What We Can Do with Action Cameras Where Smartphones are Not Good Enough?

cameras Action or sports cameras were highly popular a few years ago and that will hardly happen again. The sales of these cameras have been stabilized slowly but surely, making them a specialized device that does not intend to compete against other cameras or phones. Actually, they are the best option for what they were created.

Dozens of manufacturers came out when the action camera market grew, but the growth was due to the team behind GoPro and the evolution set by their HERO cameras. Virtually every year we see a new lineup besting the previous one at everything while manufacturers try to keep offering support for the same accessories.

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Best IP surveillance camera 2018

Security is one of the essential components of what is commonly referred to as the “Smart Home”. Surveillance is what these small IP cameras do best; they serve as tiny sentinels that watch over your home in your absence. If any movement is detected, you are immediately alerted via your smartphone which you can also use to access your cameras at any time – without the need for a computer.

The installation of this type of personalized and economical video surveillance system can be done without professional assistance: all of the cameras hand-picked and tested by Tom’s Guide can be installed by just about anyone. The manufacturers of these cameras claim that their systems only take a few minutes to install, but as you will read further on, this is not always the case.

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Best Camera Phone 2018: What was the Smartphone with the Best Camera?

camera In 2017 there has been a flood of presentations of mobile units, and one of the arguments with the most weight when it comes time to choose one is its photo or video camera. Each manufacturer tries to set itself apart in this field with technological elements like sensors or optics, which makes it a bit complicated to make a choice when buying.

There are hundreds of mobile phones on the marker, with a clear tendency toward the use of dual cameras on the back to increase the functionality and versatility of the cameras. Again, each manufacturer opts to give its units dual cameras with a determined and different functionality.

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Canon G9 X MK II Review, the best compact camera in 2018


  • WiFi and NFC chip
  • Efficient 1-inch sensor
  • New generation of Digic 7 processor
  • Very good image quality
  • Very nice retro look


  • Video capture limited to HD and FHD
  • Its battery autonomy is not great

Introducing the Canon G9 X MK II, the comprehensive, classy, and compact camera

Despite the very strong competition between the major players in the compact camera market, Canon’s Mark II is the clear winner. The original G9 X, released in 2015, already represented an audacious response to the growing popularity of smartphones. With the G9 X, Canon continues to silence those skeptics who consider that compact cameras, in the era of the iPhone X and the new Galaxy, are doomed to extinction. The compact camera industry still has a few tricks left up its sleeve!

 the Canon G9 X MK IIRetailing for under 500€, this camera has the best quality to price ratio of all the devices appearing in the complete comparison that I wrote at the end of 2017.

Design and ergonomics

The Canon PowerShot G9 X Mark II differs very slightly from its predecessors. One thing is certain, this camera is very compact and can easily be carried around in a pocket.

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The 7 Best Compact Cameras 2018 – Complete comparison

After evaluating the most modern devices, I concluded that the Canon G9 X MK II was the best compact camera of 2017! To learn more about it, check out the second part of this comparison dealing with mid-range models.

Don’t forget to read the buyer’s guide at the end of this comparison for more information!

The best compact cameras retailing for under 200$

The entry-level segment of the compact camera market has been struggling lately. These days, smartphones are poised to overtake compact cameras since, on the whole, they retail for less and often have better image quality.

For a camera to be competitive in this segment of the market, it needs, at the very least, to be as practical as a smartphone. It must have good connectivity and an accompanying app that makes it easy to share photos. And, what about image quality? This is usually not something that entry-level cameras excel at, especially compact cameras…

That having been said, I tried hard to find the three compact cameras that had good enough quality to supersede most smartphones.

Canon PowerShot ELPH 190: the compact camera tailored to capturing memories



  • Ultra-compact
  • NFC chip
  • WiFi connectivity

  • Decent image quality

The Canon PowerShot ELPH 190 was released in 2017. Much effort was put into to making this camera as thin as possible; as such, it is Canon’s most compact camera. But what did Canon have to sacrifice in order to achieve this degree of compactness? Because it is lightweight and easy to hold, the ELPH 190 should be able please a wide audience; however, anyone expecting very good image quality from this compact camera is likely to be disappointed – in spite of its 20-megapixel sensor…

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