PS4 vs. PS4 Pro, what’s the difference? Which console should I choose?

After the launch of the new Sony console many users were left with a big question, whether they should choose the PS4 or the PS4 Pro, and it is natural, since the second has not finished convincing us and is still swimming in a sea of uncertainty.

We say this because the improvements we have seen in games of both consoles are in generally quite small, and because of that many users do not find enough motivation to opt for PS4 Pro, although at the same time they question if this is just something temporary and if it will end up being improved in the short term, when developers start getting the gist of said console.

All this leaves us with a difficult decision, and now that we have Black Friday and Christmas shopping coming soon, we want to help you dispel doubts and clarify ideas a bit, so that you can choose the system that best suits you.

PS4 Pro

PS4 Pro, a console that is not what it seems

Sony has “sold” PS4 Pro as a 4K console and it really is not, at least not strictly speaking. It uses rescaling techniques and HDR, elements that allow it to offer an improvement in graphic quality without consuming too many resources, but that obviously does not reach the level of what would be a native 4K experience.

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