Intel Core i9-7980XE Skylake-X Review: New X-series processors


Today, Intel’s two most powerful models for this generation of HEDT processors were unveiled: they are the new 16-core Core i9-7960X and the 18-core Core i9-7980XE Extreme Edition. These processors come from Intel’s Xeon lineup, but they are being turned into powerful processors for the desktop platform intended to compete and beat AMD’s powerful Threadripper processor introduced back in July.

New X-series processors

These two new processors are a plot twist for the technology that Intel has already introduced on its HEDT lineup with the Core i9-7900X and the Core i7 processors with LGA2066 sockets for the X299 chipsets. We get a higher processing power via more cores and a more demanding TDP (for the cooling system more than anything else) that exceeds the 140 W that Intel had set as a limit for desktop processors so far, now reaching 165 W.

Intel Core i9-7980XE Skylake-X

The competition had no problem in going over this limit, so Intel came up with these two new processors that have been preceded by 10-core and 12-core models, respectively, and we are still getting a 14-core model in a few weeks. All of these processors feature Hyper-Threading Technology, which allows a single physical processor core to behave like two logical processors. This translates into two threads per core, up to 36 threads with the Core i9-7980XE.

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VPN kill switch | What is a kill switch and why use one?

While I have already spoken about VPN kill switches in several of my previous articles, I have never dedicated an entire article to this subject before. But, that is all about to change; in this article, I will be explaining what a kill switch is, how to activate one and why you would want to use one because everyone should know what an internet kill switch is. In fact, this functionality is essential to protecting your online privacy whenever using a VPN. You will soon understand why.

What is a VPN kill switch?

A VPN provider may sometimes call its kill switch: network lock, app kill, EverSecure or Vigilant – to distinguish it from the competition. And kill switches are one feature that most VPN providers have now incorporated into their software. In effect, a kill switch protects your privacy in the event of unexpected disruption to your VPN connection – something which can occur even with the best VPN providers. The kill switch was invented in order to prevent your real IP address from becoming visible in these types of situations.

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Microsoft Surface Laptop Review: this Ultrabook has only one (real) downside

Microsoft’s Surface Laptop has been given a difficult mission: to make its “highly secure” Windows 10 S operating system shine so brightly in the world of education that it eclipses Google’s Chromebooks. Can it pull this off?

Microsoft Surface Laptop (Core i5 8 GB 256 GB)


  • +Its finish
  • +The quality and definition of its display
  • +Solid endurance
  • +One year of Office 365 included


  • – Frustrating Windows 10 S operating system
  • – (Very) shiny display
  • – A processor that throttles
  • – Very limited connectivity

Released at the very beginning of the year, Surface Laptop is the first 100% Microsoft ultraportable PC. It completes the extensive family of Surface products – the most preeminent of which are the Surface Pro tablet and the convertible Surface Book. Contrary to its cousins, the Laptop was conceived essentially with students and teachers in mind – pretty much the world of education as a whole. At least this is how Microsoft presents its product; this is also the reason why it runs the Windows 10 S operating system, a more restrictive version of Windows 10 than the Family or Professional versions. However, having a “closed off” operating system doesn’t mean that the Surface Laptop is a low-priced computer. Quite the contrary!

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Best Free PC Cleaner / PC tune up software 2018

Check out our selection of the best free programs for cleaning up your computer.

Do programs struggle to load on your computer and do websites take a long time to be displayed? Do you have the impression that your computer is running slowly? If so, your hard disk is probably overburdened with thousands of temporary or seldom used files which are created during your daily activities: downloading, installing software, surfing the web, etc.

You don’t have to wait until spring time to do a spring cleaning! The following selection of free programs will help you eliminate obsolete programs, sort through your files, clean up your computer’s registry, etc. All of these operations are essential to maintaining your hard disk’s health and to improving your computer user experience.

CCleaner: clean up traces of internet navigation and useless system files


Multipurpose, CCleaner is like a Swiss knife of PC cleanup and optimization tools. This program is able to properly remove useless files such as temp files and lists of recently opened documents. It is also geared towards helping its users protect their personal privacy. Compatible with many web browsers, it eradicates all traces of internet navigation – deleting history, cookies and cache.

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NordVPN Review | Presentation, testing, opinions and pricing

NordVPN has only been on the market for a few years, but it has recently undergone rapid development. This VPN is hosted by a company situated in Panama where there are no data collection and storage laws. Nord VPN promotes the concept of an internet free from censorship and surveillance. Therefore, their service focuses on the protection of private information. However, they are also aware of the other things that their users want: speed and no logs. And that’s what they offer! Let’s take a more in-depth look at NordVPN’s test results.


NordVPN for maximum security, streaming and torrents

I was able to test a trial version of NordVPN. Of course, I had already heard about the services that this VPN offered, but I had never tested them out for myself. I will now give you my opinion about NordVPN. This company is registered in Panama, a fiscal paradise, but that’s not all it is. In fact, in Panama, companies are not legally required to record logs. Therefore, NordVPN is able to guarantee the security as well as the anonymity of its users.

