Dell updates XPS 15 laptops with Kaby Lake Processor and GTX 1050 GPU

The powerful and slim Dell laptop XPS 15 will receive an update to renew processors and graphic cards. The new model will be called the Dell XPS 15 9560.

Dell XPS 15

The current GPU, which in the current model is a GTX 960M, will move to a new GeForce GTX 1050 with  a power that should be much higher.. As it goes for processors, although it has not yet been officially announced, it seems as though it will be updated with the new seventh generation Kaby Lake,  from a Core i3-7100HQ to a Core i7-7700HQ going through the Core i5-7300HQ.

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The Dell UP3017Q costs a kidney, but is wonderful!

It is true, we all know Dell specializes in building beautiful displays, nonetheless, we’ve got to recognize that the UP3017Q goes directly to the number one place, it is the first OLED of the company with a screen size of 30 inches. Now, we’ll cover all the details of it of course, nonetheless, we must advice you properly if you are truly interested in purchasing such an OLED display, you better got a wallet ready for the news you are about to read.

The main of all the advantages that having an OLED display represents is the quality of what you will actually get, the colors will appear sharper and vibrant and also, contrary to fact, the screen itself will consume far less energy. In addition, thanks to the incorporation of an OLED panel the Dell UP3017Q frames employ a much thinner shape than its predecessors, not to mention the very special ability the OLED displays have by nature, while playing your favorites games, they seem to move much more smoothly and naturally, OLED amazes!

Dell UP3017Q

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