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Intel will lay off 12,000 jobs in 2017

Even though Intel has a dominant position in the market for PC processors with its main competitor, AMD, in low hours, the widespread decline of sales suffered by the domestic PC has made them consider another strategy where more resources will be allocated to other divisions such as the IoT …

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Windows 10 will receive improvements in its interface

Microsoft is reviewing the final details for the Build 2016 conference taking place in San Francisco (California), from 30 March to 1 April. It is an annual meeting between representatives of Redmond with fans of Microsoft and developers where the company presents its latest developments regarding their software. We know …

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China will use FAST to find alien life

China rushes to complete the construction of the Aperture Spherical Radio Telescope (FAST), the world’s largest radio telescope. Located in the province of Guizhou, its development began in 2007, although it was not until 2011 when they began to work on it, which is expected to be completed by September …

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–AMD has announced the launch of three new chips or it’s FM2+ platform, two APUs and a processor without integrated graphics. In the field of APUs we have the A6-7470K with 2 Streamroller cores working at 3,7 Ghz base and 4 Ghz turbo and 4 MB of L2 cache. These …

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Overclocking record of a Core i7-6700K is set at 7007.85 MHz

The new CPUs Skylake are easier to raise frequencies thanks to some changes introduced by Intel in the CPU architecture. It is what it takes to upload all Skylake CPUs and not just those that are specifically for overclocking. Therefore, now getting the best frequencies of a CPU depends very …

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