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Do you want Swarovski crystals on your monitor? AOC is your company

AOC Monitor

The company AOC has just introduced two new computer monitors named Q27810PQ and Q2781PS, belonging to its Style Line equipped with AH-IPS panels and with 2K screen resolution. The main difference between the two is that the model Q2781PS will have crystals from the well-known manufacturer of Swarovski jewellery embedded in its back along with authentic leather, as well as the base and the contour of the external frame painted to appear as rose gold.

AOC Monitor

Let’s say that I’m not very clear as to how successful a monitor with this type of decoration included can be, especially on its rear panel which is generally where nobody is going to look at it, given that I am pretty sure that in our homes, all our monitors are placed in such a way that the back part is facing a wall. Therefore, I envision this type of monitor more in an office; more specifically, in the bosses office, where it is more common that this part of the monitor is on view to the other employees who pass by.

AOC Monitor

In any case, it is undeniable that these monitors exude style on all four sides by employing very thin frames and the “L” shaped bracket on the bottom part. That they include adjustable tilt seems to me to be a good bet on AOCs part, but that they don’t include vertical height adjustment makes me believe that it is doubtful that they were designed for graphic design professionals.

AOC Monitor

The overall specifications of these new AOC models are quite good, at first glance, given that they combine a 27 inch size with a resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels, which will give the users much sharper images than those usually achievable with the traditional Full HD resolution that these types of monitor generally use. Add to this the use of an AH-IPS panel which will give very clear and bright colors, covering the entire sRGB spectrum. They also have a good brightness level of 350 cd/m2 and a static contrast of 1,000:1, the dynamic (that no one uses) being 50M:1.

AOC Monitor

The video connection is also well covered, given that both monitors incorporate a D-Sub15 input, a DisplayPort and two HDMIs.

The price of the AOC Q2781PQ is $499, while that of the AOC Q2781PQ rises to $599.

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