Best Gaming PC 2019 Buying Guide: our 8 picks among all brands

Introduction: our selection of 8 gaming PCs

Gaming PCPCs have become incredibly diverse in recent years: there are now Intel NUC mini-PCs (for a living room), all-in-one PCs, powerful tablet computers, hybrid laptops with 360-degree tilting displays, incredibly thin and lightweight ultrabooks, and amazingly high-performance gaming laptops.

However, none of these computers can be called a “real PC” – a computer that can easily be repaired and adapted to ever-evolving hardware and software constraints.

Gaming PC

While the tendency in recent years has been to replace desktop PCs with laptops, PC manufacturers are still as active and innovative as ever in the development of desktop gaming PCs. Major manufacturers, such as Dell, Asus, Acer, MSI, Lenovo, and HP offer gaming PCs with a “warlike” appearance that are often stuffed full of LEDs. These gaming PCs are well-suited to receiving upgrades and optimizations (several graphics cards, liquid cooling, etc.).

The gaming PC market is also driven by specialized retailers (Amazon, for example) as well as computer assembly companies such as Newegg, BestBuy. In addition to distributing PCs produced by major manufacturers, these companies offer PCs assembled from the individual hardware components that can be purchased by anybody. These assembled PCs are usually less expensive than those offered by PC manufacturers, but they are also less original in terms of their design.

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