Comparison: The Best VPN Service 2023

In times of NSA, hoarding of data and growing cyber criminality, the desire for ones own security and anonymity gets stronger and stronger. Outside US, Netflix content is denied to the people which they would sometimes love to see. Nobody likes to read the Netflix or Youtube message that some content is not available in … Read more

How and why to install a VPN?

VPNVery popular among people interested in surfing and downloading anonymously, VPNs are a good solution for securing computers, smartphones, and other connected devices. In the following paragraphs, you will find a basic overview of what VPNs are, as well as how to install and configure them.

What is a VPN?

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. A VPN is a utility that makes it possible to surf the internet worry-free and completely anonymously (we will come back to this point later). Since VPNs ensure the complete anonymity of their users, they are very popular among people who download files illegally. However, VPNs can be useful for many other things as well.

When should you use a VPN?

First of all, a VPN can be used to protect a server from outside threats (a DDoS attack, for instance). A VPN can also be used for downloading files on a P2P network, as previously mentioned. Last, but not least, VPNs are used in certain parts of the world for watching TV programs and accessing prohibited sites or services.

How does a VPN work?

A VPN creates a direct connection between two computers – “insulating” the traffic generated by a remote computer. This insulation will prevent your traffic from being intercepted and analyzed by unwanted parties and will provide you with a measure of protection against hackers (since there will be no direct interaction between your internet connection and other internet traffic). A VPN can be thought of as a tunnel whose walls will protect you from prying eyes and external threats as you travel from point A to B.

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NordVPN Review: Is it the best VPN?

Our VPN Expert Alex has Analysed more than 24 VPN Providers for you, Looking Thoroughly at Security Standards and Speed.

If you decide for NordVPN, you are guaranteed to end up in safe hands: The provider from Panama not only combines a really mature encryption technology with intuitive usage, but also offers a hundred percent anonymity for your personal data [or usage information]: At the registration already, NordVPN only needs your email address and a payment method, which can also be called "Bitcoin".

This way, NordVPN offers the maximum possible anonymity.
Additionally, this platform [or bundle of features] excels through its advanced tools like the Smartplay service, which greatly simplifies your streaming with Netflix or Amazon Prime, for instance.

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You can hide your browsing data from your ISP. Here’s how.

With the recent anti-privacy bill replacing the Obama-era FCC rules, your ISP has been given absolute powers to track your online footprint and sell the information mined to the highest bidder.

For starters, Internet Service providers can monitor your online activity and sell that information to marketers or other third-party firms in the marketing business. These firms then scrutinize your data, evaluate it and use the findings to gain perceptions about your daily life.

For example, when you surf the web searching for “top ranked phones in 2018,” your ISP would regard top-ranked phones as your interest and direct ads related to that query. Nevertheless, the creepy feeling of having targeted ads follow you on the Internet is just one side of the problem. Once your ISP has this personal information on you, you have no control on how else it will use it apart from selling it to marketers.

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Best VPN for Gaming 2018

What is the best VPN for gamer? Online players are among the most demanding in terms of Internet connection, you must therefore use a VPN provider that offers an impeccable VPN service, optimized for online games.

The advantages of Using a VPN for Gamer.

Improving the Ping connection speed is a subject of concern for many VPN users, in particular for games, streaming and other intensive activities in bandwidth. There are several factors that affect the speed of the connection. Among some internet providers, you can encounter problems with points of congestion which may considerably lengthen the ping. In some cases, the use of VPN, not using these saturated networks allow you to improve considerably the time of latency. In other cases, the impact is virtually zero. Finally, it can happen that the ping is worse, especially if you select a distant server. The logical thing to do is to choose a VPN server as close as possible to your own location or the game server’s geolocation to which you are connected.

Changing your geolocation of the great advantages of the VPN is the modification of the IP address and therefore the IP geolocation. By using this tool, you can for example access American games servers or Asian ones who usually, refuse European players. With a VPN, you are free to bypass all geographical restrictions in a very simple way. A VPN service will give you access to blocked servers in your region and of course the ability to endlessly switch to connect to another server in another region very easily. You take the IP geolocation of the server by which passes your connection.

Playing anonymously VPN makes you anonymous when you are online. With each visit on the server your identity is concealed and this assures you that the server will not know where you are connected since it is no longer your actual IP address which is visible by Servers and other players. Your actual IP address is hidden, without the possibility of tracing your geographical position. Most of the major VPN providers have at their disposal thousands and even tens of thousands of different IP addresses that you can use and change at will.

Preventing DDoS attacks using a VPN server equipped with an anti-DDoS, you can freely play online video games without fearing this type of attacks which are recurrent and which make the Internet connection unusable and unplayable. Install a VPN to secure your connection as well as your data. Thus, all exchanges between your machine and your server will be secure.

