10 Pro features the fingerprint sensor on its back.

Huawei Mate 10By doing this, the Chinese brand took a moment to ‘mock’ Samsung, since it put the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy Note 8’s fingerprint sensors on their back, really close to the camera, which is something that many users disliked.

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Inateck offers a protective sleeve for Chromebooks

Protect your Chromebook during transportation with a soft and affordable protective sleeve!

The writing staff at PC4U really love their Chromebooks, that is why we take the necessary measures to protect them whenever we move around.


Recently, we had the pleasure of testing the leather sleeve by Noreve, and even though we were convinced by this product’s quality, some of you, our readers, told us that they considered its price to be too high. That is why we went in search of other more affordable protective products. And, guess what? We were able to test one of Inateck’s wool felt sleeves!

I’ll tell you right now, this product has a great quality to price ratio.

Be eco-responsible, choose Inateck:

Inateck’s MP1300 sleeve arrived in a craft paper envelope which looked like it was made out of recycled paper; this is logical considering the product’s description:

Eco-friendly materials: durable, renewable and biodegradable.

Once removed from the envelope, Inateck’s MP1300 wool felt sleeve impressed us from the start; its light gray color gives it a classic look without being too basic in appearance.

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The amazing story of the processor that was born in the shadows and defeated Intel: AMD Threadripper

This is not a story about big resources and budgets to develop a glorious product. This is the story of a group of CPU enthusiasts made up of semiconductor engineers and marketing people from AMD who started a secret personal adventure that would end up being what we know today as AMD Threadripper.

AMD Threadripper

It all started in 2014. At that moment, AMD was in serious trouble since the latest Intel‘s CPU platforms were light years away from AMD’s in terms of performance, and sales were disappointing. The same thing happened with APUs, which were AMD’s big bet for years and where Intel was and still is a tough rival.

To the public, the brand was focused on what it had been most successful at in recent years: GPUs with its Hawaii architecture (RX 200 Series) and its Jaguar architecture that would power the most important consoles on the market, including Sony’s PS4 and Microsoft’s XBOX One.

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