BenQ cares about your eyes with the EW3270ZL “Eye-Care”

The EW3270ZL Eye-Care is a new 32 inches monitor with different technologies to make it more comfortable to the eye and avoid problems arising from long periods of use.

The functionalities related to “eye care” can be found in its LED lighting system without PWM to avoid micro-blinking and also in a lighting system adaptable via an ambient light sensor. Naturally, it includes a blue light filter in one of its modes of operation.

Benq EW3270ZL

The panel used is an AMVA+ with 1.070 million colors and a resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels with viewing angles of 178º both vertically and horizontally. Its response time reaches 4 ms GtG and features DisplayPort MiniDP HDMI and audio inputs for its two 3W speakers. Its price is still unknown.

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BenQ XL2420G Gaming Monitor Review

Although NVIDIA’s G-SYNC technology has been among us for over a year, it hasn’t been until the last few months that we’ve started to see monitors specially designed to make the most of a reasonable price, always taking into account the fact that we’re talking about high quality peripherals aimed at a public range where price is not the most important variable. We’ve tested the new BenQ XL2420G and this are our impressions.

In spite of its clear “gaming” orientation, the new BenQ monitor displays a discrete and almost conservative esthetic, except for subtle parts in red. The panel fits very easily in one of the best supports we’ve seen in years, with height adjustment (130 mm.) and inclination (from -5°to +20°) and that incorporates solutions as practical as a cable conductor and a transport hook.

Along the bezel we find capacitive tactile buttons to control menus, the power button and the integrated IR emitter (necessary for 3D mode). Unlike other models, BenQ has situated it on the lower bezel, which may be a problem if we use bulky peripherals as a wheel or a joystick with throttle. The firm also includes the S-Switch, a control system where we can select between three predefined modes and navigate through the configuration menus more comfortably.

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