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Best Gaming Laptop Buying Guide (Updated!!!)

Some of you may not be old enough to have experienced the prehistoric era of the late 1990s, but when I first started to become interested in combining my passion for gaming with the natural desire for mobility, it was not long before I realized that passion and desire were …

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Acer Spin 11 Chromebook Review

Designed primarily for use in the world of education, the Acer Spin 11 was conceived to be durable and reliable so that it would be able to withstand daily use by careless students. After having spent hours testing this Chromebook, here is my opinion about it. Design Practical and durable …

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Best Chromebook 2018 Buying Guide

Choosing the right Chromebook is not easy. What features should it have? How much will you need to spend in order to buy a good Chromebook? To help you make the right decision, I have written this guide which goes over all of the important points to consider when choosing …

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Best Wifi Range Extender 2018 Buying Guide

Even if you have quite a powerful wireless router, can the internet signal not quite reach all the rooms or parts of your home? Did you get a new On-demand TV box and can’t connect it to the internet because it’s too far away from the modem and doesn’t have …

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Best Laptop under 500 Dollars 2018 Buying Guide

Many people enjoy the larger screens, attached keyboards and greater flexibility of laptops instead of mobile devices. If you are one of them, but don’t want to break the bank on your next purchase, these laptops deliver great power and use for less than $500 for a new machine. I …

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Best Laptop for Video & Photo Editing 2018

Nowadays, most of the existing smartphones are designed with a built-in capability to allow users to edit a simple video, exactly as they would do with most of the laptops. However, when more serious photo and video editing is needed, these devices require an upgrade. You probably observed that gaming, …

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