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ExpressVPN Review | Presentation, testing and price

ExpressVPN, Express VPN or simply Express is one of the oldest and best known VPNs on the market. It is also one of my favorites. Why? First of all, because it is very fast and therefore ideal for streaming and downloading via torrents. Secondly, it covers a wide range of countries (more than 90 at the time of writing this article). And thirdly, its applications are simple, easy to use and available for the majority of operating systems. Now, let’s take a closer look at ExpressVPN’s test results.

ExpressVPN, a fast and reliable network with many servers at its disposal

At the top of’s ranking, ExpressVPN is an industry leader which offers a very fast and private network. It offers seamless streaming of TF1 Vidéo, Netflix, Pluzz, M6 Replay and many other channels. In addition, ExpressVPN allows its users to securely do P2P file sharing and torrent downloading and does not keep any logs!

In fact, Express VPN does not have any sort of recording policy (no logs). While your IP address and the bandwidth that you have consumed are recorded for the network’s internal purposes (to offer optimal service conditions), you can rest assured that your private activity will remain anonymous.


Operating out of the British Virgin Islands, ExpressVPN has been working hard to satisfy its users for many years. ExpressVPN can be compared to HideMyAss in terms of the services that it offers – world class services that cannot be beat!

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Google WiFi System Review

The easiest system to install and use, very good coverage and connection speed and much cheaper than alternative WiFi network systems.

The only requirements are a Google account, a mobile access point for installing and managing the system. Beyond that, there are few customizable settings or advanced features.

In short, if you need to extend your WiFi coverage within your home, the Google WiFi router is the best currently available solution.

The Google WiFi router is now available in France from 139 euros per unit. If you need to extend the WiFi coverage within your home, this is definitely the best option at the moment.

To install and use the router, you will need two things:

  • An Android or iOS smartphone or tablet;
  • A free Google account.

Contrary to most routers, this router does not have a web interface, and is exclusively controlled via the Google WiFi mobile application. Once installed, the device will remain permanently connected to Google. The California based tech giant claims not to collect any data linked to how the device is used. However, it does admit to collecting data concerning the hardware, the app and the network – although this data collection can be deactivated in the settings.

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Synology RT2600AC Wi-Fi AC 2600 Gigabit router Review

Synology is a well-known brand for their NAS solutions. In 2015, they broadened their portfolio with their first router, the RT1900 ac, that didn’t got released in Europe. The Asian brand will try again with another model that we will be able to find in authorized distributors and comes with a pristine specs sheet. We’ve been testing it during the last few weeks and these are our impressions.

Synology RT2600ac

The Synology RT2600ac is a high-end product, aimed to a highly advanced user profile, who wants and knows how to make the most of his network. In fact, it utilizes technologies and functionalities that are also valid for professional environments, such as small offices.

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AMD FreeSync vs. G-Sync: is AMD FreeSync a Efficient and low-cost Variable Refresh Rate Technology?

You probably remember that our first experience with FreeSync was, to say the least, disappointing. We would like to remind you that behind the name FreeSync lies AMD’s answer to Nvidia’s G-Sync, that is to say a technology for the handling of variable display refresh rates. The idea behind this concept is that it helps to improve the game-play experience by providing an increased sensation of fluidity. How is FreeSync doing these days you might ask? As long as the proper monitor is used, it actually works quite well and costs quite a bit less than G-Sync!

AMD FreeSync

After much fanfare in January 2014, the arrival of the first FreeSync compatible monitor had to wait until March of 2015. And, unfortunately, their performance was far from impressive. On paper, the advantages offered by this technique of monitor management were many fold, starting with the fact that it relied on an open technology standard which is much less costly than that of Nvidia’s G-Sync. However, entry-level monitors which didn’t provide the required fluidity left us feeling disappointed with the whole concept.

Adaptive-Sync, FreeSync and G-Sync

Under the banner of these three terms, or brands if you prefer, lies the technology for the management of variable refresh rates (VRR). A classic fixed refresh rate of 60 Hz will offer an imperfect visual experience when playing video games. As each image is different, it follows that the time required for the calculation of each image also differs. This discrepancy results in synchronization problems. While a higher refresh rate, of 144 Hz for example, decreases the impact of the problem it does not eliminate it entirely. The graphics card might miss a display cycle, spend too much time waiting for the next cycle or disregard a cycle entirely, all of which will result in image breakup (tearing).

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How to get the most out of a VPN connection?

The use of VPN connections has a number of advantages that allow us greater privacy when browsing the internet.

In a world where the Internet is essential for a large part of human activities, and where being disconnected is either an eccentric quirk, an age thing or materially impossible, where threats to the security of the network are numerous, growing and continuous and, moreover, where accessing content can depend on the country in which you find yourself, feeling protected and free to explore all the virtual universe is a reassuring and even pleasant experience.


And something that can help us to achieve this is a VPN connection (virtual private network) such as the irreverent Hide My Ass! since with them we can use the web as a private network as it were, i.e. as an extension of a secure local network over a public one without controls. Any computer connected to a VPN sends and receives data hiding your real IP address under any of the shared network, giving the impression that the user is where the VPN servers are, which prevents its location being known and puts a barrier network and all its safety measures up against threats, all this with the corresponding encryption of the information.

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