The PC market crumbles in sales with the biggest drop since 2007

The PC market can’t catch a break and collapsed in sales in the first quarter of 2016, according to preliminary results of the major consulting market.

Gartner estimates that the total number of PCs sold in the first quarter of 2016 amounted to 64.8 million units for an annual fall of 9.6 percent, continuing the indentation of 2015 resulted in negative record sales in the PC market.

PC market

It is the worst figure recorded for a first quarter since PC sales fell below 65 million units in the same quarter of 2007. It is also the sixth in a series of falls that seem to have no end.

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LG shows its new range of monitors and professional displays with WebOS 2.0

LG has shown its strategy for the professional B2B (Business to Business) market in the field of Digital Signage, consisting of different types of monitors with different technologies, aimed at facilitating tasks of advertising, information, exhibition or customer interaction.

LG monitor

For example, the LG 75UH5C D-LED is a professional D-LED screen with a resolution of 4K Ultra HD (3840 x 2160) and bezels of only 14.9 mm on all edges (top, sides and bottom). However, the most striking thing about this model is that it has integrated the WebOS 2.0 operating system, something we will see in most monitors of this type shown, which coupled with WiFi connectivity and support for HTML5 , will serve as an information or advertising panel, for example, without having to connect a PC. There are also 86 and 98-inch models.

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HP Spectre 13, HP’s notebook that exceeds the MacBook

HP knows that the world of laptops is won by the high-end range and with the new Spectre 13 they want to exceed the level of the MacBook

HP has introduced a new generation of laptops among which is the latest generation of its Ultrabook HP Spectre 13, an update to convert the HP ultraportable laptop in one of the thinnest you can buy.

HP Spectre 13

In a world where fewer and fewer desktops are sold and when you want to buy a laptop the prices are always getting lower, those who really give money to these companies are the high-end range, such as MacBook Air or Dell XPS 13 type Ultrabooks, among others. This is where HP wants to place its new HP Spectre 13, a laptop as thin as a AAA battery, in other words, 10.4mm thick.

HP Spectre 13

They’re just a few millimeters, but this HP Spectre 13 already beats the new 11-inch MacBook measuring 13mm closed. Along with its IPS screen size up to 13.3-inches and its premium materials, HP begins to achieve a high-end laptop with good features.

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Windows 10 will receive improvements in its interface

Microsoft is reviewing the final details for the Build 2016 conference taking place in San Francisco (California), from 30 March to 1 April. It is an annual meeting between representatives of Redmond with fans of Microsoft and developers where the company presents its latest developments regarding their software.

We know that these last months they have been working on various ways to improve Live Tiles making them interactive, and we are almost convinced that this will be another novelty that will take place in Build 2016. Now, thanks to some info on some videos Microsoft has posted on its section Channel 9, we have been able to find out a little more about what they will tell us in this event.

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China will use FAST to find alien life

China rushes to complete the construction of the Aperture Spherical Radio Telescope (FAST), the world’s largest radio telescope. Located in the province of Guizhou, its development began in 2007, although it was not until 2011 when they began to work on it, which is expected to be completed by September this year. It has cost about 180 million dollars.


FAST is so big that, in fact, even though they had located it in a strategic area as far as possible to villages, it was necessary to relocate nearly ten thousand people to “make room”, reports state media; not because the 500 meters in diameter of the installation were a problem, but to ensure an interference-free environment with electromagnetic sound waves of at least five kilometers.

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–AMD has announced the launch of three new chips or it’s FM2+ platform, two APUs and a processor without integrated graphics.

In the field of APUs we have the A6-7470K with 2 Streamroller cores working at 3,7 Ghz base and 4 Ghz turbo and 4 MB of L2 cache. These CPU cores go along with 4 GPU cores at a speed of 800 Mhz. In total the A6-7470K has a TDP of 65W and includes a new dissipator.

— At the highest range we have the new A10-7860K that increases the amount of CPU cores up to 4, with a speed of 3, 6 GHZ and 4 Ghz of turbo. The graphics are better as well with 8 GPU Cores at 757 Mhz, all while maintaining a TDP of 65W, even though the dissipator that is included has bigger dimensions and can dissipate up to 95W.


–If we want a non integrated graphics processor, the AMD Athlon X4 845 is the first chip in this family with “Excavator”cores, 4 in total working at a base rate of 3,5 GHZ and 3,8 turbo GHZ with a cache of 2 MB. Just like the 7860K, it has a TDP of 65W and includes a 95W dissipator.

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The new Seagate 10TB helium-filled hard drive is designed for network services

Seagate owns HGST, a company that has been putting on the market in recent years various models of helium-filled hard drives to reduce friction between heads and platters to improve their speed. Seagate now claims part of that technology to make their first helium-filled hard drive with a capacity of 10TB.


This 3.5-inch drive includes seven platters and fourteen heads, which have a 25% higher storage density than the company’s previous disks. It uses a common technique of perpendicular magnetic recording (PMR) instead of the overlapping magnetic recording (SMR) used by its subsidiary HGST.

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Overclocking record of a Core i7-6700K is set at 7007.85 MHz

The new CPUs Skylake are easier to raise frequencies thanks to some changes introduced by Intel in the CPU architecture. It is what it takes to upload all Skylake CPUs and not just those that are specifically for overclocking. Therefore, now getting the best frequencies of a CPU depends very much on the motherboard.

Asus is proud that its Maximus VIII Gene and Maximus Extreme VIII have managed to break several world records for overclocking. That means that the new maximum frequency achieved is 7007.85 MHz. This figure was achieved thanks to cooling the CPU to -190 ° C. The previous record was around 6998.88 MHz.

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TP-Link launches first 802.11ad wireless router

With a very similar design to powerful AC3200 Archer, the new TP-Link Talon AD7200 has 8 deployable antennas with a MU-MIMO design in a fairly compact body. A solution that will offer support for the earlier standards, 2.4 and 5 GHz, boosting performance at short distances with a more aggressive 57-66GHz frequency that allows this … Read more