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Guide for Building a Cheap Gaming PC with a RX480

Like we mentioned a few days ago, AMD has released the RX480, the graphics card with the best price/performance ratio to date, and there were a lot of you who asked us about what the perfect combination of components would be. Ok then, we’ll try to shed some light on …

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AMD Radeon RX 480 8GB vs Radeon RX 480 4GB Benchmark Comparison

The launch of the Radeon RX 480 has been disastrous: the reference model overclocks very mildly and its cooling system is no good,custom models can’t also overclock much,and of course,these custom models,the most anticipated, are not even for sale yet, but if something can still save the name of AMD …

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Purchase Guide for Second Hand Components

When renovating our PC many of us have had to choose, in certain occasions, to buy second hand components, a market that can serve us as a scape valve when we don´t have enough budget to face the cost of a renovation with new components or we simply don’t want …

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Best Graphics card under 200 dollars for 1080p Gaming

Although many users still use lower resolutions, we can say that playing in 1080p has become the new standard or, to put it in other way, the main goal of most of the PC gaming community. One of the main reasons lies in the good quality-value relation that implies mounting …

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Best budget gaming pc build 2015

In this guide we will walk you through different options and configurations suitable for all budgets so that you can get your hands on the computer of your dreams; Retro Gaming, Home PC, Pro Player performance and even the coveted 400 dollars Low Cost PC. The nextgen consoles have been …

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Best Gaming PC build under 500 dollars 2015

We all want to play our favorites games on the PC, but for the price of most solutions offered by manufacturers we can hardly afford it. The alternative of mounting components to arm your own PC should never be neglected, and here we have listed some settings for less than …

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