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PS4 Pro VS XBOX ONE X: Which is better? How to Choose?

The age of 4K gaming is already here with the launch of PS4 PRO and XBOX ONE X. People who were involved in the gaming niche didn’t quite think that gaming devices with 4k rendering capability would come into play anytime soon. But all of their thoughts were destroyed with …

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Xbox One X: review

We squeezed the most out of Microsoft’s new console a few days before it went on sale. We are talking about visually attractive finishes, power, 4K settings and capabilities, the first adapted games and so much more. It lands on November 7. Xbox One X – Look at the beast …

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PlayStation VR: How to Set Up PSVR

Only two days are left till the launch of PlayStation VR. Yesterday, we already told you what you need to dive right into the world of PSVR and what games you can preorder on Amazon. Today, we are going to show you how to quickly set up your PSVR system. …

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PlayStation VR: How to Solve the Drift Problem

Numerous users have complained that the image inside the PlayStation VR headset moves to one side as time passes. It is a problem that doesn’t seem to affect all users and some even report that it is more pronounced in some software than in others. Now, Sony has addressed this …

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PlayStation VR: Ultimate Tips and Tricks

PlayStation VR just hit the market this week and has become many people’s introduction to the world of virtual reality. The following list of tips and tricks is supposed to improve your PlayStation VR experience. If any of the terminology sounds unfamiliar to you, we recommend you check out our …

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Best TV for PS4 Pro (Playstation Pro)

The Best TVs to Enjoy 4K The PS4 PRO, the new version of PS4 oriented to the most demanding gamers, is already here, and among its features are the possibility to run games at 4K and in HDR, but very few of you have a TV that supports these features, …

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