The best 12 iPhone XS and XS Max tricks

iPhone XS The new iPhone XS and XS Max that Apple launched a month ago at the Apple Event are a commercial hit. Their powerful processors, their big bezel-less displays, the design inherited from the iPhone X and the new camera features have prompted many users to replace their phones with the most powerful iPhone right now.

For those with older iPhone models, these two new iPhones are full of novelties, new options, gestures and features that we will break down in order to make the most out of these smartphones.

iPhone XS and XS Max tricks

Setting up Face ID

The new iPhone XS and XS Max have a new security and unlocking system called Face ID. Apple has replaced Touch ID with a new technology that uses thousands of dots to scan our face and identify us flawlessly.

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Which is better: the iPhone or a top-of-the-range Android smartphone? Don’t look at the specifications

Let’s clear the field of misunderstandings right away: while it is possible, of course, to compare the features of the iOS and Android operating systems, thinking you can compare the technical specifications of the iPhone with those of Android smartphones is a mistake – and also pretty sketchy -. Let’s see why.

Which is better: an iPhone or an Android smartphone?

When you try to compare one of the latest iPhone models with a top-range Android smartphone, you’ll be often shocked to hear that Apple phones only integrate 2 GB of RAM, whereas with one of the most convincing Android devices have at least 4 or even 6 GB of RAM.  (Read More: How much RAM does Android smartphone need?)

Only the iPhone 7 Plus has recently introduced 3 GB of RAM (DRAM LPDDR4).

iPhone vs Android smartphone

Still, an iPhone can guarantee high performance, absolutely comparable with those of “rival” smartphones in the Android universe..

So much so that – with the passage of time – different forks of Android were created, i.e. versions derived from the original Google code. Just think about Amazon’s FireOS, RemixOS and to all the various Android “custom ROMs” (i.e. CyanogenMod) installed on mobile devices.

Android must, therefore. have to deal with thousands of possible hardware configurations, completely different from each other.

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How to boot iPhone in DFU mode

Are you trying to restore or update your iPhone, but you can’t complete the operation due to unusual error messages shown in iTunes? Don’t panic. Before you call Apple support service, or even think about a replacement of your apple phone, try to reset the device through DFU mode.

The DFU (acronym for Device Firmware Update) is a modality that lets you reinstall or update the iPhone firmware, bypassing its boot loader, so avoiding all those obstacles and troubles that sometimes could make iTunes freeze or crash.

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How to Restore / Factory Reset an iPhone / iPad

You have decided to sell your iPhone but do not know how to restore it and erase all data on the device? You have been noticing strange malfunctions that make your iPhone lose connection or “get stuck” from time to time? Do not despair: I am here today to explain how restore an iPhone and deal with this kind of situations.

What are you saying? You are not very good when it comes to technology and you are afraid that my suggestions are going to be too hard to follow or too complex for you? You have no reason to worry – I can assure you of that. You do not need to be a computer whiz or use any kind of specialist software to reset an iPhone, you have my word. The only thing you are actually going to need is a few spare minutes, together with a little patience and attention – nothing else.

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