Root Android: how to root android phone without or with computer [Full Guide]

Android is an open source system. This not only means that developers can get its source and make custom versions of it, but, also, that we (users) could customize our mobile devices’ software, thanks to an high level of flexibility.


To increase our freedom of action even more, we can apply an unlocking procedure called Root, which lets you bypass all the restrictions that usually deny the access to “deeper” areas of the system.

In simple terms, when you root Android, you become a 100% “master” of your device. You can edit operating system files, “overclock” your smartphone (that is: increase its performances) by editing hardware parameters (such as the cpu frequency). There are many interesting apps which require the device to have root in order to work. For example, like this ones that lets you make complete backups of the system, or control the device in remote.  Besides, the new cellphones usually come with pre-installed apps that you just cannot uninstall (unless you have rooted your device) . Another advantage is that being root you will have the total control of your Android operating system, and you will even be able of changing the operating system manually or at advanced levels. Those are just some examples of what you can do or how root could help you.

Is it dangerous to root ?

It’s a completely legal operation, but it often voids the warranty of your smartphone (or tablet): it all depends by the producer’s policies.

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Best Android Apps 2018

Although it’s pretty well equipped from the point of view of hardware and also pretty good to look at, a smartphone does little if it doesn’t have the right apps. That’s why today I want to offer you a list with the best Android apps that shouldn’t be missed for anything in the world.

Lower your eyes a few inches and you’ll find dozens of apps dedicated to the Internet, communication, multimedia, and productivity that are just waiting but being downloaded. Try them all out and I assure you that you won’t regret it. Most of them are free, apart from some small “gems” for a fee that I think are worth considering … because the work of developers should be supported and you want more functional, good looking apps!

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How to install Android on your PC

You own a new generation Android smartphone and you’re a lover of the green robot’s operating system. After searching far and wide on the internet, you came across this article hoping to find a solution to your “problem”. Tell me everything, what can I help you with? What did you say? You’d like to find a tool that allows you to install Android on your PC and use all the smartphone apps and games with a mouse and keyboard? No problem, I can help you. Everything you need to know is included in this guide. I’ll explain in detail what you need to do to install Android on PC.

Before you get it into your head that this is a complicated process, I want to clarify that installing Android on your PC is actually an extremely simple procedure and available for everyone. All you have to do is download one of the most popular free emulation software packages on your PC. Using a virtual machine, you can easily use Android on your PC. The emulation software is nothing more than a program that allows you to reproduce the operation of the Android operating system, so you can download and use all the apps available on the OS created by Google. Don’t worry, it’s all much easier than you imagine. You don’t need computer skills at all and it’s no longer necessary to create partitions of the Windows operating system, as was the case some time ago. Thanks to emulation software, installing Android on your PC is practically child’s play.

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How to solve Android Phone USB connection not showing when connected via USB cable?

It’s possible that while trying to connect your Smartphone to the PC via the USB port this one won’t recognize it, but let’s calm down, and don’t despair, the Free Android (El Androide Libre) is here to the rescue.

In this post we’ll leave you a few possible solutions so you can connect your android to your PC without any problems. Or at least we’ll try.

Not detecting the USB connection? Let’s start with the basics

Many times we turn something small into a big deal unnecessarily. It happens to all of us that when something fails we immediately go to the complicated answers, without realizing that the solution is right in front of us.

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Which is better: the iPhone or a top-of-the-range Android smartphone? Don’t look at the specifications

Let’s clear the field of misunderstandings right away: while it is possible, of course, to compare the features of the iOS and Android operating systems, thinking you can compare the technical specifications of the iPhone with those of Android smartphones is a mistake – and also pretty sketchy -. Let’s see why.

Which is better: an iPhone or an Android smartphone?

When you try to compare one of the latest iPhone models with a top-range Android smartphone, you’ll be often shocked to hear that Apple phones only integrate 2 GB of RAM, whereas with one of the most convincing Android devices have at least 4 or even 6 GB of RAM.  (Read More: How much RAM does Android smartphone need?)

Only the iPhone 7 Plus has recently introduced 3 GB of RAM (DRAM LPDDR4).

iPhone vs Android smartphone

Still, an iPhone can guarantee high performance, absolutely comparable with those of “rival” smartphones in the Android universe..

So much so that – with the passage of time – different forks of Android were created, i.e. versions derived from the original Google code. Just think about Amazon’s FireOS, RemixOS and to all the various Android “custom ROMs” (i.e. CyanogenMod) installed on mobile devices.

