Explore Why the USB-C Port for MacBook Pro Enjoys Huge Popularity

It seems that Apple has been deliberating quite a lot before introducing the USB-C Hub for its MacBook Pro. Apple had, in fact, put a lot of thought into this paradigm shift for their MacBooks. What’s rare is that they have chosen to separate themselves from the proprietary technology standards, which is unusual but not unheard of in Apple’s history.

USB-C Port

However, stepping away from Lightning technology and MagSafe is certainly a wonderful thing for the users as more and more developers would be able to come up with technologies that would be compatible with various Apple products without the need to use exclusively Apple-specific gear.

The USB-C hub for MacBook Pro actually enhances the MacBook’s overall design. Apple is one tech company that has given major importance to design. Apple has not only focused on creating products with top technical specifications but it has also fascinated customers by coming up with aesthetically pleasing products. The implementation of the USB-C hub in MacBook is actually a continuation of Apple’s tradition of placing top priority to its minimalist design attitude, ahead of all other considerations.

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The upcoming MacBook Pro will bring us 32GB of RAM and Intel’s Kaby Lake processors

MacBook Pro

It doesn’t sound like much after having passed a CES 2017 packed with gaming laptops, in which there are space for monstrous configurations, and are also well balanced. The common denominator in the industry is to move to the seventh generation of Intel processors, and the new MacBook Pro should not be left out of the game.

We will not discover anything with Apple, the Californian company has always been characterized by making evolutions at their considered pace, and do not always offer the latest in components common with other brands. This year they have been more concerned with placing an extra screen in devices, and according to the majority of tests, a battery life that has had to be fixed with updates.

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