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The VPN is safe, but not infallible

Lately VPN has been in the spotlight. On one side, as a measure to protect itself upon attempts of espionage: are encrypted tunnels (in most cases) that keep someone from knowing what we are looking on Internet if, for example, we connect to public WiFi networks or we do not …

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How to clean your computer from Spyware and Malware

Many modern security suites incorporate basic protection against non-viral threats such as rootkits and spyware. But the specialized solutions are still a better option to fight them. Whatever your case is, learn how to use this antimalware and antispyware tools. 1. Download the tools Probably you already know about the …

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Free Antivirus at the office, is it enough?

Whether or not the use of a free antivirus on enterprise level has been one of the debates that has spread the most over the years, the fact is that even today it continues to give much to talk about, as we know that the economic crisis that has hit …

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