New Gainward GTX 1080 Phoenix

The GTX 1080 Phoenix of Gainward are three new graphic cards bases in the GPU Pascal of the GTX 1080 that NVIDIA has placed in the market a few days ago. The most basic model (Gainward GTX 1080 Phoenix) will work at 1.607 MHz of base frecuency and at 1.733 MHz with Boost, while the … Read more

The upcoming Nvidia GTX 1060 will use 256-bit bus.

Snooping by the database of Zauba, we noticed an entry pertaining to a shipment of 10 graphics cards from Nvidia which run on the next kernel GP106, which is the name that Nvidia has given to the kernel installed in their next midrange graphics cards, which evolve from the recent Pascal graphic kernel. Obviously, we … Read more

What are the NVIDIA “Founders Edition” graphics?

Yesterday, we were discussing the price and the release dates of the upcoming Pascal graphic cards from NVIDIA (the GTX 1070 and the GTX 1080), including what the manufacturer has called “Founders Edition”. It seems that it is still not very clear what is the difference between these graphics and the other ones, so in this article we will clarify it to beyond any doubt.

In the event in which NVIDIA introduced its new graphics to the press, they were not too clear about the issue of nomenclature, among other things. In fact, the names tend to confuse some people. So, what is so interesting about this NVIDIA Founder Edition of its new Pascal graphics?

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AMD Announces The SSD Radeon R3

The Radeon R3 is the new AMD SSD unit series, updating a storage catalog Storage in which Sunnyvale’s company is also present, in order to “offer consumers a unique window” in computer products, which includes the main components of a computer under its own brand.

The Radeon R3s are sold in a 2.5-inch and 7mm thickness format which allows inclusion in ultra-portables. They use a Silicon Motion SM2256KX controller which under a SATA-III interface provides a data transfer rate up to 520/470 Mbytes per second, depending on the model.

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NVIDIA announces the GTX 1080, specifications and price

This morning has been very agitated, NVIDIA has introduced its two big bombs for the graphics market and since it couldn’t be any other way one of them is the GTX 1080 a high-end graphics card that presents itself as a very powerful solution.

We start with what we see externally. New design and new casing covering the card and its heat dissipation system, in line with what we told you in earlier rumors. Jumping to the specifications we have confirmed enough information but some details still remain in the air such as rasterization unit and texture counting, but thanks to the data provided by the green giant we can clearly make out that the GTX 1080 yields more than an SLI GTX 980 and the GTX TITAN X, that’s something.

GTX 1080

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Philips raises the bar with a new 43-inch UHD monitor

Philips is about to pull out lately, and now it has announced the launch of its largest Ultra HD resolution screen to date, the 43-inch Philips BDM4350UC, resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels and an interesting feature: Multiview 4K, which makes it possible to connect up to four video sources simultaneously.

The new Philips BDM4350UC monitor uses a high-performance panel with UltraClear brand technology, being able to display (according to the manufacturer) images and graphics as if they were real, no matter what its source application. This is ideal for CAD software users, because they allow them to get more precise details from their designs.

Philips BDM4350UC

“The latest addition to the 4K line is an example of the commitment MMD and Philips have to deliver a brighter and productive display than ever. With this 43-inch screen on your desk, users will have more space to enjoy the unique experience with a 4K UHD view”, says Albert Ulfman, Product Manager of Philips monitors in Europe for MMD.

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Acer updates its Predator family with new computers

Acer announced the update of its Predator family with many new devices, such as a new 17inch laptop with a 4K screen resolution, a MXM module of the GeForce GTX980, a new full Gaming PC that only takes up 16 liters in volume, or a new curved monitor Compatible with G-Sync from NVIDIA.

Let’s start talking about the Acer Predator 17X, the new 17inch laptop with a 4K screen resolution (Ultra HD). It is a high performance, game-oriented device that works with an Intel Core processor i7-6820HK, factory overclocked to 4GHz (base speed of 3.6 Ghz).There’s also a GTX 980 (desktop, not the portable version),also overclocked to 1310 MHz and that can be exchanged for another in the future, as it is implemented in a MXM module.

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These are the best antivirus for Android (April 2016)

According to StatCounter, the Android operating system is the third used in the US, even being comparable with desktop systems like Windows. Therefore, it is increasingly the target of malware or phishing attacks, making it crucial that you choose a good security solution. Here are the best antivirus for Android, as of April 2016.

The security firm AV-Test returns with an updated of its ranking of best antivirus for Android, which includes the latest developments and changes of the major players in the business. Thanks to their research we can see the degree of protection or usability, i.e., the impact these applications have on the overall functioning of the device, disregarding the rates of registered false positives.

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The PlayStation 4K could have an AMD Polaris GPU

According to the latest rumors, the hypothetical new version of the Sony PS4 (dubbed PS4K or PS4.5) is more than hypothetical, to the point that some have even claim to know what will integrate new hardware. What is ringing trueue in recent days is that Sony could use an AMD Polaris GPU, namely a Polaris 10 with 2,304 stream processors.

The PlayStation 4K is known internally as “NEO” within Sony (or so they say, because we should remember that there is no confirmation from the brand), and leaving aside the controversy of whether or not a hardware upgrade of the current PS4 is necessary, or whether it would be better to launch a completely new console, certainly a performance boost to the Sony console would suit it well. And how is this achieved? Logically with more powerful hardware and better optimization of the games.

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Intel will lay off 12,000 jobs in 2017

Even though Intel has a dominant position in the market for PC processors with its main competitor, AMD, in low hours, the widespread decline of sales suffered by the domestic PC has made them consider another strategy where more resources will be allocated to other divisions such as the IoT or data centers while making more efficient the division of PC processors

The first major injury of this change in strategy is the layoff of 12,000 workers that will have to leave Intel during the next year. These 12,000 workers account for an 11% of the blue giant’s workforce.

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