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Recover files from flash drives with MiniTool Power Data Recovery

To recover information deleted by mistake, from formatted units or recovering complete File systems is not always easy and the results may be so varied. What we do know is that this usually is an expensive, with expensive programs, with some exceptions.

Power Data Recovery

To recover files from usb drives is not a simple task and do not get confused, it is not always possible and most likely we will not be able to recover all of the information. There are apps that will allow us to recover a great part of the files, especially if those files have not been “footed” by another information. To act soon is important.

Today i am showing you how easy it is with Digital media Recovery, an utility inside of MiniTool Power Data Recovery 7, to try to recover that information inside of the flash drive.

Power Data Recovery

We must click “Digital Media Recovery”. This will read the different drives connected to our Pc- then we must select the correct drive, where we have lost the information, and click in “Full Scan”. This will take a while, 30 minutes in a 32 GB drive. The app will also store the last Search performed, and we can also store them manually . This is very useful if we have to leave the task for another moment, it usually happens when we do not have enough space for the memory in the target drive . The recuperation results always are stored in another drive.

Power Data Recovery

Once the scanning has finished the program shows a list of the files found and that can be recovered. The advantage of this app is that offers to us a direct visualization of the files, including their hexadecimal content, so that we can recover the files knowing what we are recovering.

Power Data Recovery

We choose the files that we want to recover and the we must click on “SAVE”. This will ask to us a route/path for the core dump. Once this is Done we will se our files available in the specified path. This app has a free version that allows you to recover up to 1GB of data, the personal version costs 69 US dollars.

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