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NVIDIA announces the GTX 1080, specifications and price

This morning has been very agitated, NVIDIA has introduced its two big bombs for the graphics market and since it couldn’t be any other way one of them is the GTX 1080 a high-end graphics card that presents itself as a very powerful solution.

We start with what we see externally. New design and new casing covering the card and its heat dissipation system, in line with what we told you in earlier rumors. Jumping to the specifications we have confirmed enough information but some details still remain in the air such as rasterization unit and texture counting, but thanks to the data provided by the green giant we can clearly make out that the GTX 1080 yields more than an SLI GTX 980 and the GTX TITAN X, that’s something.

GTX 1080

Awesome? Yes, especially considering it will cost $599, a figure that the GTX TITAN X came to triple at its time. But the price and performance are not the only aspects to consider, we must also assess the efficiency, and here NVIDIA has done an excellent job with Pascal, since the GTX 1080 is capable of operating at frequencies up to 1.7 GHz in a GPU with a consumption of 180W.

GTX 1080

The distance set of efficiency levels over previous generations is enormous, even if we compare it directly with the GTX 900 series, but it also has the honor of being the first to use 8GB of GDDR5X running at an effective 10 GHz on a 256bit bus. In the table shown you can see a summary of the specifications we know so far which are already confirmed.

GTX 1080

Switching to a personal plane I think the GTX 1080 is a truly groundbreaking solution with a very affordable price for what it offers, and that certainly marks a huge leap over the GTX 900s. Of course those who preferred to wait to see the new series GTX 1000 before renewing their graphics card can be happy, because NVIDIA has done a good job and has not gone out of hand with the prices.

It will be available starting May 27.

GTX 1080

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