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Best Antivirus for Windows 10

Regarding antiviruses, there are a plethora of logical options. We all use the internet differently and inn order to help you choose, we’ll determine which security suite suits which user profile. After closely analyzing most of 2017’s suites, one thing is for certain: these solutions have a rather limited impact …

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Bitdefender Free Edition Reveiw: How it works

I already told you. Your antivirus is a sieve. It lets all kinds of malware through. You didn’t believe me and now you’ve got a nice virus. Serves you right! Yes, it’s true, no antivirus is infallible, but protecting yourself with the wrong software doesn’t help! My advice? Install Bitdefender …

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Best Free Antivirus 2018 for Windows 10, Windows 7 and 8

As the Internet usage increases, so do the threats that try to get into our PC. Cyberwars and cyberattacks, new tricks, botnet battles and attacks with ransomware like WannaCry have caused chaos during 2017. Ransomware, which are programs that extort you, were one of the most feared threats for many …

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The best antiviruses of 2017 for Windows 10 according to AV-TEST

Even though Windows Defender keeps improving its preinstalled antivirus protection on Windows 10 PCs, other ‘complementary’ software are certainly key to keep your PC’s security at a maximum. Therefore, freeing us from malware threats, evidently, although in some cases it would mean sacrificing our PC’s performance ever so slightly. AV-TEST …

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The Best Antivirus for Windows to Protect You this 2017

A new year has just begun that will undoubtedly be plagued with technological developments, new releases and countless applications that we’ll try to keep you updated of at all times. We will talk about many different categories, but, inevitably, one of the most important sections will be dedicated to the …

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