Best Blu-ray player 2015

The new Full HD TVs have a very superior image quality than we are used to enjoy in previous tube TVs or plasma: they have better definition, better technology, better digital image quality…

Therefore it is important that you consider that if you have a new HDTV, DVD can’t offer you sufficient quality when enjoying movies. It’s time to change and make that final leap to Blu-ray.

Blu-ray format vs. DVD

If you do not know the benefits that the new Blu-ray offers compared to DVD, you should know that the gap is abysmal from one to the other. DVDs have a limited storage capacity of 4.7 GB on a single layer disc and 8.5GB on dual-layer discs, and the data transfer rate of a DVD (the speed at which you can read ) is limited to barely 11.1 Mb / s.

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