Protect your PC against ransomware with this security program

This year it looks like cryptocurrency mining is taking the lead in the lists of malware, but the truth is that one of the most frequent threats is that of ransomware. It is a type of malware that consists of capturing the files in a remote form, and once the victim’s computer is affected, demanding a monetary ransom. This type of attack is very frequent, and to avoid its consequences, the key is to protect your computer. For this, AppCheck Anti-Ransomware is an excellent ally.

AppCheck Anti-Ransomware is a security application that allows you to detect any type of ransomware threat and block it. It is free software that includes a detection system specifically for this type of threat; and at the same time, if some ransomware does come to affect our files, it also adds a decoding system to recover them. The key function in AppCheck Anti-Ransomware is in its proactive defense that uses the CARB engine to detect ransomware before it infects the computer; but also in the periodic security copies to avoid the consequences of ransomware.

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MSI OPTIX MPG27CQ : WQHD, 144Hz, 1800R, VA with a pinch of ASUS ROG DNA

Display manufacturers must not be very happy at the moment since they haven’t had very many innovations to offer consumers as of late. It seems that they have been waiting impatiently for the day when they are able to release G-Sync HDR and FreeSync 2 onto the market (but we haven’t had any updates about these systems in a while). Maybe one day they will get around to releasing these technologies! In the mean time, these manufacturers need to keep the wheels of their business machines turning; that is what MSI is doing by releasing its OPTIX MPG27CQ.


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Virtual PBX vs physical PBX, which one is better?

Maybe many of you have previously heard about virtual PBX or cloud PBX, which is a technology that allows to interconnect phones in companies, or even homes, in order to cut their overall costs and keep maintenance to a minimum, allowing the integration of technologies such as Skype at the same time. In this article, we are going to see the differences between a physical and virtual PBX to determine which one is better in each case.

The physical PBX

This was the type of PBX that was everywhere until a few years ago. Every phone was connected to a single device that physically distributed the phone lines (in the case of an office, for example). This means that we will necessarily have the physical PBX with its own power consumption, maintenance and all the necessary wiring to connect every phone that we want with a trunk line.

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Windows 10 Fall Creators Update Bloatware Free: a clean and lightweight Windows

Windows 10 Fall Creators

Windows 10 Fall Creators Update Bloatware Free is now available and it may draw the interest of users looking for a ‘clean’ and lightweight system built on Windows 10’s new version.

It is an unofficial custom version built using the MSMG Toolkit v7.7 and Windows 10 Fall Creators Update’s Build 16299.15 that Microsoft has rolled out to the Insider Program. This build is considered to be the RTM version of Windows’ new update, while the final version will hit the market next week.

Like any other unofficial edition on the Internet, this one is not officially supported nor is it authorized by Microsoft, so users should use it on their own responsibility. It is not recommended to install it in production computers for the same reasons. Having that in mind, I must say that I have been testing it for some time and it works perfectly, as we saw with the edition based on Creators Update.

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