Guide: What is the minimum processor recommended for each graphic card?

One of the matters that worries most of the users when configuring a new PC is the known topic of the bottleneck originated by the CP, something understandable since each graphic card may have determined requirements and may need a processor of lower or higher capacity.

Beforehand, I would like to clarify in a vast and transparent way what the bottleneck originated by the CPU is, since it is a big enough topic and I believe that not everyone has completely understood it, not even after reading this publication, that I believe you should read.

This bottleneck implies that one or more of the components offers a lower performance to the one provided by other system elements, and as they are supposed to work together with these, they are slowing or limiting their true potential. This is the simplest definition I can provide.

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Guide for Building a Cheap Gaming PC with a RX480

Like we mentioned a few days ago, AMD has released the RX480, the graphics card with the best price/performance ratio to date, and there were a lot of you who asked us about what the perfect combination of components would be. Ok then, we’ll try to shed some light on this.

One of the biggest concerns is if this new line of GPUs from AMD are as CPU dependent as previous graphics cards from the red giant, well, we are sorry to inform you that this is still the case.

What does this mean? That a CPU will be used more if we use an AMD graphics card than one from NVidia, which will cause it to reach its limit earlier with an AMD, which will give us less frames per second. Now, this shouldn’t worry us if we have an Intel CPU newer than the sandy bridge models or an FX83xx or superior, but if you have an FX6300 or something less powerful, your graphics could be limited.

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Guide: Mistakes you shouldn’t commit when updating a PC

Many of us have had to update a PC more than once, a process that implies making decisions that may always end up being really complicated, mostly when we have a limited budget and we have to change more than one component.

Unfortunately there’s no magic guide that will make us be right without problems and guarantees complete success, at least without entering into very large texts and with some complexity, but with this article we’ve gathered a series of key advises that will help us avoid some of the most important mistakes that are commonly committed when updating a PC.


As always, we hope this will be helpful for you and we invite you to leave any doubt in the comments.

1- Looking only for new components

Is a very common flaw, since there’s a popular belief that buying second hand computer components is a bad investment, when precisely, it may end up being the opposite.

Restored or “refurbished” solutions generally allow us to get almost new products at a good price and have up to two years of guarantee, so they are an excellent option.

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Guide: Economic PC to achieve a superior gaming experience to PS4

Without a doubt, inside the new generation PS4 has become a very accessible solution that offers a good potency-price balance, something that makes it an interesting option, mostly for those players with limited budgets that aren’t sure if they should invest in an economic PC or make the jump to the consoles.

In these situations it is unavoidable to ask ourselves a question, is it possible to assemble an economic PC that matches or surpasses the PS4 without stepping into a much bigger cost? The answer is yes, and we’ll talk about that in this article.

Nowadays the basic edition of PS4 with the basic chassis has an average price of 350 euros, and assembling this equipment we’ll stay as close to this number as we can. Have in mind that the final result will be a PC with more global potency than a PS4, and therefore it will also have superior performance than the Xbox One.

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Purchase Guide for Second Hand Components

When renovating our PC many of us have had to choose, in certain occasions, to buy second hand components, a market that can serve us as a scape valve when we don´t have enough budget to face the cost of a renovation with new components or we simply don’t want to make that investment because we’re only looking to extend a little the useful life of the device until we can change it completely.

However, the market for second hand components is an authentic jungle, and not only because of the prices, but also because we take the chance of acquiring a product that is in bad condition or that doesn’t work properly, so we must proceed very carefully.

Obviously this doesn’t change the fact that it is an interesting market in which we can find very attractive solutions and at a good price that can be very helpful, but as we said we have to proceed carefully, search exhaustively and mostly, have a clear approximate value that is fair to pay for what we are searching for.

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Dedicated graphics card or integrated, hard disk or SSD: five PC components that you need to know which one is the best for you

Maybe it’s time to renew your computer: find a computer that fits your needs in this new season. Or, on the other hand, you may only want to expand its power or capacity.

What do you need to know about the components of a computer to mount the best PC or get the right parts? Though at first this may be complex, the important parts of a computer that you must assess are not too many. Let’s get to know them better.

The hard drive

hard drive

The hard drive is possibly one of the most important components of a computer: thanks to them you can store data and install the operating systems. There are several types of drives: magnetic hard drives (the most widespread), SSDs (new and fast) and hybrid drives that combine both technologies.

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Best Graphics card under 200 dollars for 1080p Gaming

Although many users still use lower resolutions, we can say that playing in 1080p has become the new standard or, to put it in other way, the main goal of most of the PC gaming community.

One of the main reasons lies in the good quality-value relation that implies mounting a computer that allows you to enjoy these resolutions with acceptable performance, in addition to the large drop in prices that high quality monitors have experienced, coming in large sizes and Full HD resolutions.

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Best budget gaming pc build 2015

In this guide we will walk you through different options and configurations suitable for all budgets so that you can get your hands on the computer of your dreams; Retro Gaming, Home PC, Pro Player performance and even the coveted 400 dollars Low Cost PC.

budget gaming pc build

The nextgen consoles have been on the market for a year now and they have given us joy and also disappointments. Some of this disappointments have occurred, possibly, due to the high expectations many users had deposited on Sony and Microsoft’s PCs, hoping they would stand up to Gaming PC in terms of power. The resolution gate, the failed attempts to reach the 1080p at 60 fps have been just the tip of the iceberg in exempted arguments by the players of the compatible. And it’s that the PC door hides a lot of advantages, each time more attractive, but not always within reach of everybody’s budgets. The initial investment is higher than buying a home console. This is why we bring you this guide, which tries to show you the different options and profiles with the most competitive prices to this moment. For all of those who want more than just a console, better graphics, better frame rate, bug solutions, mods community, offers and games you don’t have to pay 74.95 dollars for. In short, for all of those readers, users and bloggers that want to become part of the every time bigger PC Master Race.

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Best Gaming PC build under 500 dollars 2015

We all want to play our favorites games on the PC, but for the price of most solutions offered by manufacturers we can hardly afford it. The alternative of mounting components to arm your own PC should never be neglected, and here we have listed some settings for less than $500 that may be of your interest.

Probably like us, you feel pretty excited when you think on the crusade that Valve and its allies are undertaking to create a new videogame ecosystem based on PCs. This is nothing to be ashamed of, Steam Machines are so impressive that we all want to have one at home, but not everyone feels satisfied with what most manufacturers can offer.

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