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Nvidia RTX at a glance: Should I upgrade my graphics card?

The new Nvidia RTX graphics cards mark a quantum leap. We explain what they are capable of and whether you should upgrade your graphics card. It’s not every day that new graphics cards are announced. The last generation already arrived a good two years ago, which means that video games …

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How to limit your NVIDIA GPU’s maximum FPS

Capping our GPU’s maximum FPS might seem silly, but it provides some advantages in certain scenarios. For example, we can reduce our GPU’s noise and consumption when we play games that are not demanding. This is a way to get rid of the GPU’s noise, which is important when using …

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Nvidia announces the launch of the new Geforce GTX 1050

They are here. The moment awaited by many has come. Nvidia just announced the launch of their new graphics cards Geforce GTX 1050 and 1050 Ti, the new models that will represent the budget line for players who do not have a particularly large budget and, for that, they have …

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NVIDIA graphics cards could return to Apple computers

NVIDIA published a job listing looking for an engineer to “help produce the next revolutionary Apple products”, and of course this made us assume that either both companies are in talks to use the new NVIDIA graphics cards in the next generation of Apple laptops, or they already have an …

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Guide for Building a Cheap Gaming PC with a RX480

Like we mentioned a few days ago, AMD has released the RX480, the graphics card with the best price/performance ratio to date, and there were a lot of you who asked us about what the perfect combination of components would be. Ok then, we’ll try to shed some light on …

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