MSI GT83S, portable gaming with NVIDIA Pascal SLI GPUs.

This MSI GT8S continues with the concept that the company brought with the monstrous GT80, which means a laptop with big size and thickness superior to most models, where MSI takes advantage to integrate a system of two graphic cards working in SLI and even a mechanical keyboard.


The GT83S has a 18.4 inches screen with Full HD resolution, in this matter there are not improvements and it turns out curious that an equipments that could run 4k games easily, keeps limited with 1920 x 1080 resolution pixels. If it was difficult enough to have screens with 17.3” in 4K resolution, to have 18,4” panels, it is very likely that with that resolution it will be even more complicated because of the few models that integrate that diagonal.

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MSI GS60 Ghost Pro-002 User Review

This is a hybrid gaming laptop that I think I can recommend to everyone so far. I bought this for media creation, video editing in Premiere, Photoshop, Light room, & Adobe After effects. I used a desktop for editing purposes for almost 2 years but when I decided to buy this laptop and used it … Read more

MSI GS40 Phantom, the maximum power at 14 inches

Recently, MSI has announced the introduction into its catalog of the new 14-inch laptop GS40 6QE Phantom, which will now be part of the G family of the brand’s laptops oriented to games. This is one of the computers with best relation size – power of the brand, and of course incorporates all the latest technologies.

Let’s start with the technical specifications. MSI has integrated a sixth generation Intel Core processor i7-6700HQ, high-end processor that perhaps is a bit oversized for games but MSI has wanted to play it safe so we won’t have any problems because of the processor performance. Along with this, the GS40 Phantom has a dedicated graphics card MSI GeForce GTX 970M (3GB DDR5 VRAM), 16GB DDR4 RAM, a 256GB SSD M.2 (SATA) and additionally a 2.5-inch 1TB mechanical hard drive.

MSI GS40 Phantom

As you can see this is a device that has more than enough in terms of technical specifications and that theoretically should be able to provide an excellent gaming experience with any current game in its 14-inch full HD resolution screen (1920 x 1080 pixels). Speaking of the screen, MSI has integrated its stealth technology to be ultra-thin, so that the size and weight of the device is quite small, and even so, thanks to its dual independent cooling system for GPU and CPU it will not suffer overheating problems.

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MSI GP72 Leopard Pro-002 17.3-Inch Gaming Laptop Review


One of the latest series to be renewed by Intel are the quad-core processors for laptop computers. The truth is that the need for energy conservation, which is one of the fundamental improvements in the Broadwell cores, was not that important in these series. Still, here are the relays already, which come with similar consumption and performance to that of the previous models, but with some improvements, mainly at the graphics level.

MSI GP72 Leopard Pro-002

The MSI model that we’re presenting today is a cheap gaming laptop variant but that can easily become the replacement of your desktop PC with an overall balanced performance and dedicated graphics card capable of offering us some quality gaming. Let’s go to the details.

MSI GP72 Leopard Pro-002 specs

MSI’s GP72 2Qe forms a new cheap 17” laptop series. It has a design similar to that of PE70, the “offimatic” model, but with a more aggressive type, more gaming. It is a simple laptop, without boasting but with a powerful hardware that makes it a good computer.

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MSI GE62 APACHE-002 Gaming Laptop Review (i7 + Geforce GTX 965M + 8GB ram)


I don’t know if this is due to the incorporation of the new graphics chips from Nvidia, but I get the feeling that the prices of the most interesting units from Nvidia, the classic series within its laptops line for gamers, have extended their range significantly. One of the most striking models is the new GE line. These models of 15.6 and 17 inch screens have always been a reference among users that seek a gaming laptop with interesting features at more attractive prices than other classic brands in this market niche.

The MSI GE62 APACHE-002 is one of the first laptops we’ve seen with a graphics chip such as the Geforce GTX 965M from Nvidia. It comes with quality features and some unconventional elements, which is another thing that we have always liked about MSI laptops. At first glance, this laptop has few weaknesses but, unlike the previous versions of this series, we can’t find it below the 1500 Euros range and that, today, it’s a price high enough so our level of demand and quality must also be consistent with that price range.


Technical Specs

While Intel still has to present the Broadwell varieties for laptops, we must continue conforming with Haswell quad-core processors in more powerful gaming laptops. These processors provide four real cores with eight processing threads, thanks to Intel Hyperthreading technology. Actually, Broadwell processors will not mean great performance improvements over these models but, undoubtedly, it will make for better integrated graphics and more controlled consumption.

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MSI GS70 STEALTH PRO-099 review (GTX970M, Intel Core i7-4710HQ, 16gb ram)

You’d never believe the power that lies within the MSI GS70 STEALTH PRO-099, a fine 17 inches laptop. And not it offers that, it has much more. This is our analysis.


With a fairly conservative and not very “aggressive” design, this is the ultimate thoroughbred from manufacturer MSI.

Of course it is difficult to imagine before turning on the MSI GS70 PRO-099, all what lies beneath the apparently simple chassis, but we can tell you that there are many surprises (mostly positive) that we have discovered as we were exploring its features.

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