Review: HP Omen 15-ax043dx Gaming Laptop Review

Recently, HP presents a laptop perfectly designed for demanding gamers that want to move around a lot.

On this occasion we review the OMEN 15-ax043dx , a computer with outstanding features for its price range and one that will allow you to go anywhere and still be able to enjoy your favorite games without much trouble.

This laptop is a great computer for those gamers looking for both power and portability in a single device. Usually, portable computers benefit more the latter than the former, but in the case of the OMEN 15-ax043dx we see that the that the scale leans a little more towards quality because it is slightly larger and heavier than average. Its dimensions are approximately 38 cm in width, 25 cm in depth and 2.5 in height (when the laptop is closed) and it weighs practically two kilograms, although depending on the characteristics you set up, it may vary slightly.

HP Omen 15-ax043dx

Its design is quite elegant. The exterior is made of durable carbon fiber of a slightly textured black color while the interior is of the same color but without texture. It has red accents (very typical in recent brand gamer laptop designs) although fewer than in other computers, like Asus GL552JX. This laptop feels sturdy and well manufactured so you’ll hardly have manufacturing problems with external parts, as long as you take care of your system as you should.

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HP Spectre 13, HP’s notebook that exceeds the MacBook

HP knows that the world of laptops is won by the high-end range and with the new Spectre 13 they want to exceed the level of the MacBook

HP has introduced a new generation of laptops among which is the latest generation of its Ultrabook HP Spectre 13, an update to convert the HP ultraportable laptop in one of the thinnest you can buy.

HP Spectre 13

In a world where fewer and fewer desktops are sold and when you want to buy a laptop the prices are always getting lower, those who really give money to these companies are the high-end range, such as MacBook Air or Dell XPS 13 type Ultrabooks, among others. This is where HP wants to place its new HP Spectre 13, a laptop as thin as a AAA battery, in other words, 10.4mm thick.

HP Spectre 13

They’re just a few millimeters, but this HP Spectre 13 already beats the new 11-inch MacBook measuring 13mm closed. Along with its IPS screen size up to 13.3-inches and its premium materials, HP begins to achieve a high-end laptop with good features.

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HP Star Wars Special Notebook Edition Laptop Review

Sometimes when we are fans of some important saga, either in film or video games, sometimes we do everything possible to get special editions that are unique either because they are limited in number or because we imagine how such products and accessories would look in our room or office.


This time our friends at HP Pavilion sent us a special edition of Star Wars notebook. Its presentation is spectacular, from the packaging to the sponges that protect the computer, everything is custom made, to the smallest detail. In fact, it looks so good that when out of the box the first thing you imagine is “this must be very powerful” – sure, as long as you have not read the technical specifications and you’ve given in to its looks.

HP Star Wars Special Notebook Edition Laptop

And unfortunately this is not the gaming laptop of your dreams, at least not the model that was given to us. We have the model with the Core i5 processor and 6GB RAM. In stores, they sell more expensive models, with better technical specifications. Coming back to the presentation, we know that you could be disappointed with the “not the gaming computer of your dreams” thing, but although it is not, this device is focused on multimedia entertainment and its distinctive “I have Star Wars notebook” bragging right thing.

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