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How to Enable the “God Mode” in Windows 10?

To activate the “god mode” of Windows 10 we have to make like previous editions of Windows. We must create a new folder whose name is: GodMode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C} Simple. This will create a folder, it is best done in desktop, with the characteristic of the control panel icon. Inside you will …

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Activating the function "Hey Cortana" in Windows 10

Cortana is the virtual assistant of Microsoft it came from the Halo games franchise to their new system Windows 10, After passing by Windows Phone 8.1. this system allowed us to meet relative information to our interest, program functions, notifications, reunions, start applications, make searches and a long etc. etc. …

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How to configure OneDrive remote access with Windows 10

One of the functions that has been recovered in the OneDrive client built into Windows 10 is to be able to access files from any of our connected PCs directly from OneDrive.com Many will miss the possibility of the custom and timely file download from OneDrive, as Windows 8.1 allowed …

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Windows 10: How to Customize the New Quick Access

It is a customizable system where you can link folders directly without having to walk around with Quick Access. It is as simple as dragging the folder you want to the new “Quick Access” area in the browser. It does not work with direct access, only with folders. These can …

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