Android must, therefore. have to deal with thousands of possible hardware configurations, completely different from each other.

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How much RAM does Android smartphone need? Is 1GB or 2GB Ram enough for Android smartphone?

With the arrival of Qualcomm’s new SoC Snapdragon 835 and 8 GB RAM devices, “top of the range” Android smartphones will always be “filled” with more and more memory.

But how much RAM should a smartphone have? Should you buy a 4 GB smartphone or one with more RAM memory?

RAM capability has, in fact, become one of the biggest features flaunted around by Android smartphone producers. Much more than its predecessors were.

RAM actually has a lot more of an impact on consumers than previous models, which are increasingly coming in second.

How much RAM does a smartphone need?

Smartphones typically use eMMC or UFC memory for “non-volatile” data storage.

RAM, however, guarantees noticeably faster access time in terms of storage: ample portions of the operating system and of the app being used are ran with RAM so as to reset the “bottle neck” coming from storage access.

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Your smartphone battery does not charge? What’s the reason and how to solve?

Our cellphone is a device with a large number of components and accessories, and all must work perfectly in order to obtain the optimal experience.One of the most common problems is when the cellphone does not charge the battery, something that unfortunately happens more often than it seems. Although it may seem a simple problem -it is in its just measure-, in reality there may be several causes to a problem encountered when charging the phone.

If your cellphone cannot charge the battery as it should (takes a long time reaching 100% (or, simply, it does not fully charge), it gets very hot during charging, does not recognize the cable in the first place …), you should know that there are several possible causes, and likewise, a solution for each one of them. Are you ready to know all of the possible causes and their solutions? We will show them to you below, with a graph that will guide you to the most likely solution to your charging problem.

Is the cable in good condition?

Cellphone battery does not charge

The first component that we have to check is the USB cable with which we connect our smartphone to the power supply. The main reason for checking this component is that it is one that can deteriorate easily, and it is also the cheapest component to replace.

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How to free up storage space on Android Phone or Tablet

We will teach you all possible ways to free space in Android in an effective way. Take full advantage of your phone even though it has a reduced storage.

Mobile phones with less than 16GB internal storage capacity are disappearing, but you may still find some that have 8GB capacity. We do not recommend any of them: if you are looking for a new smartphone, try not to notice any that has less than 32GB of storage. This should be the minimum required to have a good experience, even though it will not be a certain guarantee. A gift, a bad decision… We will now teach you how to effectively free space in Android.

Do not install applications that free RAM or save Battery.

They are not worth it. Adding to the fact that the majority adds even more consumption, almost all of these apps take more permissions than needed and have advertisement. Eliminating RAM that is not being used, Cache Memory… The system will continuously renovate resources when needed, which is why you won’t do much with these apps.

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Best Android Streaming Media Player Box 2017 Buying Guide

Virtually all TVs we can buy today carry some kind of internet-connected software, allowing us to enjoy content from all types of online platforms like Netflix, HBO, Amazon or YouTube, as well as reproduce content that is Stored on an external unit connected to our TV. The possibilities that Android media players connected to the television offer are considerably greater.

These Android players (known as set-top boxes) allow us to play videos stored on our local network or external devices such as USB sticks and external hard drives, or use the streaming services we mentioned above, along with those of the operators.

Android media players

In addition to being players, we can convert these devices into video game consoles thanks to the large number of emulators available on Android, as well as the native games of the operating system itself. Not to mention the number of applications on Android for all kinds of tasks.

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Android device running slow: How to speed up your slow android phone?

Over time it is normal for problems to arise and translate into a slow Android experience. We explain below what problems you could find and how to solve them.

When using an electronic appliance such as a TV or a dishwasher you might be used to it not being degraded by use, at least not in a few years. With computers this is not the case because of the operating system and it’s the same with smart phones, which are just pocket computers and have the same problems.

Over time, the problems that make Android slow multiply

That’s why if after a while using your phone you feel your Android slows down it may not be just your imagination or maybe it is not slower than before but you still want to improve it. We will tell you what are the main reasons for this, what problems you could find and how to solve them.

slow android phone

A suitable launcher is key

If you have recently changed the launcher and you notice the phone is slower now it is possible that the launcher is the reason. Not all interfaces consume the same amount of resources and not all are as fluid.

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