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Full HD vs 4K: what differences are there?

Until the 10th of July, UEFA Euro-cup will be the predominant media event on papers, online media and, above all, television. Precisely, and despite other screens, like tablets, mobile phones or laptops, television is still the preferred media to enjoy sports competitions, in our own homes, at a friend’s or …

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Acer Predator 15 G9-591-70XR Review

Predator emerges as a gaming brand. The gaming fever seems to be living a great moment. Much it is so, that no brand has wanted to miss out this opportunity and has all joined the trend. One of the most notable cases is Acer, which until now has concentrated in …

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Best Wireless Router for Gaming 2016

Nearly a week ago, we share with you all a especial guide, in which we gave you a few recommendations to help you to choose the perfect router, and to complete that article we have wanted to do a second part in which we are going to give some advice …

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UHDTV and QuadHD: Beyond the High-Definition.

A story that is likely to be repeated all around the world and it’s something that has us like protagonists, just as mere spectators of the vagaries of technology. Surely, we have bought our cutting-edge FullHd TV just some weeks ago, thinking that this technology will last for a long …

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Best Antivirus for Windows 10 home

Microsoft is making changes in Windows 10 and wants to make sure that it is the safest system against all sorts of malware, but many users still think that the solution is on an external antivirus and that it is mandatory, to keep computers away from threats. Thanks to a …

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The VPN is safe, but not infallible

Lately VPN has been in the spotlight. On one side, as a measure to protect itself upon attempts of espionage: are encrypted tunnels (in most cases) that keep someone from knowing what we are looking on Internet if, for example, we connect to public WiFi networks or we do not …

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