SanDisk Ultra II SSD Review

A SSD, no matter what on your gaming computer.

SSDs are already fully entrenched in the gaming world and are no longer unknown to the majority. Using flash memory instead of a magnetic disk, reading and writing speed, as well as its access times are much higher than those of the latter. Besides the fall in prices has experienced an acceleration in recent months, so having a major SSD on a gaming computer is a must.

Today we bring you the analysis of the SanDisk Ultra II SSD, a high performance SDD using the SATA 3 protocol and which can reach a reading speed of up to 550 MB/s and 500 MB/s for writing, both figures of sequential writing and reading, although we hope soon to have available units with NVMe protocol, which is the new standard that will replace the current SATA.

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Kaspersky Internet Security 2016 Review

What purpose will it serve to present yet again Kaspersky? The security service provider, which for some years now has been one of the major players in the market. It is difficult to find an antivirus product with good comparative advantage without finding the product range of Kaspersky there. Naturally, the fame of Kaspersky is essentially owed to the performances of the software, but also due to the various news with which the founder Eugene Kaspersky is often involved in. And yes, sometimes he is at the heart of security-related discoveries, sometimes he is accused of false positives, however, that does not prevent him every year from receiving praise and laurels from his clients who are loyal as ever. So what are the new innovations of the 2016 Anti-virus series?

These are what we will be revealing to you in what follows;

This is the good news; Kaspersky Internet Security 2016 is indeed compatible with Windows 10. Indeed, our PC had no problems during the installation of the software. Sequel to the 160 MB program, an installation which usually requires some time, it remains nevertheless reasonable compared to other softwares. The exploration of this new edition was thus able to take place quickly, even if it took more time to update the database of the security suite before you can really use it (which could be quite annoying when installing a new product on ones PC or whatsoever). Kaspersky has redesigned the interface of its security suite, which for once at this time has really improved the quality in sharpness and intuitiveness. No more imposition of the big buttons of the 2015 version, this year everything is controlled, for a more simple and handy interface. All the main features (virus Scan, update, Safe Money and Parental controls) are accessible right away. Furthermore, if last year’s Kaspersky displayed advertisements for its products throughout its interface, this year, the publisher has decided to play the card of discretion, which we thank him for doing.

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Best Computer Speakers 2016 Buying Guide

You may be looking to upgrade your speakers in order to improve your gaming experience, or you may need high quality audio for a large space – regardless of what your requirements are, you will find that choosing from the wide range of computer speakers on the market can prove to be an overwhelming task. However, with the right information, you will be able to make the process easier, simpler and more successful. From two simple speakers that have limited functionality to a seven speaker system that is all-encompassing, here are a few key pointers in choosing the best sound system for your needs.


There are several points to take into consideration when you are comparing the different speaker systems available; and the following advice will help you to make the most of these.

Understanding Speaker Specs

Deciding on the specifications of the speakers you need, and making a list of them, will help you to more easily compare the specs of different types of speakers, making the process easier.

What Is Frequency Response?

Each speaker can produce a specific range of frequency; the frequency response (measured in Hertz) tells you the range of that particular speaker. The volume a speaker is able to produce is determined by the frequency and the audio signal it is given. A flat frequency response occurs when a speaker’s volume is able to remain the same even when the frequency is changed.

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Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Review

On October 6th we attended the event Microsoft® called ‘Windows 10 Devices’ in which, along with new terminals of the range of Lumia, presented the renewal of its Pro range of convertibles. If you’re thinking about getting one, do not miss our analysis of the Surface Pro 4, the most anticipated convertible by Microsoft®.

Microsoft Surface Pro 4

Since its birth, in early 2013, the Surface Pro family has two basic principles. First, to combine under the same manufacturer both hardware (the computer itself), and software, allowing an excellent level of optimization. The second premise, also related to the union, is to offer the best of two worlds: the portability of a tablet and the power of a laptop.

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Bitdefender Antivirus Plus 2016 Review

The good: unsurpassed protection against malware. Its various phishing shields protect you from Internet fraud in virtually all situations. It is the fastest and at the same time, along with Norton Security, the one that consumes less computer resources. Its optimization tools are simple and extremely useful.

The bad: its interface can be improved. We miss some form of parental control, a boot disk or the available space for Internet backups.

Conclusion: Though the competition is becoming closer, as in the case of Kaspersky and Norton you could say that they’re almost close on its heels, Bitdefender still remains, this year, the best antivirus for Windows and Mac. It definitely needs to be more generous when it comes to including some additional tools, such as those mentioned above.

