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Nvidia RTX at a glance: Should I upgrade my graphics card?

The new Nvidia RTX graphics cards mark a quantum leap. We explain what they are capable of and whether you should upgrade your graphics card. It’s not every day that new graphics cards are announced. The last generation already arrived a good two years ago, which means that video games …

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Our readers speak: Mid-range or high-end graphics?

When we assemble a PC or update an existing configuration we have the option of choosing high-end or mid-range graphics cards, a decision that can end up being rather complicated , especially if we have a decent budget. The decision is important because it affects not only user experience when …

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Best Graphics Card 2017: Advice and tips for buying

On the March update, we highlight the price decrease of the GTX 1080, which finally cost less than 600 dollars. There are also news within the mid-range, with the 8 GB RX 480 having a much more attractive price and the 4 GB Gigabyte RX 460 costing only 120 dollars. …

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Guide: "obsolete" graphics cards that still perform well

Technology advances and changes very quickly, but certainly one of the areas that is most affected by this fact is the graphics card, since new releases occur quite frequently and the feeling of being “outdated” is noticeable even if we only have a generation behind. But do not worry, it …

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