What VPN protocol to choose?

When you use a VPN to play online games or for any other activity, all data that you send and receive on the Internet are secured by the VPN tunnel. To create this VPN tunnel connecting the machine of the surfer to the server that hosts the VPN service, the connection calls out to VPN protocols.

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VPN kill switch | What is a kill switch and why use one?

While I have already spoken about VPN kill switches in several of my previous articles, I have never dedicated an entire article to this subject before. But, that is all about to change; in this article, I will be explaining what a kill switch is, how to activate one and why you would want to use one because everyone should know what an internet kill switch is. In fact, this functionality is essential to protecting your online privacy whenever using a VPN. You will soon understand why.

What is a VPN kill switch?

A VPN provider may sometimes call its kill switch: network lock, app kill, EverSecure or Vigilant – to distinguish it from the competition. And kill switches are one feature that most VPN providers have now incorporated into their software. In effect, a kill switch protects your privacy in the event of unexpected disruption to your VPN connection – something which can occur even with the best VPN providers. The kill switch was invented in order to prevent your real IP address from becoming visible in these types of situations.

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NordVPN Review | Presentation, testing, opinions and pricing

NordVPN has only been on the market for a few years, but it has recently undergone rapid development. This VPN is hosted by a company situated in Panama where there are no data collection and storage laws. Nord VPN promotes the concept of an internet free from censorship and surveillance. Therefore, their service focuses on the protection of private information. However, they are also aware of the other things that their users want: speed and no logs. And that’s what they offer! Let’s take a more in-depth look at NordVPN’s test results.


NordVPN for maximum security, streaming and torrents

I was able to test a trial version of NordVPN. Of course, I had already heard about the services that this VPN offered, but I had never tested them out for myself. I will now give you my opinion about NordVPN. This company is registered in Panama, a fiscal paradise, but that’s not all it is. In fact, in Panama, companies are not legally required to record logs. Therefore, NordVPN is able to guarantee the security as well as the anonymity of its users.

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ExpressVPN Review | Presentation, testing and price

ExpressVPN, Express VPN or simply Express is one of the oldest and best known VPNs on the market. It is also one of my favorites. Why? First of all, because it is very fast and therefore ideal for streaming and downloading via torrents. Secondly, it covers a wide range of countries (more than 90 at the time of writing this article). And thirdly, its applications are simple, easy to use and available for the majority of operating systems. Now, let’s take a closer look at ExpressVPN’s test results.

ExpressVPN, a fast and reliable network with many servers at its disposal

At the top of’s ranking, ExpressVPN is an industry leader which offers a very fast and private network. It offers seamless streaming of TF1 Vidéo, Netflix, Pluzz, M6 Replay and many other channels. In addition, ExpressVPN allows its users to securely do P2P file sharing and torrent downloading and does not keep any logs!

In fact, Express VPN does not have any sort of recording policy (no logs). While your IP address and the bandwidth that you have consumed are recorded for the network’s internal purposes (to offer optimal service conditions), you can rest assured that your private activity will remain anonymous.


Operating out of the British Virgin Islands, ExpressVPN has been working hard to satisfy its users for many years. ExpressVPN can be compared to HideMyAss in terms of the services that it offers – world class services that cannot be beat!

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How to get the most out of a VPN connection?

The use of VPN connections has a number of advantages that allow us greater privacy when browsing the internet.

In a world where the Internet is essential for a large part of human activities, and where being disconnected is either an eccentric quirk, an age thing or materially impossible, where threats to the security of the network are numerous, growing and continuous and, moreover, where accessing content can depend on the country in which you find yourself, feeling protected and free to explore all the virtual universe is a reassuring and even pleasant experience.


And something that can help us to achieve this is a VPN connection (virtual private network) such as the irreverent Hide My Ass! since with them we can use the web as a private network as it were, i.e. as an extension of a secure local network over a public one without controls. Any computer connected to a VPN sends and receives data hiding your real IP address under any of the shared network, giving the impression that the user is where the VPN servers are, which prevents its location being known and puts a barrier network and all its safety measures up against threats, all this with the corresponding encryption of the information.

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Windows 10: how to connect to a free VPN without going through third party software?

There are a number of VPN programs which allow the user to connect to secure servers located around the world. While this option is relatively straight forward, it is also possible to easily connect to various free VPN servers by directly configuring the connection within Windows.

The usefulness of Virtual Private Networks is no longer in question. They allow companies to create secure connections between terminals sometimes located hundreds or even thousands of kilometers apart. But, for us mere mortals, VPNs are indispensable for changing our IP address, but also, and especially, for being able to surf in complete safety without running the risk of having our data intercepted by third parties, something which can easily occur when surfing from a public WiFi connection for example.

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