Bitdefender Antivirus Plus 2016 – a Review

This protection software of Romanian origin, made big brands such as Norton or Kaspersky to get down from their high horse, and it’s becoming quite a habit for it to lead the lists of best antivirus for PC and Mac this year. We will explain you the reasons one by one.

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Netgear R6400-100NAS AC1750 Router Review

Certainly nowadays there are a lot of routers on the market which offer higher wireless speeds than the Netgear R6400-100NAS AC1750 with its 450 Mbit/s in the 2.4 GHz the field of instrumentation and its 1300 Mbit/s in the 5 GHz range and most of them even have an eSATA port. However, these routers are also significantly more expensive than the Netgear R6400-100NAS AC1750.

Netgear R6400-100NAS

And if we are honest, the vast majority of users won’t need an eSATA port and even the 450 Mbit/s in the 2.4 GHz range are more than enough for streaming movies lag-free in HD quality on one device while one plays a network game on another device. And then there are still the 1300 Mbit/s in the 5 GHz range, that can be used simultaneously in parallel with the 450 Mbit in the 2.4 GHz range. To be able to use the full capacity of the Netgear R6400-100NAS AC1750 in the WLAN area, most DSL lines in private households are undersized.

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Philips 272G5DYEB 27-Inch G-Sync Gaming Monitor User Review

This monitor is great!  For me it meets all the important criteria that are important for me in a monitor at the moment:

  • G-Sync – No tearing or input lag ever again
  • 144Hz – paired with G-Sync just great to look at, but hard to describe … everything is so “smooth” 🙂
  • 1080p – I like to play at the native resolution and still with all the hype around UHD I can’t use it as even my GTX970 can’t shoulder modern games on 1080p and if it can there still is down sampling.
  • 27 inches – Super size if you have a somewhat lower table and thus distance from the monitor.

Before I had the only other monitor that currently met these criteria, the Acer XB270H Abprz, but it had a relatively poor black level and even for a TN panel a narrow viewing angle. Because I couldn’t get used to the poor black level I got the Philips 272G5DYEB/00. When compared noticed that the black level was much better and had no blue tinge, as is the case with the Acer and that the viewing angles and brightness distribution was better. Otherwise, they were at a fairly similar, high level in all other respects (sharpness, brightness, contrast) (for TN panels), the color reproduction was perhaps a tick better on the Acer but nothing decisive. Overall, my choice was clear and the Acer was sold again.

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SanDisk Ultra USB 3.0 OTG Flash Drive with micro USB connector Review

Although cloud based storage services is a reality for millions of users, physical storage solutions are still important, especially when it comes to moving large amounts of data. SanDisk, a veteran in this area, has renewed its catalog of solutions for tablets and phones with the new SanDisk Ultra Dual USB Drive 3.0, the protagonist of our review today.

Under the guise of standard pen drive, the SanDisk Ultra Dual USB Drive 3.0 integrates a flash drive (of up to 64 GB capacity) which offers two types of connectors, a USB 3.0 for PC or Mac and a micro USB 2.0, the standard in the industry of Android-based devices. Thanks to an ingenious and effective mechanism, you can switch from one connector to the other, depending on your needs.

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TP-LINK RE450: optimize your WiFi for a maximum performance

Surely you will feel identified with the following situation, as it’s not unusual when you have Internet service at home. Once the contract is signed, the technician from the ISP comes to your house, locates the communications output, and installs the router just some meters away.

It is true that, on rare occasions, we can negotiate an installation on another room, but sometimes this is even not enough to ensure wireless access to all locations in the house. Though this lack of coverage in every corner was not a problem a few years ago, today most homes have a wide range of devices whose full functionality depends on a correct Internet connection; and not just entertainment or productivity elements (such as laptops, smartphones, tablets and printers), but also control and safety elements (such as wireless thermostats or surveillance cameras) that can only fulfill their functions if they have a stable Network connectivity.


To check if these problems have a solution, we reviewed one of the most powerful network extenders that can be found on the market, the TP-LINK WiFi Range Extender AC1750 RE450.

For big problems…

A big problem needs a big solution and the specifications of the TP-LINK WiFi Range Extender AC1750 RE450 show it as the perfect candidate for this issue.

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A comparison of the best antivirus for Windows 7

AV-TEST has made an interesting comparison that has allowed them to see which the best antivirus are for Windows 7 that you can find in the market.

Yes, we are aware that there are more current operating systems, such as Windows 8.1 and Windows 10, but the reality is that today Windows 7 continues to lead the OS market for general consumption, and by quite a comfortable distance, a situation that doesn’t look like it’s going to change any time soon.

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