CORSAIR K63 Wireless Mechanical Keyboard & Gaming Lapboard Review, gaming from your sofa!

Presenting the wireless living room gaming PC kit

Corsair K63 Gaming LapboardTwo years ago, the “Steam machine” craze motivated several manufacturers to conceive an innovative new device: the lapboard. This accessory is intended to allow keyboard and mouse aficionados to game in their living room while maintaining maximum comfort. The Corsair Lapdog, Razer Turret, and Roccat Sova were among the first of this type of product to become available.

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MSI Vigor GK80 gaming keyboard Review

MSI Vigor GK80You must admit that MSI pulled off an impressive feat of engineering by fitting so many keys on its new mechanical Vigor GK80 keyboard. Glancing at its aluminum-profiled base, you are sure to notice its 16 cleverly-situated additional function keys.

MSI Vigor GK80This is not including the four dedicated multimedia keys located in the upper right-hand corner or the 8 normal additional function keys located alongside the Fn keys. For a keyboard measuring 445 x 141 x 4 mm, this is quite an impressive technical achievement. But what’s the use of having so many keys? Except for a volume knob, this keyboard has all of the controls you will probably ever need – regardless of your intended use.

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Test of the Logitech Key-To-Go: the rugged portable keyboard

Having a tablet is good, but being able to use it as a veritable portable PC is even better. More tech-savvy users will already be aware of the fact that it is possible to connect any Bluetooth keyboard to their Android device. Many Bluetooth keyboards, while being practical, are not very mobile. Logitech has just started marketing the Key-To-Go, a very thin-profiled and lightweight keyboard which is also hermetically sealed and offers a very comfortable typing experience.

Logitech Key-To-Go

A compact and comprehensive keyboard

This small keyboard is not really an innovation, in fact, Logitech already released an earlier version last year which was exclusively reserved for Apple devices. The Key-To-Go, which we were able to test, is slightly different in the sense that it is compatible with both Windows and Android devices. Therefore, it has shortcut keys specific to both operating systems. The Ctrl, Alt, Fn (function) and Windows keys are clearly visible among the lower keys; the Android home, back and multitasking shortcut keys are to be found among the top keys on the keyboard.

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Best Gaming Keyboard 2017 Buying Guide

With this tutorial, choosing the best gaming keyboard will be such a child’s play. The gaming keyboard is a magic tool that puts you in a compelling fully digital world. There are basically two different types, depending on their structure design.

Even if it’s a bit noisy, the mechanical keyboard is the most long lasting, reliable and precise one. Its more immediate response makes gaming or typing quicker, by pressing the keys more softly; moreover, it lets you program simultaneous inputs on more than one key.

A cheaper alternative is the membrane keyboard. It needs an harder pressure on the input key, whose response could not be immediate: it’s not expressly designed for high level competitions then.

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The best switches for mechanical keyboards: Cherry MX blue, brown, red, black and clear

Cherry MX

Today we will begin analysing a feature that belongs, in a crucial way, our mechanical keyboard that the gaming passionate already know it very well: I am talking about the switches MX blue, brown, red, black and clear that are all products on a large-scale coming from the Cherry company that owns the rights of them.

The major part of us could consider the differences between the different types of mechanical switches meaningless, but who uses keyboard for working typing in for many hours a day has different thought about it.

These people are well aware about how much these little precautions can improve the comfort when typing and, inevitably, this mainly depends on the type of switches that are used.

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